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MAR 12, 2022

7 Ways to revive heat-damaged hair

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Hair styling

We all love to step out in style and often resort to hot tools such as blow dryers and straighteners to do the trick

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In the pursuit of getting the hair of our dreams, heat-styling often leaves our tresses dry, frizzy and damaged

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Brittle and broken mane

If you want to protect your luscious locks, make sure you use a detangling product such as hair serum or a leave-in conditioner before you comb your hair

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Detangling product

Aloe vera won't literally help you reverse all the damage, but it can certainly strengthen your hair, boost hair growth, and repair strands

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Aloe vera for conditioning

Avoid hot showers, condition your hair after every wash and allow your hair to air-dry

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Limit heat-styling

Heat up some olive oil and massage it into the scalp and length of the hair. Next, wrap your hair with a towel and rinse it off after an hour

Olive oil for scalp wellness

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Hair masks can breathe back life into your tresses. You can use it once or twice a week to nourish and add shine to your mane

Hair mask

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Take some eggs and beat them in a bowl, add a little milk and honey to form a smooth paste and apply it to your hair

DIY hair moisturiser

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Your hair is most vulnerable and likely to break when it's wet, so run your fingers to detangle your strands while taking a shower to prevent breakage

Avoid combing wet hair

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This mask can help to soften your hair, reduce heat-damaged hair and add a lovely shine to your tresses

Banana and honey mask

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