Sara Ali Khan’s
Diet Plan

October 14, 2020

To keep up with her strict workout routine, Sara Ali Khan follows a healthy diet plan. She avoids all kinds of carbs

Her diet comprises of boiled spinach with a pinch of Haldi

She loves sipping on warm water rather than colas or aerated drinks

Eggs and chicken remain her staple diet, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner

Sara satiates her craving for munching with cucumbers and nothing else! We are already taking notes!

Her workout plan includes pilates and cardio

Greek yoghurt, protein and a little bit of coffee make up for her post-workout meal. Her version of tiramisu!

Once a week, Sara does take a day off from her strict diet routine

She loves Chinese food and dinner is her favourite meal of the day

“If you think you can lose weight, surely you can!”, advises Sara

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