Fact Check: Is Bruce Brown Jr. the Father of Lana Rhoades’ Child?

Rumors swirl online about NBA player Bruce Brown Jr. being the father of adult film star Lana Rhoades' child. Get the full story and the truth behind this speculation. Read more


Former adult film actress Lana Rhoades has maintained privacy concerning the father of her child. She revealed her pregnancy through an Instagram post in June of 2021, stirring excitement and speculation amongst fans globally. 

The actress, now a social media personality, has not officially confirmed the paternity of her son, Milo. Some fans have speculated that NBA star Bruce Brown Jr. of the Toronto Raptors may be the child's father.


Rhoades unobtrusively suggested that the unidentified father is a player for the Brooklyn Nets. This led fans to guess the father could be Kevin Durant, given reports of a date between him and Rhoades.

However, physical similarities between Rhoades' son and Blake Griffin led to redirected speculations towards Griffin. Despite the rumors and speculated guesses, Rhoades has persistently remained silent on this issue, keeping the identity of her son's father a secret.

Lana Rhoades and Bruce Brown Jr.: The Speculation Over Milo's Paternity

A rumor was circulating, suggesting Blake Griffin could be the father of Milo, Lana Rhoades' son. A photo of Lana, featured in a public Instagram post, humorously encouraged Griffin to visit their alleged child.

The post taunted his NBA career and satirically advised his preparation for China in the next season. Their relationship lacks substantial details as Lana and Blake have never officially dated.

Several weeks ago, Rhoades posted a photo of Brown, subtly implying that the former sixth man of the Denver Nuggets was less than impressive in certain aspects.


This led fans to speculate that Bruce Brown Jr. may indeed be the father.

The belief that Brown is Milo's father gained traction amongst fans after noticing that Rhoades was active on his Instagram Live. It's noteworthy that they follow each other on Instagram, and Rhoades later shared a photo of Brown.

Nevertheless, Rhoades hasn't confirmed any of this information. Until she publicly acknowledges the father of her child, all remains speculation.

Did Kevin Durant and Lana Rhoades Date? 

Rumors circled suggesting a brief fling between Kevin Durant and Lana Rhoades, escalating to speculation about Durant possibly fathering Rhoades' child.

Rhoades discussed a date gone awry with an unnamed NBA player, whom many believe to be Durant, given that he came with another woman, leading to enduring friendzone theories.

Throughout all speculations, Rhoades offered no validation on who her baby's father is, however, guesses tend to highlight Durant or Blake Griffin.


Although there's no tangible proof to link Durant as the father, fans continue to theorize based on various speculations and hints encompassing the matter.

Durant's past relationships include links to Cassandra Anderson, Monica Wright, Apryl Jones, and Jasmine Shine, along with rumored connections with Lana Rhoades and other figures.

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