Product Research & Curation Process

The editorial team at Select is committed to bring authentic, unbiased, and top-quality content to our readers. To make sure that our readers spend their money and time shopping for the best products out there, we spend days researching them, trying them out, and scanning the internet for reviews from real people across the world. We also have an affiliate policy which you can go through to understand how we earn commissions from our listings.

Our medical (dermatologists, cosmetologists, physiotherapists etc.) and expert (makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, interior designers etc.) reviewer panels add to our curation process by bringing to the table, experience and expertise dealing with the subject-matter first-hand.

The research goes in-depth when it comes to features, formulations, and durability of the products. Depending on the nature of the product we focus on the material, quality, ease of usage, and who among our readers will benefit from a particular product, the most. We make sure that we never recommend any product that is harmful for our readers, low-quality, or are counterfeits. Whether it is a makeup product, apparels, accessories, or a home decor item, we make sure we include products that are affordable as well as high-end, so that our readers have wider choices.

That said, we make sure that our product curation process is not influenced by any individual, brand, or product line from the outside. We do not give biased opinions of any kind and we keep updating our products and content with whatever is new in town. We also make sure that we remove products that have lost their charm or if the brand has discontinued manufacturing them.

Note: Remember that some products may not suit some people, which is why it’s always important to conduct a patch test before trying out anything. We also recommend consulting a physician if you have a health condition and you’re trying out products like supplements and skincare items for particular conditions.