The Undertaker Reveals If He Thinks WWE under Triple H is Better Than Attitude Era

Check out what The Undertaker has to say on the current new era of WWE and if it is better than the attitude era.


There has been nothing as good as the Attitude Era of WWE in professional wrestling. An era that started in 1997 at Survivor Series with Montreal Screwjob which also marked the debut of ‘WWF’ logo ended with the conclusion of Monday Night Wars in 2001.

For the wrestling fans, that era was no doubt a golden period in wrestling. With stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Triple H and Shawn Michales being part of sensational storylines, it is still being remembered today.


However, WWE today has ushered into a new era led by Chief Content Officer (CCO) Triple H. The Undertaker was asked about if he feels that this era will be better than the Attitude Era. His answer was blunt and straight. According to The Phenom, what’s happening in WWE today, if not better than the Attitude era is closer to it.

What did The Undertaker say?

The Deadman outrightly said that there are indeed certain things which he doesn’t like in WWE currently, and there’s a “huge aspect of storytelling that’s missing.” But then he also shed light on the atmosphere today and how the WWE shows have been sold out in several cities, indicating good response from the crowd.

“Everything is sold out. It was for the Rumble or maybe at Mania, I was walking down the hallway and they had this sheet on the wall of the cities that there are no comps for. And I'm not just talking about 2 or 3 cities, there's a list of 30 cities that you cannot get comps for because they're sold out and I hadn't seen that since the Attitude Era,” The Undertaker spoke on the Busted Open Podcast, and quoted by Wrestling

He emphasized that nothing is better than the attitude era, but again what’s happening in WWE currently under Triple H is closer to that.

WWE under Triple H has undergone a tectonic change, where much emphasis is paid on wrestling and storylines are given better endings. The WWE Universe’ response to storylines is well noted, and the changes are made in the storylines as required.

This was clearly evident when the company made significant changes in the script when the fans went all out opposing The Rock’s WrestleMania 40 match against Roman Reigns. Due to the massive backlash of the fans, Cody Rhodes was once again brought in the main event, and he ended up winning the WWE Championship.


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