Who Are Sean Diddy Combs' Sons? Find Out Amid Homeland Security Raids At Rapper's Holmby Hills Home

Homeland Security raided the Holmby Hills residence of Sean Diddy Comb. Sources state that the raid also occurred at the rapper’s Miami home. Catch the details here.


Trigger Warning: This article contains references to violence and sexual assault

Homeland Security raided the home of Sean Diddy Comb on Friday in Holmby Hills. The sources confirmed that the raid was part of an investigation that was carried out against sex trafficking and sexual assaults, which Comb is said to have connections with. A lawsuit brought by Rodney Jones and several women against the rapper is causing legal problems for him. The security forces also searched Comb's Miami house for evidence. 


After the investigation, the officers detained two men, who were later identified as Diddy's sons. The Homeland Security Department also released a statement, "Earlier today, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation, with assistance from HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and our local law enforcement partners. We will provide further information as it becomes available."

However, Combs and his reps have time and again denied any wrongdoings and said that his accusers were only "looking at a quick payday."


Who Are The Sons Of Sean Diddy Comb?

Sean Diddy Comb is a father to seven kids from four different women. Exploring the lives of Comb’s three sons. 

Quincy Taylor Brown

Quincy Taylor Brown was adopted by Diddy when he was three. Quincy, an actor, singer, and model today, attributes a lot of his drive and aspirations to his father. In an earlier interview with PEOPLE, he disclosed how the hip-hop mogul's unwavering work ethic motivated him to pursue his own goals.

He revealed, "I think I've been a sponge, and now I do so much. I'm very much into the art of acting, and then there's music. But just seeing how he's able to handle and juggle all these things, I took that from him as my most major takeaway."

Justin Combs

Justin Combs is the eldest son of the rapper. He is a fashion designer and model by profession who gained fame by participating in MTV’s show My Sweet 16. Justin has used the small screen to showcase his talents, just like his brother Quincy. His most well-known appearance was as King in the third season of Power Book II: Ghost. He also hosted the TV show Respectfully Justin in 2021, where he interviewed celebrities including Saweetie and Chris Brown.

Christian Combs

Christian Combs is the first biological child of the rapper and Kim Porter. He entered the musical field soon after graduating from high school and goes by the stage name of King Combs. Christian started fusing R&B and rap genres to create his own sound, even though his father was his inspiration. Christian knew from an early age that he wanted to be a performer.


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Why did the police raid Diddy's home?
Police raided Diddy's home as a part of ongoing sex-trafficking investigation.
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