‘Petty bully’ Michael Jordan blamed for Chicago fans booing Jerry Krause's widow

Chicago fans are not happy and they are pointing fingers at Michael Jordan for the booing incident involving Jerry Krause's widow.


During a half-time ceremony, Chicago Bulls fans expressed their disapproval of the former general manager, Jerry Krause, sparking an emotional reaction from his widow and triggering critique from ex-players.

Being one of the first 13 inductees into the Bulls’ Ring of Honor, Krause received recognition as the mastermind behind their six-time championship victories. 


Representing her late husband, who passed away in 2017, Thelma bore the brunt of the crowd's hostility and stayed seated, choosing not to respond to the crowd at the United Center.

Sports journalist Tim MacMahon weighed in on the Bulls fans’ treatment of Jerry Krause's widow at the honoring ceremony. 

When ESPN's Tim MacMahon discussed the incident involving Jerry Krause, he was straightforward about Michael Jordan's and the Chicago Bulls fans' behavior. 

MacMahon called Jordan a "petty bully" in reply to the fans booing Krause, insinuating that Jordan's influence could have affected the crowd's demeanor.

The documentary 'The Last Dance', which features the trajectory of Michael Jordan's career and the success of the Chicago Bulls, provided a narrative that bolstered Jordan's legacy while possibly damaging Jerry Krause's reputation.  

MacMahon's critique centered around the depiction of Jordan's relationships with Krause and the other Bulls players in the documentary, which he depicted in a negative light.

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Jordan's Leadership: MacMahon's Critique and Fan Influence

Often hailed as one of the best basketball players ever, Jordan's leadership style and his dealings with teammates and executives have drawn negative reviews.

MacMahon's labeling of Jordan as a "petty bully" hints at a critical view of Jordan's conduct, underscoring its possible damaging effect on the team ambiance and the sentiments of fans.

Undoubtedly, the behavior of sportspersons sways fan behavior and in this context, MacMahon argues that Jordan's demeanor created a benchmark that fans mirrored, leading to the discourteous treatment of Jerry Krause.

MacMahon underlines the importance of viewing sports personalities like Jordan in broader terms, considering their influence extends beyond their splendid performances in their sports area.

During their tenure with the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause and Michael Jordan shared an intricate relationship.

Krause, instrumental in constructing the Bulls' dynasty, rescued Phil Jackson from the CBA and subsequently dismissed head coach Doug Collins, elevating Jackson to the role.

Krause also played a crucial part in acquiring key players like Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr.


Yet, tensions arose in their relationship. Although Michael Jordan recognized Krause's contributions to the Bulls' success, he also openly conveyed strains in their association.

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