What Will Josh Allen Wear During Rumored Red Carpet Walk At Oscars 2024 With Girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld? Bills QB HINTS Outfit

Josh Allen has recently hinted at what outfit he might wear to Oscars 2024, all while sharing the probability of him walking on the red carpet with his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld.


After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, it's Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld that have started to become the talk of the town. The romance that started off in 2023, is getting serious with each passing month. 

Talking about the month, it's the Oscars 2024 next month in March and we might see Josh Allen and his rumored girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld walking on the red carpet together. But what will he be wearing at the Oscars? 


Josh Allen gave an idea about his Oscars outfit

Josh Allen was recently seen at the Up & Adams show by Kay Adams during which he made some interesting reveals. The Buffalo Bills' star quarterback hinted at his Oscars appearance in the show. The revelation came into light with another detail i.e. his outfit for the award ceremony. 

Hailee Steinfeld's rumored boyfriend was asked if he'll be wearing Enchanté during this year's Oscars. He gave out a one-word reply saying, "Maybe." This one-word reply answered two major questions about Josh Allen, Hailee Steinfeld, and their future plans amidst Oscars 2024.

Firstly, it's clear that Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld are most likely to be coming to Oscars 2024. Josh Allen hinted at his plans and there's no chance that he would go alone when he has Hailee to accompany him on the red carpet. Second, he's likely to wear Enchanté this year at the Oscars.


Enchanté is a clothing brand by one of the close friends of Josh Allen. Bills' star quarterbacks have been seen wearing outfits by Enchanté multiple times, whether it be during games or casual outings. Talking about Hailee, her movie Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse is on the nominee list for Oscars 2024. 

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Publicly, Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld haven't been seen together. They have kept their relationship behind the curtains, as much as possible. But from what it appears, they might soon be taking the same route as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Do you think they'll make their relationship official at the Oscars? 

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