EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani officially BREAK UP; read details

While Disha and Tiger have never confirmed to being in a relationship, we hear they have decided to call it quits. The two lovebirds continue to remain friends but have officially split.

Relationships in Bollywood can change with every passing day. While many actors from the younger generation are discussed for their link-ups and affairs, one of the quietest of the lot has to be Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff. The couple has been dating for over three years now but they have never admitted to being in a relationship. Despite their several public appearances and Bastian dates, Tiger and Disha have never confirmed or denied to being together. 
But close friends and industry insiders are aware of what's brewing between the two lovebirds off late. Our source who is a common friend to both the actors reveal, "Tiger and Disha's relationship has seen some really tough times in the last few weeks. They have decided to go their separate ways and have officially broken up now. The decision to call of their relationship happened mutually a few weeks ago. Both Tiger and Disha and people around them had seen it coming." 
While there were reports about Disha's growing closeness to Aditya Thackeray, we hear it's not the reason behind their split. "They have had differemces for the longest time. But they would keep sorting it out because they wanted to be with each other. Now, they have realised that they are better off as friends than lovers. It was an amicable break-up and Tiger-Disha continue to be friends even post their decision," adds another source very close to the duo. In fact, the two were spotted having dinner last night at their favourite restaurant. When we prodded our source on that, the person told us, "They are mature enough to handle this. But the reality is that they are no more a couple. Can't two friends hang out together?" Will they come out in the open and address it? Most likely not. The friend reasons, "They haven't ever admitted to being together. What will they discuss their break up for? They have the same group of friends and are still close to each other. The only difference is that they aren't romantically in love anymore."  
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They were never in a relationship at the first place
Thank the lord
How they broke up,Tiger is a gay, he needs a new beard asap as now Disha was spotted with her real bf Aditya.
Was always a fake pr couple, Tiger like Dishos more like Dishas
Who is this creep who always keep commenting the same stuff on every PV post. He is more manly than ur father n brother gonna be loser. I'm sure the one who is typing the same thing over and again is himself gay in denial n wanted to jump on tiger.
Good, that they ended this publicity stunt at this stage itself unlike PC and Nick who took it to another level within a short period which the Hollywood folks are accustomed to.
Congrats Ayesha , u won . Now wait and watch when your boy turns into another idiot like the rest of them.
Fantastic this news made my day wow wow wow im so happy let's celebrate
Wait for another PR couple drugbir and his uglia to break up after the release of Flopastra
Wish them all the best
Tiger should not let Disha to go from his life.
They were never in a relashionship.
Right bro
  • 9 months ago
Enjoyed fully and exited
Tiger needs whole round of Plastic surgeries again. His chinese face is coming back.
  • 9 months ago
Disguisting comment section
Now that her star is on the rise, she's gonna date other young hot male actors. if they are looking to mingle and she's single, there's no telling how soon it'll happen!
Sajid nadiadwala will help her to raise in future. Just like Jacqueline fernandez. Casting couch rocks.
Disha, I m available. - Your Nikunj B.
She was waiting for just her star to rise. Now she is getting offers and now she does not need tiger to pay her bills anymore.
He deserves better such a lovable guy
How can they öfficially"break up when they were not öfficially" together? Senseless article.
U will need to pay for a new beard Tigay xddd, Disha exposed you with Thackeray.
Disha patani inspired by tiger's mom
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