'People Have Huge Concerns': Emily Blunt Shares Her Thoughts On AI And New Technology

The Fall Guy star Emily Blunt shares her thoughts on the increased use of AI in cinema and how the use of new technology is raising concerns.


Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling's latest movie The Fall Guy draws attention to the people working behind the screen to make a movie amid the heavy use of artificial intelligence. In a recent interview, the actress expressed her thoughts on AI and new technology.

"AI is something we’re all nervous about," said Emily Blunt, while speaking with The Times. AI has been the cause of multiple people losing their jobs in the cinema industry and elsewhere.


The Fall Guy actress Emily Blunt shares her thoughts on AI and new technology

Ryan Gosling shared with The Times one moment during production when a prop master carefully fixed a mug for his character. It served as a vital example of how important every human working behind the scenes is.

The conversation in the interview turned to a viral email from BBC discussing substituting actors with computers — a nod to the recent news of AI replacing Sara Poyzer on a project — which surprised Blunt and made her express broader reservations about artificial intelligence.

Blunt acknowledged the tech evolution but also spoke about its rising concerns. She said, "It’s extraordinary what human beings have done with technology, but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily use it.”

The actress further questioned, “Is it for our greater good? For the good of cinema? For people’s jobs? I don’t know."

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's new movie focuses on practical stunts instead of AI

The Fall Guy revolves around a stuntman who gets ensnared in a twisted plot. Ryan Gosling has previously appeared on the red carpet alongside his stuntmen at the movie premiere.

Gosling spoke about the new movie he made alongside Blunt and how much emphasis it had on practical stunts. He said that although the movie was filmed before the strikes and amid concerns about artificial intelligence, it remains timely, especially with Ryan's character sporting an IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) union T-shirt.

Emily Blunt has previously commented on the algorithm during the promotion of Oppenheimer. In an interview at that time, she expressed hatred for the term and questioned, "How can it be associated with art and content? How can we let it determine what will be successful and what will not?”

Meanwhile, both the stars, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt noted the importance of the film crew working tirelessly on the sets to make a cinematic production successful. Blunt expressed concerns about AI and new technology taking over. For the unversed, Artificial intelligence was one of the notable reasons behind the writers' strike joined by actors that shut down Hollywood for months.

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