SHINee's agency assures fans of Minho's safety amid concerns over idol's appearance on allegedly risky Japanese show

SM Entertainment and PRISM Production respond to fan protests over SHINee's Minho joining The Ultimate Sports Men's Competition 2024, reassuring safety measures.

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  • SHINee's agency assures Minho's safety in upcoming Japanese variety show participation
  • About Minho's participation in The Ultimate Sports Men's Competition 2024

SM Entertainment and PRISM Production address fan concerns over SHINee's Minho participating in Japan's Ultimate Sports Men's Competition 2024. Despite protests, the company assures that thorough safety measures will be taken for Minho's appearance, emphasizing the potential benefits for his future activities in Japan.

SHINee's agency responds to fans concern over Minho's safety

Fans of SHINee recently attracted attention by sending trucks adorned with critical messages to SM Entertainment's headquarters regarding Minho's upcoming participation in the Japanese variety show, The Ultimate Sports Men's Competition 2024, set to air on TBS in May. Concerns revolve around the potential risk of injury to Minho, given the physically demanding nature of the show, which could potentially impact his activities as a singer and actor.


In response to these apprehensions, SM Entertainment released a statement addressing fans directly through SHINee's official social media channels. The statement, issued by PRISM Production, expressed gratitude for the fans' unwavering love and interest in SHINee and clarified Minho's involvement in the program. The decision for Minho to appear on the show was explained as a strategic move to enhance his future activities in Japan as an artist, considering both his singing and acting careers.


PRISM Production emphasized that the decision was made after thorough discussions involving safety considerations with the local Japanese management team and the broadcasting company. Minho is scheduled to participate in only one episode of the recording, planned for April 16. The company assured fans of their commitment to ensuring Minho's safety during the recording process, with extensive pre-checks and preparations in place.

Acknowledging the fans' concerns, PRISM Production reiterated their dedication to alleviating worries and supporting Minho's active endeavors in various fields. They pledged to continue striving harder as a production company and thanked fans for their understanding and patience.

As fans eagerly anticipate Minho's upcoming activities, they can rest assured that precautions are being taken to ensure his welfare during the recording process.

More details about Minho's recent activities

Minho, a multi-talented Korean artist known for his roles as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor, debuted with SM Entertainment's SHINee, one of Korea's best-selling groups. Initially comprising five members, SHINee continued its journey as a quartet following Jonghyun's tragic passing, with Minho, Taemin, Onew, and Key remaining. Alongside his musical pursuits, Minho has showcased his acting skills in notable series like Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and The Fabulous, among others. His solo career took flight with the release of I'm Home in 2019, followed by his well-received debut EP Chase in 2022. Currently, Minho is on tour with SHINee for their SHINee World VI: Perfect Illumination.

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