Happy World Music Day: BTS' Dynamite, NewJeans' Hype Boy and more; 10 trendsetting K-pop songs

This World Music Day, we bring you a roundup of 10 trendsetting K-pop songs that have made waves globally, including BTS' iconic Dynamite, PSY's Gangnam Style and more chart-topping hits!

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BTS, NewJeans; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, ADOR
BTS, NewJeans; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, ADOR
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The Fete de la Musique, known globally as Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual celebration held on June 21st, coinciding with the summer solstice. Originating in Paris in 1982 under the initiative of Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture of France, and Maurice Fleuret, the day encouraged citizens to embrace music by playing instruments outdoors and attending free concerts in public spaces. 

What began as a local event has grown into an international phenomenon, observed in over 120 countries. The festival's ethos promotes musical diversity and community engagement, with both amateur and professional musicians participating in festivities worldwide.

On that note, here are 10 trailblazing songs from the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop to mark the auspicious World Music Day.

10 iconic K-pop hits to celebrate World Music Day

1. BTS’ Dynamite

BTS' Dynamite, released in August 2020 is a radiant burst of 1970s disco-pop joy, capturing hearts globally. As BTS' first all-English track, it quickly climbed the charts, earning the group their first U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number one and a Grammy nomination.

With its infectious beats and vibrant music video, Dynamite became a cultural phenomenon, illuminating the world during challenging times.

2. 2NE1’s I Am the Best

2NE1's I Am the Best is a dazzling anthem of self-confidence and power, seamlessly blending electro-house, hip-hop, and Middle Eastern sounds. Its fierce lyrics and unstoppable beat captivate listeners, making it a timeless K-pop masterpiece. 


The iconic music video, with its bold fashion and choreography, reinforced the group's trailblazing image, celebrating their legacy as pioneers of the girl crush concept in the global music scene.


BBANG BANG BANG by BIGBANG, is an explosive K-pop anthem that took the world by storm upon its release in 2015. Crafted by G-Dragon and Teddy Park, the track is a wild fusion of '90s dance beats and trap-heavy breakdowns, embodying the band's signature high-energy style. 

The song dominated charts, and won prestigious awards, and its vibrant music video, filled with bold fashion and dynamic choreography, captivated millions. Reverberating with powerful synths and pounding rhythms, BANG BANG BANG remains a timeless party staple and a testament to BIGBANG's enduring influence in the music scene.

4. Red Velvet’s Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-Boo by Red Velvet is a mesmerizing blend of dance-pop and tropical house, released in 2017. With its addictive hooks and eerie vibe, the song marked a daring shift from the group's previous bubbly hits. 


The music video, reminiscent of a dark, whimsical horror film, featured the members in a sinister, cult-like scenario. The track's unique charm and bold concept captivated fans, solidifying Red Velvet's reputation for versatility and innovation.

5. SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong

Ring Ding Dong by SHINee is a vibrant Afro-Electric anthem known for its infectious chorus and energetic choreography. Released in 2009, it marked a bold departure from their R&B roots, blending electro synths with futuristic vibes. 

Despite its repetitive lyrics, the song became a cultural phenomenon in South Korea, even earning a reputation for distracting students from their studies. Its enduring popularity highlighted SHINee's ability to innovate within the K-pop landscape.

6. IU’s Good Day

IU's Good Day is a transformative anthem that catapulted her to stardom, celebrated for its soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Released in 2010, it topped the charts in South Korea and gained acclaim as one of the decade's best K-pop songs.


With its upbeat melody and IU's emotive delivery, Good Day remains a cherished classic in her discography, symbolizing her breakthrough into the music industry spotlight.

7. PSY’s Gangnam Style

PSY's Gangnam Style emerged as a global sensation in 2012, blending catchy beats with quirky humor and a distinctive dance. Its music video, showcasing the vibrant Gangnam district, broke records on YouTube and sparked a dance craze worldwide. 

The song's success transcended borders, influencing pop culture and earning PSY acclaim as a cultural ambassador for South Korea.


BLACKPINK's DDU DU DDU DU redefined K-pop with its fierce blend of trap beats and catchy hooks, catapulting the group to international fame. 

The song's explosive music video, featuring high-fashion visuals and iconic choreography, set new records on YouTube and established BLACKPINK as the successors of 2NE1 trailblazing the girl crush concept in the genre.

9. Stray Kids’ God’s Menu

Stray Kids' God's Menu is a sonic feast that blends explosive trap-pop with a bold bad-boy attitude, setting them apart in the K-pop scene. 

With its dynamic beats and captivating choreography, the song not only topped charts but also garnered critical acclaim, cementing its place as a standout in Stray Kids' repertoire and a fan favorite globally.


10. NewJeans’ Hype Boy

NewJeans' Hype Boy is a shimmering blend of nostalgia and modern pop, capturing hearts with its dreamy future bass beats and honeyed vocals. The song, praised by critics and fans alike, not only dominated charts in Asia but also made history on global platforms like Billboard.


With its addictive chorus and captivating choreography, Hype Boy solidified NewJeans' position as rising stars in the K-pop scene, earning them accolades and a devoted following worldwide.

As the world celebrates the Fete de la Musique, these iconic K-pop hits remind us of music's power to transcend boundaries and bring people together. From BTS' global sensation Dynamite to NewJeans' catchy Hype Boy, these songs showcase the genre's dynamic evolution and widespread appeal. On this World Music Day, let's embrace the joy of music and the vibrant diversity it offers, celebrating the artists and songs that continue to inspire and unite fans across the globe. 

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