Former WWE Star Reveals He Pooped In Ring While Facing Roman Reigns

Former WWE star and the current AEW star recently opened up about an embarrassing incident while facing Roman Reigns in the ring


Before making his famous Survivor Series debut with The Shield in 2012, Roman Reigns wrestled in WWE's development brand for two years, honing his skills in the ring and on the microphone. NXT was previously known as FCW, and the Tribal Chief's wrestling training began from the previous version of NXT, where a plethora of future stars of the company embarked on their journeys. 


Dutch, who wrestles for AEW at the moment, kicked off his wrestling career as a rookie in FCW after he was initially signed by WWE. From Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Xavier Woods, and Jon Moxley to Big E, many budding talents at that time evolved from FCW. Sitting in an interview with Hey! (EW), Dutch opened up about the embarrassing incident involving Roman Reigns during their time in the developmental brand. 

After being asked if the rumor of his pooping during a match with Roman Reigns was true, Dutch confirmed it, stating the incident indeed occurred in the ring. While he didn't expect it to be made public, he eventually got used to it. The incident doesn't bother him much nowadays. 

After he was questioned about who let him down the most from the talented group on the FCW roster in the early 2010s, the AEW star named himself. He said his counterparts from the rookie days are rich now in WWE, but he prioritizes family over money. 

Dutch is part of The Righteous 

Dutch's real name is William Carr. He has been an integral member of AEW since last year and is part of the group called The Righteous. Additionally, he wrestles for ROH, winning the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Tony Khan owns both AEW and ROH at the moment.  

Roman Reigns was the biggest star to emerge from FCW

Making a mark in FCW or NXT appeared to be an uphill task for Roman Reigns because he didn't win anything besides the FCW Tag Team Championship. However, over a decade later, the Head of the Table sits at the top as the most successful star to emerge from the group of FCW wrestlers, securing multiple world titles and featuring in nine WrestleMania main events thus far. 

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