Who is Notti Osama? What happened to Notti Osama?

Here's a timeline of what happened with Notti Osama, along with all the intimate details of the altercation, the last update about the incident and fan tributes


Ethan Reyes, who went by the name Notti Osama, was involved in an unfortunate incident and lost his life last year. Continue reading to know who he was, what exactly happened, who was charged, and what the last update about the unfortunate tale is.

Who was Notti Osama?

Osama was a 14-year-old drill rapper from Yonkers, New York. He was the youngest of six children and his brother DD Osama paid tribute to him on social media after the news of his death broke out. Osama, whose birth name is Ethan Reyes, had moved with his family from Harlem to Young Avenue in Yonkers. Drill rapping is a genre of rapping that involves insulting and taunting rivals which might be the reason he got into a fight.


What happened to Notti Osama?

Osama was stabbed to death after a fight at a Manhattan subway station on July 9, 2022. As per reports, the 14-year-old got into a scuffle with a 15-year-old rival at 3 pm that day at the station. Even though the reason behind the fight hasn't been revealed, the teenagers clearly had beef with one another. Police found a knife and a broomstick at the scene of the crime and revealed that the incident was caught on camera. After the unfortunate stabbing incident, Osama passed away at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital.

Explained: Notti Osama stabbing incident

According to reports, Osama and two of his friends were walking in Hamilton Heights when they spotted Martinez. Osama grabbed a broom and followed the accused into the subway station. They cornered him and hit him with the broom after which Martinez took out a knife and stabbed Osama in the abdomen. The police found Osama bleeding from the stomach, and even though he was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Police found a knife and broomstick at the scene of the crime, and the camera footage helped the officials in identifying the assailant. The street fight that escalated into the unfortunate stabbing and murder caused a wave of shock and sadness among people as they grieved the life of a teenager who was just beginning to start his career in rap.

Who was accused of killing Notti Osama?

Cops arrested the 15-year-old accused named Kelvin Martinez and charged him with first-degree manslaughter and criminal possession. He was initially accused of second-degree murder but the charges were changed when it was revealed that Osama cornered Martinez and threatened him with a broomstick. He was taken to the New York Presbyterian Hospital and his stab wounds were treated.

Who Killed Osama Notti?

According to the Manhattan District Attorney's office, Osama and Martinez were "associates of rival gangs." In a released statement, MTA NYC transit president Richard Davey said, "We thank NYPD detectives, with whom we cooperated, for the rapid arrest of a suspect." He added, "That he and the victim are said to have known each other further underscores this senseless nature of this tragic incident."

Family's reaction to Notti Osama's death

Meanwhile, Osama's brother DD Osama, who is also a drill rapper, appeared on the TikTok channel What NYC Sounds Like and spoke about his loss. "I was still thinking 'What if I stayed?' If I just stayed with him more time, he would really be here today. If I was there in the scene, he would be here today."


"He just got caught up in the street life type sh*t. He just so happened to take a route in a style of music that ends up with art turning into violence. He would've taken a route of a pop singer or any other style of art or music, he would've been super successful. Just so happens his style of music that he chose to do ended up reciprocating violence," Osama's cousin Kelvin Ventura said about the rapper.

"His music was just something he always wanted to do. Ever since I can remember they would entertain us, him and his other brother would entertain us at Christmas parties, singing and dancing and performing. He was an entertainer, he liked music and dancing and entertaining was his life." Lily Ortega, another cousin of Osama, said, "He was a very happy kid. He was very loving. He loved spending time with his family. It makes us feel happy because you can tell people really loved him for who he was."

Update regarding the stabbing incident

In October 2022, the Manhattan District Attorney's office confirmed that all charges in the case had been dropped by them because the prosecutors could not deny that Martinez had acted in self-defense. A spokeswoman said that the 15-year-old was defending himself when he used his knife against Osama and since this cannot be denied, the charges were officially dropped. The decision was taken on the basis of witness interviews and video surveillance, she proceeded to confirm.

Notti Osama Fan Tributes 

After the tragic death of Notti Osama, fans poured their social media accounts with tributes and homages. Not just that, as a tribute to the deceased musician, a candlelight memorial was carried out by his fans in Manhattan. During the event, one of Osama’s friends shared that Notti truly had a million-dollar smile. Others shared Reyes had what it took to be a successful rapper as he worked day and night to achieve his goals. Right from Tiktok to Twitter, social media was flooded with Notti Osama fan tributes to mourn the tragic loss. 

When it comes to Reyes’ family and friends, they also went ahead and posted sincere condolences on their social media platforms.


10 Facts about Notti Osama

Here is a bonus list of the top 10 unknown facts about Notti Osama, you must know.

  1. Notti Osama’s real name was Ethan Reyes
  2. He was an aspiring drill rapper from Harlem. 
  3. Notti was stabbed to death on On July 9th, 2022.
  4. Notti Osama died a tragic death at a Subway Station in New York, United States. 
  5. Notti Osama had five older siblings.
  6. Kelvin Martinez is accused of stabbing the 15-year-old musician. 
  7. Rapper DD Osama is Notti Osama’s brother. 
  8. Reports claim Notti had a girlfriend named Niyah.
  9. His net worth was approximately around $100k-500k USD.
  10.  The musician released graphics to accompany his latest novel, titled Without, just two weeks before his death. 

The tributes and condolences only prove that the aspiring rapper's death was a huge shock for his fans and family. What happened to Notti Osama was truly tragic, the music industry will forever mourn the loss of the talented young artist. 


How old was Notti Osama?
Osama was 14 years old.
Where was Notti Osama from?
Osama was from Yonkers, New York.
When did Notti Osama die?
Osama died in July 22 after he was stabbed.
Where did Notti Osama get shot?
He was shot at a at a Manhattan subway station
Were Notti and DD Osama friends?
They were brothers.
Is DD older than Notti?
Yes, DD was 2 years older than his late brother.
Who is DD Osama's blood brother?
He had three brothers JayKlickin and JStar Balla, late Notti Osama, along with a sister named Melz.
Did Notti Osama die?
Yes, he was stabbed to death.
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