12 Best Drugstore Red Lipsticks for a Flawless And Show-stopping Pout

Written by Sayantani Deb Updated on Sep 28, 2023   |  183K
rugstore Red Lipsticks for a Flawless And Show-stopping Pout
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As soon as we yearn for a new mesmerizing lipstick shade, the first thing that comes to our minds is the drugstore – It has become our preferred place to explore all the best drugstore red lipsticks.

Red lipstick holds an undeniable allure that transcends time and trends. With its timeless charm and bold impact, it has become a symbol of confidence and empowerment. The rich and vibrant hue of red instantly transforms any look, exuding elegance and sophistication. Red lipstick has the magical ability to enhance natural beauty, commanding attention and making a statement like no other shade can. It can instantly brighten the face and accentuate the lips. Whether worn for a glamorous evening affair or to add a touch of confidence to everyday life, red lipstick remains a steadfast companion that empowers and elevates, leaving a lasting impression wherever it goes.

Our Contributor, Maria Velniceriu, a Fashion and Beauty Enthusiast reveals the secret behind red lipstick suiting all skin tones. According to her, “It lies in the wide range of undertones available in red shades. Red lipsticks come in warm and cool undertones, making it easier to find a shade that complements any skin tone. In addition, adjusting the intensity of the red color can further personalize the look.” As per our Our Contributor, Maria Velniceriu, a Fashion and Beauty Enthusiast, red lipsticks can be suitable to wear to the office, depending on the workplace culture and dress code. She says, “It is important to choose a shade that is more subtle and works well with your overall professional look. Opting for a matte or satin finish can also help create a more polished and sophisticated appearance.”

When it comes to finding the best drugstore red lipstick, there are exceptional options available. These affordable gems provide a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality. They offer a wide range of shades, from crimson hues to captivating scarlets, and classic cool-toned reds to warm and vibrant variations, catering to different skin tones and preferences. They boast long-lasting formulas that resist smudging and feathering, ensuring a flawless pout throughout the day. Our team has done a lot of research and found some of the best options for you. Let's check these out:

12 Best Drugstore Red Lipsticks to Create a Bold and Beautiful Statement

Here are some of the best drugstore lipsticks that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Topping the list is 340 Exhilarator, the spiced edition of Superstay from Maybelline New York. This highly-pigmented lipstick is creating waves in the beauty industry, and it's no wonder why. With an impressive wear time of up to 16 hours you don’t need to worry about constant touch-ups throughout the day. Just one swipe of this lipstick is enough. The color quickly locks-in, looking fresh all day. Though it comes in a liquid form, it gives a nice matte finish.

  • Smudge-free
  • Transfer-proof
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Unique arrow applicator
  • Easy to remove
  • A wide range of shades
  • May be a little sticky
  • Best Lightweight Formula

    REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick - Vampire Love 777

    REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick - Vampire Love 777
  • This fabulous lipstick from the iconic brand Revlon is loved by beauty enthusiasts across the world. Vampire Love 777 is here to redefine your lip game with its captivating berry shade. It looks stunning and exudes confidence and allure. With its high-impact lip color, this lipstick effortlessly enhances your pout. The creamy formula glides on smoothly, giving a moisturizing effect that keeps your lips feeling nourished and hydrated all day long. With the goodness of vitamin E and avocado oil, the formula goes beyond adding a pop of color to your lips. It actively cares for your lips, ensuring they stay soft and supple.

    • 80% conditioning ingredients
    • Micro-fine pigments
    • Lightweight feel
    • Suitable for chapped lips
    • Comes in crème and pearl finishes
    • May be a little sheer
  • Best Hydrating Formula

    L’Oréal Paris Color Riche - Enamel Red

    L’Oréal Paris Color Riche - Enamel Red
  • The next incredible lipstick is from L’Oréal and will soon become your new beauty obsession. This gorgeous shade of enamel red has a rich and vibrant color that instantly elevates your look and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion. The smooth and creamy formula applies effortlessly on the lips with a luscious and radiant finish that catches the light. Enamel red is a show-stopping shade that instills a sense of poise and sophistication. You'll feel like a true Hollywood starlet every time you wear it on your lips. Infused with precious oils, this lipstick keeps your lips feeling soft, supple, and irresistibly kissable.

    • Formulated with 60% oils
    • Low wax volume
    • Ultra-radiant
    • High-gloss finish
    • Non-drying
    • Wide color range
    • Needs to occasionally be re-applied
  • Best Creamy Formula

    MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Color Sensational - 895 On Fire Red

    MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Color Sensational - 895 On Fire Red
  • This fabulous, sensational lipstick from Maybelline is a trailblazer. On Fire Red is an irresistible shade that truly catches the eye. With this lipstick on, you'll feel like you're on top of the world, ready to conquer anything that comes your way. Whether you're going for a natural everyday look or a bold statement, this lipstick meets all the criteria. The cream finish adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your lips. Smooth to apply, it gives a luscious texture that feels oh-so-comfortable. It also keeps your pout feeling replenished and moisturized all day long.

    • Creamy finish
    • Contains shea butter
    • Contains shea butter
    • Doesn't bleed
    • No feathering
    • May need touch-ups
  • Most Pigmented


  • This mind-blowing red lipstick from Mynena has a long-lasting matte formula that will let you bid goodbye to constant lipstick fixes. Once applied, it stays intact throughout the day, giving you a beautiful and flawless look that lasts. It's also kiss-proof, waterproof, and smudge-proof. You can confidently go about your work without worrying about your lipstick fading or transferring onto your coffee cup. It glides on your lips, leaving you with a comforting and weightless feel. You'll forget you're even wearing lipstick, but the vibrant color will remind you that you're rocking an exquisite shade. It is also talc-free, mica-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free – making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin or anyone who is on the lookout for clean and safe beauty products.

    • Highly pigmented
    • Full coverage
    • Non-sticky
    • Doesn't dry out the lip
    • Vegan formula
    • Safe to use on all skin types
    • Hard to remove
  • Most Unique Red

    REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick - 720 Fire and Ice

    REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick - 720 Fire and Ice
  • Experience the epitome of high-impact lip color with the fabulous Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon. Since its 1952 debut, this cult-classic Fire and Ice shade has continued to fascinate and inspire makeup lovers all over the world. Infused with avocado oil and vitamin E, it keeps your lips supple while also giving them a velvety feel. The use of micro-fine pigments has made this lipstick shade rich and high-impact yet incredibly lightweight. What sets this lipstick apart is its incredible staying power. Once applied, it remains there for hours.

    • Creamy texture
    • Super vibrant
    • Long-lasting
    • Suitable for dry lips
    • Looks quite sheer
  • Most Comfortable on the Lips

    wet n wild LIQUID Catsuit MATTE LIPSTICK - Missy and Fierce

    wet n wild LIQUID Catsuit MATTE LIPSTICK - Missy and Fierce
  • The matte-finish liquid lipstick from Wet n Wild is an absolute must-have for every lipstick lover out there. This shade will make you feel both fierce and fabulous. It is the perfect companion for those who crave a long-lasting and smudge-proof lip color. When worn, it makes an impactful impression that lasts throughout the day and night. With its high-intensity pigmentation and ultra-matte finish, your lips will command attention in any room. What makes this lipstick even more remarkable is that it is moisturizing and creamy to wear – it glides on like butter, providing a velvety texture that feels lightweight and nourishing.

    • Lightweight
    • Ultra-matte finish
    • Budge-proof
    • Affordable
    • Pаrаbеn-frее
    • 100% cruelty-free
    • May be hard to remove
  • Best Liquid Formula


  • Check out this amazing vegan liquid red matte lipstick from The Lip Bar. The shade Bawse Lady is an absolute stunner – it is bold and empowering, instilling fierceness. With a delightful combination of high-quality ingredients and a striking shade range, it suits every skin tone out there. Unlike many matte lipsticks that leave your lips feeling dry and chapped, this formulation ensures that your lips stay soothed and rejuvenated throughout the day. Long-lasting is an understatement when it comes to this lipstick. Apply it and forget it – you can go about your day without any concerns of color fading or smudging. Whether you're sipping on your favorite drink or having a meal, Bawse Lady will remain vibrant and intact. As it is vegan and cruelty-free, you can feel good about using a product that is both dazzling and ethically conscious.

    • Lasts for about 8–12 hours
    • Contains jojoba oil and vitamin E
    • Highly pigmented
    • Paraben free
    • May look darker on the lips
  • Best Deep Red Shade

    BLACK RADIANCE Perfect Tone Lipstick - Reggae Red

    BLACK RADIANCE Perfect Tone Lipstick - Reggae Red
  • Unleash your inner enchantress with Black Radiance Lipstick in the spellbinding shade Reggae Red. This hidden gem holds the power to transform your look, adding a burst of vibrant color that effortlessly enhances your natural beauty. It is designed to complement a vast array of skin tones, and its deep, moisturizing color lasts for hours. It's easy to apply as it swoops seamlessly onto your lips, caressing them with a satiny touch. Whether you're getting ready for a date or simply want to enhance your everyday style, you can wear it during the day and night.

    • Long-lasting color
    • Moisturizing formula
    • Creamy texture
    • High impact pigmentation
    • Smudge-proof
    • Transfer-resistant
    • Some may find it a little sticky
  • Best Non-drying Formula

    stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick - Beso

    stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick - Beso
  • This shade Beso from stila is like magic on your lips that will stay put for hours on end. Not only does it provide long wear, but the formula is also incredibly comfortable. It embraces your lips with a softness that feels like a dream. You won't feel any dryness or discomfort with this lipstick; it's a true joy to wear. The pigmentation is simply amazing – with just one swipe, you’ll get an intense, highly pigmented color that instantly transforms your look. And let's not forget the gorgeous matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any makeup look. It's the perfect choice for those who want a polished and long-lasting lip color.

    • Easy to use
    • Softens the lips
    • Full coverage
    • Does not bleed
    • Transfer-proof
    • May look pinkish on certain skin tones

  • Your Classic Red from COVERGIRL is a fabulous lipstick that has found a place on our list, and let us tell you why. To start with, this lipstick is long-lasting and stays in place all day. With this shade on, you will not have to worry about your lip color fading away, it's there to slay from morning till the night! The creamy and hydrating texture of this lipstick keeps your lips cared for and oh-so-smooth, so you’ll have no more dry, sore lips. The timeless red hue is perfect to be worn whenever you want – it adds a touch of elegance and confidence to your look.

    • Vibrant
    • All-day wear
    • Offers instant moisture
    • Kiss-proof
    • Smudge-proof
    • Some may find it a little sticky

  • Last but not least, we have the fantastic shade Bread Winner from REVLON. Its waterproof and smudge-proof formula ensures that your lip color stays put all day, no matter what you're up to. What makes this lipstick an absolute must-have is its built-in primer. With a smooth and flawless application, the color payoff is incredible, delivering a wonderful matte finish that's bound to turn heads. But it's not just about the color – this lipstick is infused with vitamin E that will keep your lips replenished and hydrated throughout the day. The beautiful shade complements any look, making it the perfect addition to your makeup collection.

    • No-transfer formula
    • Primes the lips
    • Weightless
    • Vivid matte color
    • May not be suitable for dry skin

    Now that you're familiar with these stunning red shades and their empowering qualities, let's dive into the art of selecting the perfect one for you.

    How to Choose the Best Drugstore Red Lipstick?

    Picking the perfect drugstore red lipstick can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Let's explore the essential factors to keep in mind when choosing the ideal shade and formula for your red lipstick:

    Undertone: Determine your skin's undertone (cool, warm, or neutral) to find a red lipstick that complements your complexion. Cool undertones pair well with blue-based reds, while warm undertones harmonize with orange-based or brick-red shades.

    Finish: Consider the finish you prefer. Matte finishes offer a bold and long-lasting look, satin finishes provide a comfortable and semi-matte appearance, and glossy finishes have a shiny and hydrating effect. 

    Pigmentation: Look for a highly pigmented formula that delivers vibrant color with just one swipe. This ensures a rich and intense red shade that pops on your lips.

    Longevity: Read the labels to check for a long-lasting formula that stays put throughout the day. The red lipstick should resist smudging, fading, or feathering – allowing you to enjoy a flawless look for hours.

    Moisture: Many lipstick brands now offer products with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to keep your lips soft and smooth.

    Feel free to explore a variety of red lipstick shades and finishes. Trying different options is key to finding the perfect one that makes you feel confident, glamorous, and empowered to take on any challenge.

    How to Use Drugstore Red Lipstick?

    https://missmv.com/Here are the steps to effectively using drugstore red lipstick:

    Prepare Your Lips: Ensure that your lips are smooth and moisturized before application.

    Use a Lip Liner: Outline your lips with a lip liner that matches the red lipstick shade for a defined and precise look.

    Apply the Lipstick: Either directly apply the lipstick to your lips or use a lip brush for more precision and control.

    Blend and Fill: Spread the lipstick evenly across your lips Ensure to fill in any gaps or corners for a seamless finish.

    Blot and Reapply: Gently blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess color and enhance the longevity of the lipstick. If desired, reapply another layer for a more intense and vibrant result.

    Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you to achieve a stunning red lip look with your lipstick.

    When it comes to finding the perfect lipstick without straining your budget, the best drugstore red lipsticks reign supreme. They offer an impressive selection of shades and finishes that rival their high-end counterparts. From bold and vibrant hues to sophisticated and sultry tones, drugstore red lipsticks cater to every taste and skin tone. When selecting the perfect one for you, consider factors like your skin's undertone and complexion to find a shade that complements your features. Also, pay attention to the lipstick's formula and finish to ensure it matches your desired texture and appearance.

    Contributor: Maria Velniceriu, Fashion and Beauty Enthusiast, Founder - MissMV


    Which red lipstick is the best?
    The best red lipstick varies based on individual preferences and needs. It's important to explore different options to find the one that suits your skin tone, desired finish, and personal style.
    How do I find the best red lipstick for my skin tone?
    To find the best red lipstick for your skin tone, consider the undertone of your skin. If you have cool undertones, go with blue-based reds. For warm or neutral undertones, choose orange-based or brick-red shades.
    What is the most famous shade of red lipstick?
    Ruby red is a famous shade of red lipstick that has gained popularity and recognition for its vibrant and classic appeal.
    Can everyone pull off red lipstick?
    Yes, everyone has the potential to pull off red lipstick. The key is to find the right shade and undertone that complements your skin tone and suits your personal style.
    Am I too old to wear red lipstick?
    You're never too old to rock red lipstick. Embrace the beauty and confidence it brings at any age. It's just about finding the right shade and finish that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
    Who does not look good in red lipstick?
    Red is a universally flattering shade that complements all skin tones. Simply find the perfect shade of red that enhances your unique skin tone to achieve a stunning and captivating look.

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