11 Best Ski Gloves for You to Hit the Slopes in Comfort

Written by Nikita Wadi Updated on Feb 22, 2024  |  179.7K
Best Ski Gloves
Best Ski Gloves
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One of the most anticipated winter activities is skiing, which however may instantly turn into an extremely dangerous one if not ventured using a proper set of gears. So, our experts have designed a thoroughly researched guide on the best ski gloves that will offer superior warmth, protection, and comfort during your expeditions in low-temperature weather. Some of the recommended pairs of ski gloves also offer temperature regulation, easy phone accessibility, and protection against abrasions and scratches resolving innumerable issues one may encounter during their adventure. 

In a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, it was stated that in extreme cold conditions, your fingers and toes are most like to suffer from numbness and hypothermia, which might further cause discomfort, inconvenience, and even accidents while skiing. Therefore, our guide will help you choose some of the warmest gloves on the market with a wide range of features that will let you fully enjoy your time on the mountain while staying protected! 

Our experts conducted outdoor research to test these models in the snow and see how well they work. They tried them in the same places where people usually use ski gloves, like ski resorts, backcountry skiing trips, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ski mountaineering across the US, Canada, and Europe. They also checked how warm and waterproof they were in controlled conditions. We used the gloves in real situations, just so we could offer you the best out of the lot and offer only the features that matter to you. So, all you need to do is pack your ski bags and get ready to glide on the snow.  

11 Best Ski Gloves

We understand it gets challenging to deal with numb and cold fingers while out in the snow. So we introduce MCTi gloves which incorporate 3M Thinsulate Insulation, featuring the warm, durable, and lightweight Thinsulate 3M G150. These efficiently trap heat while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring dry and warm hands during cold winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. They are also equipped with YCM-TEX membrane technology, keeping your hands dry and warm by wicking away moisture. The touchscreen-compatible thumb and forefinger, PU leather palm, windproof gauntlet cuffs, and MCTi wrist leashes enhance convenience, grip, and durability for a comfortable day of skiing and snowboarding experience.

  • Touchscreen compatible 
  • Detachable anti-lost wrist leashes
  • Stronger Hand Grip
  • One-pull cuff closure 
  • The seam is not well done
  • Best Ski Mittens

    Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Cold Weather Mittens

    Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Cold Weather Mittens
  • Your search for a pair of gloves that favor all-season ends here, thanks to The Black Diamond Mercury Mitt’s complete waterproof insert and PrimaLoft insulation. With its four-way stretch Pertex Shield fabric and roomy gauntlet, it is one of the warmest mitten pairs which also effectively wards off moisture. The goat leather palm, reinforced with Kevlar stitching, enhances durability, ensuring it withstands tough seasons. For extra warmth and comfort, the detachable split-finger liner boasts a high-loft fleece lining. Even when used alone, the liner benefits from moisture protection thanks to the superior Black Diamond’s dry insert.

    • 100% waterproof 
    • Lightweight
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Pertex Shield shell with four-way stretch
    • Sizes may run smaller
  • Best for Comfort

    Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

    Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove
  • Ideal for free-riders, professional mountain guides, ski instructors, and those demanding top-tier performance, fit, and longevity, the Army Leather Heli Ski was designed for versatility. You will experience warmth even in the wet snowy conditions as these gloves are crafted with HESTRA Triton fabric on the backhand and Army Goat Leather on the palm and fingers. These fabrics are engineered to preserve heat as they use ultra-thin, highly insulating polyester fibers and a plush, adaptable lining. The innovative 3-finger design offers the best of both worlds, combining dexterity with warmth. Convenience is paramount, with an elastic wrist strap and Velcro closure, a snow lock, and an ergonomic Eagle Grip design ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

    • Superior quality fabric
    • G-loft insulation
    • Elastic at the wrist with snow lock
    • Handcuffs for security
    • No water resistance
  • Best Value for Money

    Extremus Outlook Peak Ski Gloves for Men and Women

    Extremus Outlook Peak Ski Gloves for Men and Women
  • Stay warm and dry in these well-insulated ski gloves, featuring 3M Thinsulate lining with recycled polyester fibers, hand-warming Tricot fleece, and back-of-hand insulation. Their TPU membrane provides water resistance, while a zippered pocket accommodates hand warmers. Enjoy finger and hand protection with a waterproof polyester shell, EVA padded cushioning, and a hydrolysis-resistant PU palm patch. These five-finger gloves are also touchscreen-friendly, and thoughtful design details like elastic wrist bands and an embossed reflective logo ensure a snug fit and added safety. After using them firsthand, we feel these gloves are ideal for winter sports like snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and winter hiking. They would also make a great gift for your loved ones.

    • High insulation
    • Touch screen friendly
    • Detachable jacket cuffs
    • Tight velcro closures
    • Not extremely durable
  • Best Quality Glove

    KINCO 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove

    KINCO 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove
  • Trusted by outdoor professionals for extreme winter activities, Kinco 901 gloves are the go-to choice for ski patrollers, snow plow drivers, loggers, and backcountry expeditions. These gloves offer heavy-duty durability and affordability. You can stay away from wet hands with these premium pigskin leather gloves, they outlast regular cowhide and synthetic gloves. Featuring fewer seams for enhanced comfort and reduced irritation, they provide a seamless interior feel. The Heatkeep insulation keeps hands warm and dry by trapping body heat and repelling moisture. Additionally, their superior waterproofing, with the option to apply Nikwax Waterproofing, makes them perfect for harsh winter conditions. These unisex gloves come in men's sizes and tend to soften with use.

    • Waterproofing feature
    • Premium leather and suede material
    • Ergonomic design
    • Heat-preserving thermal lining
    • Maybe oversized
  • Best Glove with Pole Grip

    Hestra Leather Fall Line - Short Freeride 5-Finger Snow Glove

    Hestra Leather Fall Line - Short Freeride 5-Finger Snow Glove
  • Established in 1936, Martin Magnusson & Co., a family business, Hestra, renowned for crafting top-notch gloves from premium materials, remains at the forefront. Their short freeride glove, crafted from supple leather (cowhide aniline), prioritizes comfort with outseams, ensuring superior pole grip. The Hestra fall line gloves feature foam insulation, Bemberg polyester lining for warmth, and quick-drying technologies for convenience. Additionally, elements like a Neoprene Cuff, Velcro Closure, and Carabiner also offer a stylish look and premium comfort to the wearer. 

    • Classic design
    • Warm and soft
    • Extreme insulation and protection
    • Amazing range of motion
    • Not too sturdy
  • Best Water-proof Glove

    Dakine Mens Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove

    Dakine Mens Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove
  • Enjoy your adventures in the snow-capped mountain with the Titan Glove featuring a durable and water-repellent gauntlet-style shell, complete with a GORE-TEX insert and Gore Warm technology for added warmth and waterproofing. The removable Storm Liner glove is touch-screen compatible, ensuring frostbite won't interrupt your plans. Plus, it's easy to dry or clean after a day's use. The rugged Rubbertec palm offers durability and a secure grip. Additionally, the external water-resistant zipper stash serves as a handy locker key and cash holder, and it can double as a heat pack pocket. 

    • Offers warmth and comfort
    • Highly dexterous glove
    • Has water-resistant treatment
    • Provides technological convenience
    • Thin lining
  • Best Dexterity

    Spyder Active Sports Women's Synthesis Gore-TEX Ski Glove

    Spyder Active Sports Women's Synthesis Gore-TEX Ski Glove
  • Crafted from robust aquaHIDE full-grain buffalo leather, these gloves are your ultimate shield against abrasions, punctures, and cuts. Their longevity is guaranteed, with added protection from bumps thanks to padded knuckles. These gloves remain dry on the inside, thanks to the aquaNOT waterproof insert. Plus, they excel at heat retention, with Heatkeep thermal insulation providing warmth while keeping cold hands at bay. The soft lining and adjustable Easy-on cuff design ensure comfort and protection. After using these gloves ourselves, we discovered added features like a leather pull-tab and glove leash cords which, we believe make them a practical choice.

    • Water-resistant
    • Versatile thermal wear
    • Genuine leather
    • Value for money
    • May feel stiff
  • Best Leather Glove

    Swany Men's X-Cell 2.1 Sports Leather Winter Gloves

    Swany Men's X-Cell 2.1 Sports Leather Winter Gloves
  • Spyder stands as a prominent global winter sports brand renowned for its smart fusion of advanced technology, sport-specific utility, and fashion-forward designs. Their gloves feature cutting-edge components including a Gore-Tex insulated insert, PrimaLoft Silver Eco insulation, a flexible Recycled Repreve Polyester Plain Weave with a 10k/10k Laminate, and DWR. These features offer weather resistance, touchscreen compatibility, and premium convenience. Based on our firsthand experience of using this product, we can guarantee that your ski trips will be cozier and fun-filled as these have all the features to combat the spine-chilling weather. 

    • Insulated Glove Insert
    • Conductive material 
    • Zippered heat pack pocket
    • Over-the-cuff gauntlet
    • Not ideal for extreme cold temperatures
  • Best Heated Ski Glove

    Aroma Season Heated Gloves for Men & Women

    Aroma Season Heated Gloves for Men & Women
  • Discover high-performing men's leather work gloves, featuring smooth Grain Leather Shield and Nubuck Leather with a reinforced digitized palm for protection and functionality. These gloves come equipped with a versatile heat pocket, allowing for cooling or hand warmer insertion, ensuring dry hands. The moisture-wicking qualities of these sports winter gloves are powered by a premium Dunatherm lining, promoting rapid drying and efficient moisture management. Achieve exceptional warmth with the Triplex Alpha insulation system, combining various PrimaLoft Gold Insulation weights with Cross Core technology, providing 30-50% more warmth. 

    • Heat pocket
    • Moisture-wicking technology
    • Hand washable
    • Leather pull tab 
    • Quite expensive 
  • Aroma Season Heated Gloves for Men & Women

    Aroma Season Heated Gloves for Men & Women
  • It’s the 21st century and unlike olden times, you no longer have to wear layers of warmers to keep yourself protected from the colds. As new-aged gloves have built-in thermal technologies that will allow you to set the temperature according to your requirements. Offering 3 heat settings and two 7.4V 3000mAh rechargeable batteries, the Aroma Season heated gloves are far more convenient and versatile than their traditional counterparts. They are waterproof and windproof, thanks to tarpaulin exteriors and internal waterproof layers. The gloves also feature touchscreen capabilities and anti-slip faux leather, making them ideal for outdoor activities. 

    Size: X-Small

    Weight: 0.91kgs

    Battery Life: Upto 9 hours

    Heat: 3 Level Heat Settings

    Power source: Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

    • Flexible heating ability
    • Water-resistant
    • Comes with batteries
    • 12-month warranty.
    • Short battery life

    Now, that we have discussed the recommendations in depth, let us check out how you can choose the best one using a convenient and simple guide.

    How to Choose Ski Gloves?

    Choosing the best ski gloves according to your skiing style, the climate you'll be in, and your personal preferences may be overwhelming. So, we are here with a comprehensive guide to help you consider a few important features while buying the perfect pair of gloves and make the process easier: 

    1. Types of Ski Gloves: You may come across different types of ski gloves that offer different features and benefits. The two types of hand gloves that people confuse between are:
    • Gloves: These are designed with separate compartments for each finger, allowing for greater dexterity. Skiers who need to adjust gear, fasten bindings, or handle zippers might prefer gloves for their finger mobility. Gloves are suitable for most skiing conditions.
    • Mittens: Mittens have a single compartment for all fingers, keeping them together. This design maximizes warmth as fingers share heat. Mittens are excellent for extremely cold conditions, especially when you're not performing intricate tasks. They are commonly used by snowboarders and in extremely cold climates.
    1. Level of Insulation: Insulation is crucial for keeping your hands warm, and it's measured in grams. The higher the gram rating, the more warmth the glove provides. Consider your skiing environment for example, for frigid conditions, opt for gloves with 100g or more insulation, for milder conditions, 40-80g of insulation is typically sufficient. Keep in mind that highly insulated gloves may sacrifice some dexterity, so balance your warmth needs with the tasks you'll perform on the slopes.
    2. Waterproof Feature: Look for gloves with waterproof and breathable materials, like Gore-Tex or similar membranes. These materials prevent moisture from entering the glove while allowing perspiration to escape. Keeping your hands dry is essential for comfort and avoiding cold-related issues.
    3. Dexterity and Phone Compatibility: Some gloves come with touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing you to use your smartphone without removing your gloves. This feature is especially useful for taking pictures, checking maps, or staying connected on the slopes. If you need better dexterity for tasks like adjusting bindings or manipulating equipment, consider gloves with articulated fingers or a 3-finger design. They offer more finger mobility without sacrificing warmth.
    4. Cuffs: Longer cuffs that extend over your jacket sleeves provide better protection against snow, cold air, and drafts. They create a seal that keeps the elements out and warmth in. Adjustable cuffs, often equipped with drawstrings or Velcro closures, allow you to customize the fit to your wrist size and your preferred level of tightness.
    5. Quality of Materials: Look for gloves made from high-quality materials, as they tend to be more durable and provide better performance. Quality materials can include: genuine leather which is durable, water-resistant, and often found in premium gloves. Other than that there are synthetic materials with reinforced palms that offer a good balance between durability and affordability.


    When picking the best ski gloves, it depends on what you value the most. If you want the best leather glove, we recommend Swany Men's X-Cell 2.1, which offers moisture-wicking, quick-drying, warmth, durability, and flexibility. For heated ski gloves, Aroma Season Heated Gloves are a great choice. And if you prefer a warm pair of mittens, the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts are excellent for cold weather. Lastly, if comfort is your top priority, the Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove stands out as the best option. Choose the one that fits your needs and pair it with some of the coziest ski socks and ski boots to enjoy your time on the slopes!


    How expensive are ski gloves?
    Ski glove prices vary, but you can find decent options from $30 to $150 or more for high-end models.
    What are the warmest ski gloves?
    The warmest ski gloves often feature insulation like PrimaLoft or Gore-Tex technology.
    Should I buy ski gloves or ski mittens?
    The choice between ski gloves and mittens depends on personal preference and the type of skiing you do.
    Are ski gloves waterproof?
    Most ski gloves are designed to be waterproof.
    Can ski gloves be used for snowboarding?
    Ski gloves can typically be used for snowboarding as well.
    Are three-finger gloves good for skiing?
    Three-finger gloves offer a compromise between gloves and mittens, providing dexterity and warmth.
    Do ski gloves go over or under the jacket?
    Ski gloves can go over or under the jacket, depending on your preference.
    Are all ski gloves waterproof?
    Not all ski gloves are waterproof, so it's essential to check the product specifications.
    How often should I replace my ski gloves?
    The lifespan of ski gloves varies, but they may need replacement every 2-5 years, depending on usage and wear.

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