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Nadikar Movie Review



03 May 2024

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Nadikar Movie Review: Tovino Thomas and Bhavana light up the screen despite less engaging storyline

Nadikar, starring Tovino Thomas and Bhavana, was released today. If you're considering watching it, our review can help you decide. Read on!

Published on May 03, 2024   |  06:50 PM IST  |  504.3K
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Nadikar Movie Review: Tovino Thomas steals the show despite script shortcomings

Nadikar Movie Review: Tovino Thomas steals the show despite script shortcomings (PC: Tovino Thomas, Instagram)

Name: Nadikar

Director: Lal Jr

Cast: Tovino Thomas

Rating: 2.5

Nadikar, directed by Lal Jr., has finally hit the screens, starring Tovino Thomas in the lead role. This is the actor's second movie of the year, following the February release of Anweshippin Kandethum, which was a hit. Also, Nadikar is Tovino's first collaboration with Lal Jr.

Originally titled Nadikar Thilakam, the film title was later changed to Nadikar, considering the request of Nadikar Thilakam Shivaji Ganeshan's family and fans. Nadikar revolves around the life of an accidental superstar, David Padikkal, with Tovino stepping into the shoes of David.

The movie is very different in its narrative style, wherein it brings a cinema within a cinema and layers its story within a comedy core. It also marks Bhavana's return to a movie directed by Lal Jr after successful films with him, like Honey Bee and Honey Bee 2 in the past. The other cast includes names like Soubin Shahir, Balu Varghese, and Suresh Krishna, which enriches the film further.

Nadiakar Trailer:

Plot of Nadikar

David Padikkal, played by Tovino Thomas, is an accidental superstar and is currently facing a series of box-office failures and questions about his ability to act. However, David does not mind the criticisms he gets and lives his life in parties, booze, drugs, and women.

Despite his never-mind attitude, David decides to stage a comeback in his career. His manager approaches Bala, portrayed by Soubin Shahir, an acting coach with a background in drama, to teach him how to act.

However, the unconventional methods of Bala initially come into conflict with David's ego. However, as David begins to see improvement in his acting under Bala's visionary approaches, he decides to reconsider Bala's approach. The major question of Nadikar revolves around whether David Padikkal, a superstar who is emotionless and devoid of meaningful relationships, can be transformed into a good actor.

What works in Nadikar 

Nadikar is a visual treat like Tovino's 2022 super hit Thallumaala. Tovino Thomas enacts a stylish character with great strength and style. David Padikkal's character in Nadikar blends well with an actor's glamorous lifestyle, something above what we saw in Prithviraj's character in Driving License.

Further, humor is employed throughout the movie, and the jokes, with their witty one-liners and clever pop culture references, do a great job of evoking laughter.

What doesn’t work in Nadikar

The script of Nadikar was let down by the writers Suvin S. Somasekharan and Lal Jr. Though it was Tovino who had to shoulder the burden of an average script, Lal Jr. was unable to balance with his direction.

The average music, composed by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha Nair, was also a disappointment. To top it all, the overuse of inanities like curses and blasphemies, which added nothing to the story, created an adverse effect in all aspects.

Performances in Nadikar

Tovino Thomas gave a good performance as David Padikkal. He brought the life of a superstar to the screen in a manner similar to Prithviraj in the 2019 movie Driving License, directed by Lal Jr.

Playing Ann Bava, David's ex-girlfriend and struggling actress, Bhavana also gave a fine performance and continues to be known for her acting skills. Soubin Shahir plays Bala and provides a good insight into the movie, but his performance was similar to some of his old roles. Both Balu Varghese and Suresh Krishna are able to act to decent standards.

Verdict of Nadikar

Overall, Nadikar is an average film that has its echoes in Lal Jr.'s 2019 film Driving License, which features Prithviraj Sukumaran. However, Nadikar does not have the muscle of a strong script like the late Sachi did in Driving License. If you are a fan of Tovino Thomas and Bhavana, Nadikar could be a decent one-time watch; otherwise, it’s avoidable.


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