6 Best Manual Treadmills for Smooth, Low-impact Home Workouts

Written by Shebna V, Health & Fitness Coach
Updated on Feb 15, 2024
best manual treadmill
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We know that physical exercises can potentially boost both your mental and physical well-being. So, our experts bring you a well-researched guide on the best manual treadmills available on the market. You won’t just achieve the flexibility of place and time but also high efficiency and security as all of the suggested products are cordless, easily portable, and have superior materials and safety features. 

Moreover, they are crafted to meet new-age technological needs like personalized fitness apps, a wide range of speeds, LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth facilities, and many more. To know more about what these gym equipment have in store and how to invest in the perfect one, do take the time to go through the product descriptions and buying guide that we have provided below.

6 Best Manual Treadmills

Embark on a path to fitness with the SereneLife folding treadmill which offers high functionality along with space-saving solutions. With an engaging sports app connection, this treadmill offers more focused training and easy access to a wide range of fitness sessions. Additionally, for better convenience, there are start/stop and speed control buttons on the handles, and a touchscreen digital LCD display system allowing you to check and control the run time, distance, speed, and calories burned. This high-performing treadmill is also extremely safe as it has sensors to monitor your pulse rate, especially during high-intensity cardio training. 

Key Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 54.7"D x 26.7" W x 49.6"H

Item Weight: 75 pounds

Material: Aluminum

Maximum Speed: 7.5 miles per hour

  • Foldable design
  • Large running space
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • 3 incline settings
  • The motor is not very durable
  • Best Platform Design

    BORGUSI Auto/Manual Incline Treadmill

    BORGUSI Auto/Manual Incline Treadmill
  • Perform safe and noise-free cardio sessions without killing your joints or disturbing your neighbors with BORGUSI’s manual treadmill. This is not just convenient to use but effective in absorbing shock reducing impact on the joints, and reducing movement noise. The sleek blue backlit LCD panel, Bluetooth options, and accessible buttons on both handrails make this product ideal for both beginners and experts alike. This sturdy and safe fitness machine features 15 training programs, 3-level adjustable incline options, and a non-slip, wide, and smooth deck allowing you to keep level up and challenge your fitness goals.

    Special Features:

    Product Dimensions: 53"D x 26.2" W x 45.2"H

    Weight: 87 pounds

    Material: Alloy steel

    Maximum Speed: 8.5 miles per hour

    Special Feature: Built-in speaker, manual incline, foldable, water bottle holder, and wheels.

    • Shock absorbing platform
    • Easy to assemble
    • Superior noise reduction system
    • Heavy-duty construction
    • The inclination option is not reliable
  • Most Compact Treadmill

    Stamina Inmotion T900 Manual Treadmill

    Stamina Inmotion T900 Manual Treadmill
  • Boost your metabolism, tone your body, and keep your heart young and healthy with this compact manual treadmill by Stamina. It helps increase the efficiency and comfort of your cardio workout with additional features like dual-weighted flywheels, a non-slip surface, and floor protectors. It offers you the liberty to change your workout intensity by switching the speed and inclination according to your mood and fitness requirements. So, fire up your energy anywhere by simply unfolding this weightless equipment and enjoy the guided coaching, exercise demo videos, personalized workouts, and your favorite music on this using their müüv fitness app. 

    Special features:

    Color: Gray and black

    Product Dimensions: 47"D x 22" W x 45"H

    Item Weight: 50 pounds

    Material: Steel frame and textured non-slip walking/jogging surface

    Maximum Speed: 99.9 miles per hour

    Special Feature: Incline and foldable

    • Skid-resistant
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Robust material
    • Convenient to use
    • Only 2 incline positions
  • Most Spacious

    ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill

    ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill
  • Tested with up to 230lbs of maximum user weight for durability and safety, you can confidently hop on this ProGear manual treadmill without any fear of machine failure, or accidental falls and injuries. Featuring a stylish and powerful steel body and wide and long side rails with foam grips, this treadmill provides walking safety and prevents disbalance. Moreover, the oversized belt rollers are designed to enhance smoothness and consistency while walking or running. After using this professional treadmill workout equipment, we felt that it could help you achieve your fitness goals at the convenience of your home.

    Special features:

    Brand: ProGear

    Color: Black

    Product Dimensions: 47"D x 23"W x 51"H

    Item Weight: 49 pounds

    Material: Alloy steel

    Maximum Speed: 0.01 miles per hour

    • Wide belt area
    • Comfortable handle grips
    • Design for high-security
    • Extensive speed range
    • Poor customer service
  • Most Portable

    kotia Manual Treadmill Non Electric Treadmill

    kotia Manual Treadmill Non Electric Treadmill
  • This compact and motorless treadmill crafted by kotia is suitable for apartment and office workouts. This portable exercise equipment can be easily folded in a single step and features built-in transportation wheels for effortless mobility and storage. It also features a 10-degree incline and dual 6-inch flywheels for self-paced walking or running. The LCD monitor offers clear readings of time, speed, distance, and calorie consumption, allowing you to track your fitness progress easily and keep your workout data at your fingertips. 

    Special features: 

    Color: Black

    Product Dimensions: 49"D x 23"W x 50"H

    Item Weight: 58.9 pounds

    Material: Alloy steel

    Special Feature: Portable, foldable, and compact design

    • Space-saving
    • High-friction mats
    • Soft and ergonomic handlebars
    • High-weight capacity
    • Hard to walk on the belt
  • Best for Intense Workouts

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M
  • Kickstart your fitness journey with this cost-effective treadmill for walking that has a compact and lightweight design – ideal for limited spaces. The treadmill is also made of sturdy steel material which can endure brisk walking or gentle jogging. It features a user-friendly digital monitor that displays workout duration, speed, distance covered, and calories burned. It is an easy-to-use and low-maintenance fitness equipment that requires no electrical outlet, is easy to fold and, and has transport wheels. 

    Special Features:

    Color: Gray

    Product Dimensions: 23"D x 49"W x 50"H

    Item Weight: 46.7 pounds

    Material: Alloy steel

    Maximum Speed: 0.1 miles per hour

    • Safe treadmill surface
    • Compact and user-friendly
    • Comes with batteries
    • Portable
    • Steep inclination

    How to Choose the Best Manual Treadmill?

    Before spending a fortune on these expensive types of equipment, it is wise to try out the product whenever possible. Although, we know you may not have the time to make multiple visits to different stores that have them. So, here is a buying guide on the top features to concentrate on while reading product reviews and recommendations to choose the best manual treadmill: 

    1. Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a manual treadmill. Since the prices of manual treadmills can vary widely, having a budget in mind will narrow down your options. Additionally, you can also decide and compare the different features that every brand is offering to make an informed choice. 

    2. Space: Consider the space you have available for the treadmill and look for one that suits your needs. A manual mode or non-motorized treadmill is generally more compact than a motorized treadmill, but you should still measure the area to ensure it fits comfortably. This is because the size of the treadmill matters, especially if you have a longer stride or need extra space for walking or running comfortably.

    3. Quality: Assess the overall build quality of the treadmill. It should be stable and robust, so it doesn't wobble during use. Look for models with a solid frame and durable materials. Moreover, check the weight limit of the treadmill to ensure the sturdy equipment can support your body weight. It's essential to choose a treadmill that can accommodate your weight without straining the machine.

    4. Features: Advanced treadmills boast a wide range of extra features such as adjustable levels of incline for varied workout intensity requirements, noise absorbing decks for a quieter experience, foldable designs for efficient space-saving, or console features like an LCD display for tracking your workout metrics (e.g., time, distance, calories burned) for monitoring your progress. These can be extremely handy features, so consider some of them before investing.


    The best manual treadmills mentioned in this article will help you improve your running form and engage more muscle groups, offering a more efficient workout. These products flaunt a range of features from wider decks and safer handrails to noise reduction, shock absorption, and many more. So, one must first make a list of preferences as it will help them choose the perfect one without exceeding the budget. Since these allow manual control of pace and intensity, if you are new to fitness, have joint pain, or like walking according to your own pace, maybe manual treadmill options are the best option for you. So, get ready to get fitter with our favorite gym essentials.


    Is it good to buy a manual treadmill?
    Whether it's good to buy a manual treadmill depends on your fitness goals, space, and budget.
    Is a manual treadmill better than an electric treadmill?
    The choice between a manual and an electric treadmill depends on your preferences and needs, with electric treadmills offering more features and convenience.
    Does a manual treadmill burn belly fat?
    Manual treadmills can help burn calories and contribute to overall fat loss, but spot reduction of belly fat is not guaranteed.
    Is a manual treadmill better for knees?
    Manual treadmills can be gentler on the knees due to their lower impact, making them a good option for those with knee concerns.
    Can you run long distances on a manual treadmill?
    You can run long distances on a manual treadmill, but it may require more effort and time compared to an electric treadmill.
    Is a manual treadmill suitable for all fitness levels?
    Manual treadmills are suitable for all fitness levels, but beginners may find them challenging at first.
    How long does a manual treadmill last?
    The lifespan of a manual treadmill can vary but with proper maintenance, it can last for several years.
    Are manual treadmills safe to use?
    Manual treadmills are generally safe to use when used correctly and with proper form, but it's important to follow safety guidelines and use caution during workouts.

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