11 Best Truck Bed Mattresses— Tried And Reviewed Choices

Written by Shebna V, Health & Fitness Coach
Updated on Mar 07, 2024
Best Truck Bed Mattresses
Best Truck Bed Mattresses
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You may love traveling and exploring the world by driving your truck, or maybe your job demands that— either way, the best truck bed mattresses are required for better and more comfortable sleep. These are some of the must-have accessories for long-haul drivers to catch some quality sleep while on a road trip. After all, having sufficient quality sleep is one of the reasons for better health. A study by the Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology suggests that quality mattresses may help lower sleep disturbances and reduce the risk of conditions like back pain. Further, our research indicates that the right truck bed mattress provides optimum rest to relieve physical and mental stress while traveling. 

So here, in this article, we have mentioned the best mattresses for truck beds, based on our first-hand experience, that enhance your journey and promise a good night's sleep. 

11 Best Truck Bed Mattress

The reason we find this Rightline Gear bed one of the best truck bed air mattresses is that— it comes with a built-in pump that inflates the mattress in seconds for quick setup. Plus, it automatically deflates for effortless pack-up after use. It's mindfully created based on your specific camping or traveling needs so you can get the maximum comfort. This pickup bed mattress is spacious enough to accommodate two adults. 

Coming to its design and construction, the truck sleeping bed mattress is equipped with heavy-duty PVC and O-beam support to resist wear and tear. Additionally, it features a "between-the-wheels design" that lets you stash your stuff below the mattress without discomfort. 

  • 12V pump
  • Stuff sack included
  • Inflatable
  • Flocked top
  • Foldable
  • Short pump cord
  • Best for Backseats

    YJGF Back Seat Extender

    YJGF Back Seat Extender
  • If you are traveling with your pets and need comfortable seating for them, the YJGF Back Seat Extender is a good-to-go option. The non-inflatable mattress fits your car backseats or pickup trucks and increases the space for complete accommodation. Further, it's carved out of thick and wear-resistant fabric to give the air truck bed mattress some extra life. 

    Don't worry, your truck or car seats won't get scratched even if your pets are too active. The mattress will act as a shield and protect the seat cover from damage. Plus, it will never let your pets fall when sudden brakes are applied. 

    • Large space
    • Sheer support
    • Folds easily
    • Mesh pet barrier
    • Net pockets
    • Expensive
  • Best Waterproof

    Umbrauto Truck Bed Air Mattress

    Umbrauto Truck Bed Air Mattress
  • A truck-friendly mattress like this Umbrauto air bed is perfect for short and long-distance travel. The best truck bed air mattress is a go-to carrier for achieving comfortable sleep anywhere, anytime. It inflates and expands to the maximum length when air is poured through the built-in air pump. 

    Furthermore, it is roomy and can snuggly fit two to three people without compromising on comfort. Unlike conventional mattresses for pickup trucks, this one is designed with soft flocking materials and thick Oxford fabric to resist leaks or punctures for long-term use. 

    • Durable
    • Easy inflate valve
    • Waterproof
    • Two pillows included
    • High weight capacity (600 pounds)
    • The air pump cord is slightly short
  • Best Foam Bed

    LOST HORIZON Airsoft Sleeping Pad

    LOST HORIZON Airsoft Sleeping Pad
  • Foam mattresses are beloved options for those searching for air bed alternatives. Some air mattresses may produce squeaky and annoying sounds while sleeping. But thanks to the LOST HORIZON truck bed foam mattress, you won't experience irritating noises anymore and enjoy quiet sleeping. It's a proportionate blend of foam and air that gives it customizable support and softness. Neither too hard nor too soft— the mattress feels just right. 

    Moreover, our investigation demonstrated that this foam cum air truck bed mattress suits various body types and delivers optimum force on the pressure points to release stress. You will wake up fresh every morning— all you need to do is inflate it using the included electric pump and go off to sleep. 

    • Water-resistant
    • Large surface
    • Firm and soft
    • Easy to inflate and deflate
    • Supports various sleeping positions
    • Not for backpacking
  • Best Easy to Set Up

    Pittman Outdoors AirBedz

    Pittman Outdoors AirBedz
  • Some specially designed mattresses, such as Pittman Outdoors AirBedz, occupy complete space on the entire truck bed without wasting to create more room. This ergonomically fabricated mattress for truck beds fits well around the pick-up area and produces enough space for sleeping. 

    With a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds, the truck bed mattress can accommodate individuals with different body statures while delivering ultimate support. Besides, the built-in air pump instantly floats the bed for an effortless setup. Moreover, this pump can also inflate other camping stuff like beach toys, floats, etc. 

    • Multipurpose air pump
    • Strong and comfy
    • Simple to install
    • Prevents sliding
    • Thick and mushy fabric
    • The pump could be more durable
  • Best Compact

    Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Short Truck Bed

     Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Short Truck Bed
  • Unlike its counterpart above, this modified Pittman Outdoors truck bed version is stitched with polyester for more flexibility. The re-engineered fabric makes it spot-resistant and firm. In addition, our analysis of the product revealed that this pickup truck mattress utilizes maximum truck bed space for creating a cozy sleeping area. 

    Interestingly, the bed inflates and deflates in a jiffy, so you don't have to wait long for set up. Overall, it wouldn't be wrong to say that with this truck bed sleeping pad at your side, you can sleep effectively on the most uneven and roughest truck surfaces. 

    • Heavy-duty construction
    • Rechargeable pump
    • Compact design
    • Simple installation
    • Includes a carry bag
    • Seams could be more sturdy
  • Best Truck Camper Mattress

    Kingfun Camping Mattress

    Kingfun Camping Mattress
  • When it comes to high-quality mattresses with technical finesse, memory foam mattresses gain the top spot. The notion is they respond to pressure points and reduce tension around the zones to decrease pain and stress. An NCBI study reveals that memory foam mattresses may improve postural alignment to resist back pain when sleeping. 

    Hence, we have listed this Kingfun Camping memory foam truck bed mattress that is anatomically designed to support your body and release tension while sleeping. Also, the added high-density gel foam makes you feel like resting on clouds. Moreover, the anti-slip bottom keeps the bed in place and avoids unnecessary movements to ensure stability. Not just for camping trips, the foam truck bed mattress is suitable for all occasions, from guest staying to yoga.

    • Water-resistant
    • Easy to carry
    • Has side pockets
    • Quality zippers
    • Roll-up bed
    • None
  • Best Lightweight

    Lammyner Air Mattress

    Lammyner Air Mattress
  • Be it your SUV or truck, the Lammyner Air Mattress adjusts in all. You can install the mattress anywhere without fearing deformation or bursting. No matter whether you are a casual camper or a long-distance traveler, this car cum truck sleeping bed is ideal for all outdoor activities. The inflatable mattress is stitched from premium quality PVC flocking material that increases durability, strength, and comfort. Also, this sleeping bed for trucks and cars comes with extra goodies like safety baffles, air pillows, gas nozzles, and an air pump for comfy staying. 

    • Lightweight
    • Leakproof
    • User-friendly design
    • Fast charging pump
    • Built-in repair kit
    • An instruction manual could be provided
  • Best Personalized

    Offroading Gear Truck Bed

    Offroading Gear Truck Bed
  • Add this Offroading Gear bed to your hiking kit, and get ready to face the wilderness with ease. This truck bed cushion perfectly fits any pick-up truck so you can take it for your next expedition. We love that the bed features a unique three-chamber design for enhanced longevity and use. Also, it promotes maximum ventilation since it's built with breathable materials like polyester.  

    The truck bed mattress pad can extend itself to a double-size bed to solve space issues. Hence, drawing from our experience, we can state that this truck sleeping bed offers optimum space for sleeping in any position. 

    • Multifunctional use
    • Custom design
    • F150 compatible
    • Velvety top layer
    • Quick set up
    • Might require frequent air-filling
  • Best Soft Bed

    Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Lite

    Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Lite
  • This classic green short-bed truck mattress by Pittman Outdoors contains everything you need for a generous sleeping session. The Lite bed is soft and cozy to save you from irritation and stress. It's constructed with high-grade PVC that keeps leaks and punctures at bay for even air distribution. Worry not in case you observe damage— you can fix it quickly and effortlessly using the included patch kit and glue. Moreover, we determined through our tests that the truck bed includes an advanced air coil system to distribute body weight evenly for extra comfort. 

    • Resists water
    • Thick bed
    • Adjusts well
    • Heavy-duty design
    • Provides thermal protection
    • Can be more sheer
  • ABE Truck Bed Air Mattress

    ABE Truck Bed Air Mattress
  • ABE truck bed mattresses have gained a top status among long-haul drivers. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it doesn't need inflation to set up. So, no worries about air leaks or punctures. You can install this F150 bed mattress to your car backseat or truck space for easy travel. 

    A tester says that this truck bed snuggly fit into his Tundra new cab and left abundant space for extra storage. Although it might not be an appropriate option for short trucks like Tacoma, it's a great fit for vehicles like F150, RAM 1500, Toyota, or Tundra. 

    • Leather-made
    • Double-sided
    • Foldable
    • Easy to clean
    • Simple to store
    • Could be more sturdy

    With this, we have mentioned our top recommendations for the best truck bed mattresses. Here's our buying guide below that will give you important insights on factors to look at before choosing truck mattresses. 

    How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Mattress?

    Discovering the right mattress for truck beds becomes easy when you know some factors that determine your purchase. Have a close look at these factors below and understand the correct approach to filter the options. 


    All truck bed mattresses are not the same. They differ when it comes to the materials used. However, ensure that your chosen bed is made of high-quality fabrics such as PVC flocking, polyester, foam, etc., and comes in handy for use. 

    Truck Bed Sizes

    Most pickup truck bed mattresses are available in short, long, and standard sizes. Generally, they have standard dimensions that differ between models and manufacturers; however, most mattresses have standard full sizes that can fit any standard or mid-size truck. As a quick solution, you can measure your truck bed's size and pick one that feels most suitable.  

    Sleeping Posture 

    Believe it or not— knowing your posture while sleeping is also a factor to consider when finding the best mattress for a truck bed. For instance— if you are a back sleeper, you may try a sleeping bed with full body support and slight contouring to maintain a perfect sleep posture. Side sleepers may pick beds that relieve pressure points on the shoulder and hip joints that become prone to soreness. Choose one that delivers the required cushioning to reduce stress on these joints. Stomach sleepers may go with a blend of both that is firm enough to support spinal alignment. These folks need extra support on upper and lower extremity joints for comfortable sleep. 


    You may find both air and memory foam mattresses for truck beds on the market. Each provides different benefits, so here we have done the complete breakdown for comprehensive analysis. Starting with air mattresses, these are well-known for their ultimate versatility. These offer excellent portability and adjustable firmness, making them ready-to-go and flexible options. On the other hand, foam mattresses provide customized comfort and promise deep and restful sleep while alleviating pain. These are excellent choices for people with back or joint issues. Plus, truck bed foam pads perfectly surround the body contours irrespective of thickness, while inflatable or air mattresses provide a bouncy surface with different contouring levels subjected to thickness. 

    Motion Isolation 

    The term refers to the noticeable movements you experience when your partner changes position or moves in and out of the bed. Motion isolation is the ability of a mattress to prevent movement while changing position. For instance— if a mattress has high-motion isolation, you're less likely to notice or experience the movements and vice-versa. 


    It's not a bad idea to consider the climate when picking a truck sleeping pad. After all, you might be taking it for outdoor activities. A mattress that is durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof appears a dealmaker. Also, it helps regulate temperature and keep you safe during the journey. 


    Mattresses that fit your truck beds or car seats are some of the prerequisites for travelers that enhance road trip journies. The best truck bed mattresses guarantee quality rest when you are on the go, exploring the world. The above-given products won't let you feel tired when you wake up the next morning and resume your trip. They provide you with home-like sleep and vanish discomfort like magic. But when it's about purchasing the right mattress, the task seems difficult since there are plenty of options. However, you can go through our user guide, which will assist you during shopping. Further, a few worthy options, like Kingfun Camping Mattresses, are perfect for foam bed lovers and deserve a spot in their camping gear, while air sleeping pads like the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Air Mattresses set up quickly and feel comfy.


    What is the ideal length and weight of a truck bed mattress?
    Ans. The length and weight of truck mattresses are subject to personal preference and may vary according to the truck bed's size. Since no size fits all; you check the product dimensions and weight when finding one.
    How to make a truck bed more comfortable?
    Ans. You can clean the truck bed and place a carpet before putting on a mattress. Plus, you can line the back with plastic to prevent the mattress from colliding and put a cover on the open top and sides to close the area for privacy, just like creating a truck tent.
    What should I use as a truck bed mattress?
    Ans. You can use custom and personalized mattresses or sleeping pads for truck bed sleepovers.

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