13 Best Office Chairs for Short People: Examined by Experts

Written by Crystal Martin Updated on Feb 20, 2024  |  340.5K
 Best Office Chairs for Short People
Best Office Chairs for Short People
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Whether working from home or at the office, having the right chair tailored to your stature can make all the difference. Most chairs have wider, deeper seats and taller chair backs that can only accommodate individuals with more extended height. However, for individuals with shorter builds, it's crucial to invest in a high-quality chair designed to suit your specific body type and height. This will provide plenty of benefits to your body in the short and long run. Our research indicates that discovering the best office chair for short people goes beyond comfort alone. An ideal material can keep your body cool and can save you from plenty of body pain, especially backaches.

One of the most common challenges that shorter individuals face is finding chairs with footrests and ideal seat depth that can adjust to their lower height. If you stand at less than 5 feet, this challenge becomes even more pronounced. Few ergonomic options are available in the market for shorter people, but sometimes, they lack the necessary comfy features, too. That said, how can you locate a chair that provides comfort without causing you nerve-wracking discomfort and keeps you free from lower body numbness, imbalance, and unease? Well, we’ve got you covered here.

We have handpicked our top favorite recommendations for desk chairs for petite people. These chairs not only offer a comfortable seating experience but are also designed to help you maintain optimal balance and posture throughout your workday. Plus, some of them have additional adjustable features that can customize the chair to fit your body perfectly. So, let’s dive in.

13 Best Office Chairs for Short People

This petite office chair is your perfect companion for long work hours. With comfortable padded seating and ergonomic armrests, it supports those with short height. The chair is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the height and tilt to your preference. It also offers a 360-degree swivel for easy movement. Made of upholstered in durable polyurethane bonded leather (faux leather), it has a tremendously robust design and can also contain caster wheels for smooth-rolling mobility. In stylish black, it combines functionality and aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for your office or home.

  • Dimension — 24.2"D x 24" W x 38.6"H
  • Adjustable height range — NA
  • Weight capacity — 275 pounds


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Great support
  • Padded seat
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t have paddings for your head
  • Best C-shaped Back for Shorter People

    HBADA Butterfly Office Chair - White

    HBADA Butterfly Office Chair - White
  • This ergonomic desk chair offers ultimate comfort with adjustable lumbar support, breathable mesh back, and flip-up armrests, so you don’t feel tired even after prolonged seating. Plus, its ergonomic C-shaped back consistently supports your back, relieving spine pressure, enhancing your sitting posture, and bringing comfort to your busy workday. Its PU silent wheels ensure smooth, noise-free movement, and the tilt function allows you to recline for relaxation. The chair's sleek beige design seamlessly fits into any office or home environment, adding a touch of elegance with a super comfortable sitting experience.

    • Dimension — 20.07"D x 23.62" W x 38.18" H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 250 Pounds
    • 3.14-inch cotton cushioned seat
    • High-quality casters
    • Space-saving design
    • Easy to assemble
    • The quality of the seat is not durable
  • Great 4D Adjustable Armrest

    Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

    Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair
  • This chair is specifically designed to meet the needs of people with shorter height with its 4D adjustable armrest customized to your body size, 3D lumbar support, and 135-degree back tilt. Its breathable elastomesh ensures you stay cool, and it's incredibly comfortable, making you forget you're even working. Built to last, this heavy-duty office chair offers excellent stability, strength, and support to your back and spine. At the same time, a smoothly adjustable seat provides the utmost personalized comfort, whether at the office or during your gaming sessions!

    • Dimension — 33.86"D x 27.56" W x 11.22" H
    • Adjustable Height Range — 5’4” - 6’1”
    • Weight Capacity — 275 lbs
    • Very comfortable
    • Ergonomic design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Durable mesh technology
    • Aluminum wheelbase
    • The recliner does not have a lock
  • Best Lumbar Support

    Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

    Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Designed for ultimate comfort, this high-back chair boasts lumbar support and rollerblade wheels, ensuring smooth movement. Its breathable mesh backrest, thick seat cushion, and adjustable head and armrests create a plush, customized seating experience. Whether in the office or at your desk at home, this chair offers the perfect blend of support and relaxation. Plus, it reclines for added versatility, making it an ideal choice for extended workdays. Upgrade your office setup with this best ergonomic office chair for short people by Duramont and enjoy premium comfort and style.

    • Dimension — 26"D x 23.6" W x 42"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 330 Lbs
    • Solid lumbar support
    • Made of high-quality material
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to install
    • Very heavy
    • Not comfortable for people shorter than 5’6”
  • Best High-density Foam Seat

    Mimoglad Ergonomic Office Chair

    Mimoglad Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Designed for ultimate comfort, this high-back chair features adjustable lumbar support and flip-up armrests, providing a customized seating experience. Crafted with breathable mesh, it keeps you cool during extended work hours. This executive chair has a soft, high-density form seat that is built to last long and supports a productive workspace. This chair combines style, function, and ergonomic features for the perfect seating solution. Plus, its thick padded cushioning on both the back and seat elevate the comfort to a new level.  

    • Dimension — 16.5"D x 21.7" W x 44.9"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 250 lbs


    • Ergonomic W-shaped design
    • 360-degree swivel
    • Heavy-duty base
    • Headrest is wide
    • Nylon smooth-rolling casters
    • Not easy to assemble
  • FLASH FURNITURE Nicholas Mid-Back Yellow-Orange Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

    FLASH FURNITURE Nicholas Mid-Back Yellow-Orange Mesh Multifunction Executive Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Arms
  • Not limited to the office, it's an excellent ergonomic gaming chair for gamers, too. Equipped with a 3-paddle control system, this executive office chair ensures customized comfort according to your body type and height. It has a ventilated curved back, which delivers lumbar support. Plus, you can adjust back height and angle with infinite lock positions. The tilt lever lets you lock it upright or activate rocking motion, while the tilt tension knob allows you to control tilt resistance. Made of 100% fine-quality polyester, enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality with this eye-catching office chair.

    • Dimension — 27"D x 19.5"W x 21.5"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — 18.5 - 21.5 inches from seat
    • Weight Capacity — 300 pounds
    • Back height adjustment
    • Fantastic support
    • Easy to assemble
    • Sturdy
    • The back material is not very strong
  • Super Attractive Design

    KERDOM Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair 933-C

    KERDOM Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair 933-C
  • This ergonomic desk chair is designed to enhance efficiency during long working hours. Its breathable mesh construction ensures you stay cool during extended hours, while the flip-up armrests provide versatility and convenience. With adjustable height, you can easily customize it to your preferences. This swivel desk chair for short people is your key to a more comfortable and productive workday. Moreover, its attractive design complements various decor styles, making it a versatile addition to your living room, meeting room, study room, or office.

    • Dimension — 21.3"D x 20.9" W x 8.9"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — 5’2’’ - 6’4”
    • Weight Capacity — 300 Pounds
    • High-quality mesh
    • Ergonomic design
    • Space saving
    • 120-degree recline angle
    • Adjustable
    • Plastic material might make it look cheap
  • Most Sturdy Chair

    Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair

    Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair
  • This dynamic, ergonomic work chair is built for optimal productivity. Designed with wheels suitable for carpeted floors, it offers weight-activated controls, superior back support, and comfortable arm support. With hassle-free assembly and a sleek nickel finish, this chair seamlessly blends style and function. Plus, it also features flexible edges and adaptive forearm support, ensuring a pressure-free sitting experience. Moreover, you can assemble this chair in under 2 minutes without any tools.

    • Dimension - 20.9"D x 22.4" W x 39.2"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — 6’5’’ - 8’75’’
    • Weight Capacity — NA 
    • Adjustable Lumbar
    • Adjustable Height
    • Ergonomic
    • Super comfy armrest
    • Sturdy
    • Faulty packaging
    • Costly
  • Easiest to Assemble

    BOLISS Office Ergonomic Desk Chair

    BOLISS Office Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • This chair for a short person has a thick, streamlined fabric back that provides excellent lumbar support, ensuring a pleasant seating experience. The 4-inch thick fabric seat and height-adjustable soft fabric armrests add to the chair's plush appeal. With a 15-degree tilt, lock function, 360-degree rotation, and silent PU wheels, this chair is perfect for a dynamic and comfortable workspace. Not only is it comfortable, but it's also built to support a generous amount of weight.

    • Dimension - 25.4"D x 28.1" W x 37"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 300lbs
    • Sturdy material
    • Super comfortable
    • Great back support
    • Easy to put together
    • Cushion fabric is rough and hard
  • Best Tilt Function

    OUTFINE Office Executive Chair Desk

    OUTFINE Office Executive Chair Desk
  • The generously padded seat and backrest angle of this chair offers a comfortable seating experience whether you're working, unwinding, or gaming. Moreover, the armrests feature a soothing waterfall-shaped soft pad cover, providing a comfortable resting spot for your arms while protecting your elbows from hard surfaces. With the adjustable tilt function, you can also alleviate stress by rocking back and forth. This chair has undergone many tests and comes with a strong structure that will last long. Moreover, its class 4 gas lift ensures smooth and secure height adjustments, offering peace of mind and reliability.

    • Dimension - 20.1"D x 26" W x 45.3"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 300 pounds
    • Padded seat
    • Upper and side support
    • Curved lumbar
    • Armrest support
    • Made from pliable PU leather
    • The back is a little flimsy
  • TfficeTingco Ergonomic Computer Desk Chairs

    TfficeTingco Ergonomic Computer Desk Chairs
  • With a focus on your comfort and well-being, this high-back chair features lumbar support and 3D adjustable armrests, ensuring you enjoy the perfect fit. Its breathable mesh design keeps you cool during long work hours, and the high back adds extra support to maintain good posture. This desk chair for short people is the perfect blend of style and ergonomic functionality, making it an ideal addition to any home or office. Enhance your comfort and productivity with this computer desk chair and take your work experience to the next level.

    • Dimension - 22.4"D x 24" W x 47"H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity — 330 lbs
    • Large adjustable headrest
    • Durable Easy assembly
    • 3D armrest
    • Breathable mesh fabric
    • Faulty bottom screws
  • Primy Office Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Flip-Up Arms 934

     Primy Office Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Height and Flip-Up Arms 934
  • This chair is your gateway to enhanced comfort and productivity. Designed with adjustable lumbar support and height, this is an ideal option for long conference room sessions. The swivel, breathable mesh construction ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout your working or studying hours. Plus, the convenient flip-up armrests offer added versatility. Because it provides adjustable height and a backrest that can recline up to 120 degrees, it saves space and enhances convenience, making storage a breeze. Versatile and well-suited for various settings, this comfortable office chair is an excellent fit for your ambiance, study, meeting room, and home, adding flexibility and comfort to any space.

    • Dimension — 25” L X 25” W X 36” H
    • Adjustable Height Range — 36”- 40”
    • Weight Capacity — 300 lbs
    • Durable base
    • Thick chair surface
    • 360-degree protection
    • Good air permeability
    • Smooth casters
    • None reported
  • FelixKing Ergonomic Office Chair

    FelixKing Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Features an adjustable high back, breathable mesh construction, and lumbar support, this ergonomic chair for petite users to correct sitting posture for a more comfortable experience, release pressure, and relieve shoulder and neck pain from long hours of work. The flip-up armrests offer extra versatility, and the executive rolling swivel design provides effortless movement. This chair is tailor-made for various tasks, making it the ideal choice for different body shapes and sizes. Plus, this mesh office chair promotes continuous airflow, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Its high-density, collapse-resistant foam cushion offers both comfort and breathability, keeping you sweat-free even after extended hours of work.

    • Dimension — 11"D x 20" W x 21" H
    • Adjustable Height Range — NA
    • Weight Capacity – 299 pounds
    • Durable
    • Upgraded lumbar support
    • Soft armrest
    • Thick and robust base plate
    • The material is a bit rough

    We understand there are numerous options, and it can be challenging to make the best choice. Drawing from our experience, we're here to assist you by highlighting key factors to remember before you make your ultimate choice.

    What to Look for When Buying the Best Office Chair for Short People?

    • Adjustable Seat Depth And Height

    Look for a chair with adjustable seat height and depth to ensure it can be customized to fit your body comfortably. Ensuring your feet rest flat on the floor by adjusting the seat height is essential for maintaining a comfortable and proper posture. Additionally, adjusting the seat depth is essential to prevent your legs from dangling, which can lead to discomfort and poor circulation. Opt for a desk chair for a short person with a seat depth that helps you maintain a 90-degree angle at the knees, as it will not only enhance your comfort but also help you achieve better balance and posture during your workday. Also, check the minimum seat height for a comfortable resting position. 

    • Lumbar Support

    This support is designed to maintain the natural curve of your lower back, which is particularly important for people of shorter stature. Shorter individuals often experience a greater degree of strain on their lower back when sitting in a chair that lacks proper lumbar support. When the lower back is not adequately supported, it can lead to discomfort, pain, and poor posture. A chair with adjustable built-in lumbar support allows you to customize the level of support to fit your body, providing a more comfortable and ergonomically sound seating experience. According to our research, the HBADA Butterfly Office Chair offers the most comfortable seating experience for short people who need to sit for longer hours. 

    • Headrest

    For shorter individuals, having a chair with an adjustable headrest can also be beneficial as it helps alleviate strain on the neck and shoulders, promoting a more comfortable and ergonomically sound seating experience.

    • Comfort And Ergonomics

    Look for a chair that features cushioning in the seat and backrest and is made of breathable material to provide softness and support. This cushioning aids in maintaining your comfort throughout extended work hours. Chairs with materials that allow air circulation can help prevent overheating and discomfort.

    Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Chair for a Short Person?

    • Improved Comfort

    Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce discomfort and fatigue. Short people can benefit from the customizable features of these chairs, such as seat height and depth adjustments, which ensure a comfortable sitting experience. 

    • Better Posture

    Short individuals often struggle with traditional chairs as they may not align with their body proportions. An ergonomic chair can be adjusted to provide proper lumbar support and help short individuals maintain a healthy posture. These chairs promote good posture by supporting the natural curvature of your spine, reducing the risk of back problems. We found that excellent lumbar support provided by the Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair also led to an improved sitting posture.

    • Improved Blood Circulation

    Shorter individuals may face challenges with chair seat depth, which can put pressure on the backs of their knees and hinder blood circulation. Ergonomic chairs with adjustable seat depth can ensure proper blood flow and prevent discomfort.

    • Enhanced Productivity

    Comfortable seating increases focus and productivity, allowing you to work more efficiently and with less distraction.

    • Reduced Strain

    Vertical challenges for shorter individuals can result in reaching difficulties at the workstation, causing strain on the neck, shoulders, and arms. The best ergonomic office chair for a short person can alleviate stress on the neck, shoulders, and lower back, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

    • Prevent Health Issues 

    Prolonged sitting in an ill-fitting chair can lead to health problems like back pain, poor circulation, and musculoskeletal issues. By supporting proper posture and reducing strain, ergonomic chairs contribute to your long-term health and well-being, preventing chronic problems associated with poor sitting habits.

    • Long-term Benefits

    Investing in an ergonomic chair is an investment in long-term health and well-being. It can help short individuals maintain a healthy posture and reduce the risk of chronic back problems associated with improper seating.


    Choosing the right office chair is not just a matter of comfort but also a key to achieving better balance and posture, especially for those of shorter stature. The aforementioned best office chairs for short people are tailored to cater to the unique needs of shorter individuals. With a focus on comfort, adjustability, and ergonomic design, these chairs offer the perfect blend of support and style. They further help you work productively and maintain a healthier posture during prolonged sitting hours. Investing in the right chair can lead to both immediate and long-term benefits, ensuring you sit comfortably without straining your body, particularly your back and lower body. Select the chair that matches your height, requirements, and budget for the best results.


    What is the ideal seat depth for a short person?
    For a short person, the ideal seat depth typically ranges from 15 to 17 inches.
    Is it better to have an office chair high or low?
    The ideal office chair height depends on your body's proportions. It's best to have an adjustable chair set to a size where your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. This promotes good posture and comfort.
    What is the weight capacity I should consider for an office chair for short people?
    A weight capacity of at least 250 pounds is usually sufficient, but it's wise to select one that comfortably accommodates your weight.
    Are there office chairs explicitly designed for shorter individuals?
    Yes, there are office chairs explicitly designed for shorter individuals. These chairs often have adjustable seat height, a shallower seat depth, and adequate lumbar support to better suit shorter stature and promote ergonomic comfort.
    Does chair height matter?
    Yes, chair height matters for ergonomic comfort. The chair's height should be adjustable to promote proper posture and reduce body strain.
    How do I know if my chair is too high?
    Your chair is too high if your feet dangle off the floor or if your knees are above your hips when you're seated. This can lead to discomfort and poor posture.

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