11 Best Body Paints That Are Safe And Effective

Written by Sayantani Deb, Makeup & Beauty Writer
Updated on Feb 08, 2024
Best Body Paints That Are Safe And Effective
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Among all art forms, body painting is arguably the oldest. It has existed for many years and has played a significant role in shaping human culture. Painting our own bodies with the best body paint has been practiced for various purposes, including celebration, combat, seduction, and hunting. Body painting is a remarkably adaptable art form that includes more contemporary body art techniques like tattoos and traditional methods like using decorative body paints to create designs on our bodies. 

Body painting is a multi-step process that requires patience and the appropriate tools. Remember that you will be applying products to the skin for a while, so be careful, take your time, and be sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s before you start creating art. “I was terrified of body paintings, but once you understand the basics, you will see it’s easy. Some paints are waterproof, some paints tend to do better in high heat and some paints are less likely to rub onto your clothes," says Ginny Di, cosplayer and body paint enthusiast.  But, whatever type of paint you choose, it’s a unique and fierce form of art that uses the body as a canvas to display various emotions, messages, and purposes. Whatever your reason to paint your body, pick the best body paint from the list below.

11 Best Body Paints

Paradise Makeup AQ is Mehron's best body paint that is water-based and is available in over 40 colors. The semi-soft cake-like paint is activated with a small amount of water. If you are using a sponge or a brush, moisten it and work it in a circular motion on the paint's surface to achieve a rich spreadable consistency. A quick hack to ensure the paint does not smudge is to use barrier spray with it. It’s an easy and washable body paint that can be rinsed and removed. Professionals all over the world adore water-activated face and body paint for its vibrant color and ground-breaking formula because it doesn't crumble or fade. Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ's composition also ensures that the skin is not irritated. It contains avocado, cucumber, lemongrass, aloe, and vitamin E.

  • Premium-quality
  • Water-based
  • Rich pigments
  • Activates quickly
  • Not very long-lasting
  • Best Oil-based Body Paint

    Athena Face and Body Paint Oil Palette

    Athena Face and Body Paint Oil Palette
  • Athena Face and Body Paint Oil Palette contains 20 creamy, beautifully pigmented hues that can be applied with a sponge or brush and comes in a handy, durable plastic case. It is made with high-quality ingredients and is easy to blend. It is very gentle on the skin, and yet has a vivid color that can be used to create any desired art. Once you've applied it to the skin, it dries swiftly and maintains durability, without rubbing off or fading. For artistic makeup or theme parties, SFX makeup, stage shows, or special occasions, the colors can be effortlessly shaded together to provide a wide range of effects. It can be easily washed with olive oil or professional makeup remover and is also kid-friendly.

    • Easy to use
    • Creamy texture
    • Smudge-proof
    • Non-toxic
    • Requires setting spray
  • Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint Color Palette

    Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint Color Palette
  • Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint Color Palette comes equipped with 8 colors. There are four varieties in this palette, to suit tropical, pastel, metallic, or UV/Neon glow themes. These paints can be used to create an intense color play-off that is reactive to backlight. So if you have a vision of creating breathtaking looks that sparkle in the dark, this palette will be your best friend. The colors are easily blendable and are also easy to carry since they come in a palette (you won’t have to carry multiple color jars or tubes). Aloe, avocado oil, cucumber, lemongrass, and cocoa seed butter are added elements that soothe the skin. You can now create high-impact, deeply-pigmented transformational looks without stressing about what paint is safe for skin.

    • Paraben-free
    • Gluten-free
    • Blendable
    • Water-based
    • Not durable
  • Best Professional Body Paint

    Garyob Glow in Dark Face Body and Paint

    Garyob Glow in Dark Face Body and Paint
  • Garyob Glow in Dark Face and Body Paint comes in 6 tubes of 10 ml product in bright pops of blue, orange, yellow, purple, green, and red. The tubes are safe to store on their own and do not require additional caution. When you paint these blacklight hues to your face as well as other parts of your body, you will be ready to rock the dance-floor and shine like the brightest star. The vivid hues will illuminate like neon lights under UV light. You can create geometric designs, contour your nose, jawline, and cheeks, or create abstract stripes that glow and add a vibrant look to your overall appearance. These are non-toxic body safe paints and are easily absorbed in the environment upon disposal.

    • Perfect for clubbing
    • No artificial fragrance
    • Lasts all night
    • UV light glow
    • Not suitable for kids
  • Best Oil-based Body Paint

    Athena Face and Body Paint Set

    Athena Face and Body Paint Set
  • Channel your inner artist with this Athena Face and Body Paint Set that comes with a palette of 20 colors and the brushes needed to create perfect strokes of art on your face and body. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this kit comes with everything you need to prep up the body and face for Halloween, costume parties, fun club nights, or even a kids’ party. You can engage in line work, base work, blending, and layering without any issues.  It also comes with a pan of black and white that is otherwise an added purchase if you buy colors from other brands. The Athena color palette is created with an oil-based waterproof Formula that lasts a long time. It may take some time to dry out because but a good setting powder can work like a charm.

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    • Great for Cosplay
    • Vivid pigments
    • Full coverage
    • Water-proof formula
    • Not transfer-proof
  • Tag Face & Body Paint

    Tag Face & Body Paint
  • Tag Face and Body paints are long-lasting and vibrant, making them the perfect fit for a Comicon or a cosplay festival. Its wax-based formulation also ensures it is sweat-proof and does not run down like water in the heat. If you're someone who constantly touches their face, this paint will let you do it without the fear of being rubbed off. The paint requires less water to be activated and is easy to wear on the skin as it is lightweight. Each palette includes two face painting brushes in size 2 flat & size 3 round. TAG's face painting colors are fantastic for line work. The lighter colors pop out really well, even when juxtaposed with darker shades. It is also hypoallergenic, so no room for fear of allergies here. 

    • Weather-resistant
    • Great for detailing
    • Water-proof
    • Glossy look
    • Difficult to remove
  • Best Durable Stick Body Paint

    CC Beauty 36 Colors Face and Body Paint Oil

    CC Beauty 36 Colors Face and  Body Paint Oil
  • CC Beauty 36 Colors Face and Body Paint Oil is a painting palette with 22 bright colors, 8 iridescent colors, and 6 fluorescent colors. It's basically an oil paints jackpot for face and body paint lovers. These shades, which are rich and creamy, perfectly adhere to the skin. Due to its high-quality, entirely non-toxic ingredients, it's a popular product that can also be used to add oomph to children's looks. In comparison to body paints with a water base, this paint's oil base makes it more bright and more vibrant, satisfying your needs for a commanding appearance that draws everyone's attention. The oil also gives off a distinguishing bright shine that lasts long. The brushes make the application as easy as ABC and also it’s fun to play with even if you’re just getting started.

    • Suits all skin types
    • Children- friendly
    • Smudge-proof
    • Waterproof
    • Might leave stains
  • Neon Face and Body Paint

    Neon Face and Body Paint
  • Neon Face and Body Paint has 8 vibrant shades in its collection. These paints come in easy squeeze tubes that don’t dry out when stored away.  Neon Face and Body paints emit a strong fluorescent glow when exposed to UV or blacklights while appearing bright and neon-colored in normal lighting. For the best effect, use a lot of black backlights and as little light color as you can in the background. These paints will stay put in place whether you're dancing the night away or shooting for a cosplay scene. These paints are simple to use and dry on the skin quickly. A soap-water rinse is sufficient to remove the colors from the skin. The set comes with pink, red, orange, yellow, white, purple, green, and blue.

    • Quick-drying
    • Can be used day/night
    • Easy to remove
    • Affordable
    • Not for day use
  • Jim&Gloria Face Paint Kit

    Jim&Gloria Face Paint Kit
  • Jim&Gloria Face Paint Kit is a crayon-type face and body paint that is remarkably easy and effective. The kit has an uncanny resemblance to painting kits that the children of the 90s would fondly recollect. All you need to get started with face painting is this kit, which also comes with a set of reusable stencil stickers if you ever find yourself stuck on how to apply body paint. The stencils are built of robust PVC plastic and are reusable. They stick to the skin, allowing you to paint within. These pocket-sized, twistable skin markers keep the paint on your face and away from your fingers. They are temporary face paints and are water-based. The paints are suitable for sensitive skin as they won't itch, crack, or irritate the skin. It is also easily washed off with soap.

    • Super-easy
    • Kids-friendly
    • Giftable
    • Includes stencils
    • Not for professionals
  • CC Beauty Green Face Body Paint Stick

    CC Beauty Green Face Body Paint Stick
  • CC Beauty Green Face Body Paint Stick is the easiest form of body paint that you can find. It is available in over 10 colors and is contained in a retractable stick, akin to your lip balm or chapstick. If you want to look like the Hulk or Shrek, CC Beauty Green will enable you to achieve the look in minutes. It has a blendable creamy formula that glides on your skin for a smooth look with superior coverage. Infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, these greasy sticks are made with cosmetic-grade chemicals that are safe on the skin. It does not completely dry because of its greasy formulation but a translucent powder will seal the deal.

    • Buildable formula
    • Long Wearability
    • Creamy texture
    • Cruelty-free
    • Can't be used for finer details
  • Jim&Gloria Face Paints with Metallic Neon

    Jim&Gloria Face Paints with Metallic Neon
  • Jim&Gloria Face Paints with Metallic Neon comes in a generous 32-color pack of crayons that can be used to create a variety of designs. These twistable FacePaint crayons are safe for sensitive skin and can be used even by kids because they are simple to use and are safe in their design too. It is great for classroom activities supplies, birthday parties, prenatal belly paintings, Halloween makeup,  clown makeup, role plays, or whatever floats your boat. The paints are quick drying, therefore allowing little time to smudge or transfer onto surfaces. Jim&Gloria Face Paints have a smooth and creamy texture that allows creativity to take center stage and create any desired design.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Safe blunt tip
    • Mess-free
    • Easy to remove
    • Looks cakey

    How to Choose Your Body Paint

    Always plan your budget before you go on a shopping spree. If you want the best body paint, your budget should be between $10 and $15 for each color. These goods are often of outstanding quality and are made from substances that are safe to use. Stay away from cheap products, as they may be harsh on the skin or may just be hand-me-downs disguised as an enticing pack of colors. 

    To choose the colors you need and avoid purchasing unnecessary products, consider taking a moment to visualize the design you want to achieve. Here's a quick tip: Remember the details! Though they may seem unimportant, they contribute to the distinctive and alluring nature of your makeup.

    To achieve the desired results, you'll have to equip yourself with brushes for application, setting spray to ensure the body paint does not wash off, and a good remover for easy and safe removal of the paints when you're done and dusted. 

    How to Use the Tools

    Brushes and sponges
    Kabuki brushes can help you swiftly apply a smooth coat to a wider body surface without it flaking or splitting. Alternatively, some may also prefer high-density sponges which can be used in the same manner ( but it requires patience).  Find your weapon, because brushes or sponges, hold the secret to a flawless and natural touch. 

    Setting spray
    A setting spray, which is a mixture of water and alcohol, acts as your second skin. It will prevent the chemicals from coming into direct contact with you while simultaneously assisting the paints in clinging to your skin. An excellent setting spray will ensure that the paints won't smudge or fade and enable hassle-free long-lasting wearability.

    Depending on what paints you have used— water-based body paint or oil-based body paint— a potent remover is essential. It may be a strong soap or cleanser if you have an oily skin cleanser or a makeup remover that ensures it does not dry out your skin while removing all the paint. In the case of water-based paints, just a warm shower would suffice to thoroughly remove the paint and its residue.

    If you are on the dubious ground about body paint safe for skin and non-toxic body paint, water-based body paints are safe to use. Given that it has a water composition, it is considered to be non-hazardous and suitable for all ages. For regular body paint enthusiasts and cosplayers, latex and liquid latex are more cost-effective. Unlike other kinds of paint, latex doesn't leave any trace behind. You can use latex body paint without worrying about any health risks, but it is always wise to patch-test for allergies before you go all out.  On the other hand, if you want the body paint to last long, choose alcohol-based body paints. 

    Irrespective of the composition of the body paint you choose, remember that the word "non-toxic" on the label does not necessarily imply that the paint is skin safe. The danger of allergic reactions is greater than the risk of toxicity. So, be mindful and choose one of the best body paints mentioned above to be assured a good-quality product that can let you enjoy the before and after of body painting.

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