15 Best Hair Clays for Men Revealed — Expert Picks Unveiled

Written by Alvira Dsouza, Hair Expert
Updated on Feb 21, 2024
best hair clay for men
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As a woman who appreciates the importance of personal style and grooming, I understand the significance of finding the right products to enhance one's appearance. Recently, the evolution of men's grooming has brought forth an essential addition: hair clay. This versatile styling product has become a cornerstone for men seeking not only reliability but also flexibility in shaping their hair.

Much like hair pastes for men, hair clays deliver a more organic touch, granting a natural, matte finish that delivers an authentic, natural, yet shipshape appearance. Infused with kaolin, bentonite, beeswax, and natural oils, this concoction works wonders in today's grooming game. These ingredients, notorious for their stickiness and smoothing effects, take center stage in modern grooming, ensuring a vital role in your daily routine.

For the selection of men's hair pastes, extensive research encompassed examining customer reviews, testing various products on diverse hair types, and consulting hairstyling professionals to ensure efficacy and versatility. More than just a styling aid, hair clay provides texture, volume, and flexible hold without the stiffness commonly associated with other products. Whether it's achieving a casual, textured look, defining layers, or crafting a refined, slicked-back style, this adaptability allows men to express their individuality through their hairstyles.

Nowadays, men seek products that style effectively and maintain hair health. A hair clay, with its lightweight, non-greasy formula, enables easy application and removal, preventing residue buildup. Recognizing this necessity, I've personally curated a list of tried-and-tested, top-notch hair clays tailored for different needs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your grooming regimen.

What is Hair Clay?

Hair clay is a styling product designed for men that offers hold, and flexibility for various hairstyles. It's typically made from natural ingredients like kaolin, bentonite clays, beeswax, and natural oils. This unique combination provides a matte finish, distinguishing it from traditional gels or pomades.

What Does Hair Clay Do for Men's Hair?

Hair clay is a versatile styling product tailored for men's grooming needs, serving various purposes to enhance their hairstyles. Firstly, it adds texture, facilitating easy manipulation and styling, resulting in a natural, matte finish. Secondly, it offers a flexible yet firm hold, enabling the shaping of hair without stiffness, catering to a spectrum of styles from messy to structured looks. Additionally, it amplifies volume and thickness, particularly beneficial for finer hair types, by infusing density and fullness. By taming frizz and flyaways, it ensures a polished appearance without weighing hair down. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula fosters healthier styling, as it doesn't leave residue or damage the hair, making application and removal hassle-free and promoting overall hair health. Overall, hair clay's prowess in delivering a natural hold, texture, and versatile styling options solidifies its place as an indispensable component in men's grooming routines.

15 Best Hair Clays for Men

Layrite’s Cement Clay stands out as the pinnacle choice for men's hairstyling, securing its position as the best hair clay. Its remarkable all-day hold defies gravity without burdening hair, providing a stronghold that lasts. This exceptional clay doesn't compromise on texture, thickening strands while effortlessly enhancing their natural look. Offering a clean matte finish, it achieves a refined style without any unwanted shine. Further, this hair clay embodies the perfect balance — delivering exceptional hold, texture amplification, and a flawless matte appearance — making it the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled performance in hair clay.

  • Sublime hold
  • Leaves no residue
  • Water-soluble
  • A little goes a long way
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • May be difficult to wash out
  • Best Drying Power

    Baxter of California Clay Pomade

     Baxter of California Clay Pomade
  • Narrowly trailing the leading choice, this Clay Pomade by Baxter of California emerges as a close runner-up. Crafted from the finest ingredients like kaolin and bentonite clay, along with ethically sourced beeswax and fennel oil, this hair wax unveils a transformative styling experience. Effortlessly defining and molding hair delivers a robust yet pliable hold, refraining from any undesirable shine. Its texturizing prowess, enriched by natural elements, ensures a stronghold tailored for short, straight, and thick hair. The brand's commitment to quality ingredients and innovative formulas positions this pomade as a high-performance grooming essential, promising precision and flair in every style.

    • Offers an excellent hold
    • Defines and separates hair effectively
    • Contains natural ingredients
    • Suitable for short, thick, and straight hair types
    • Good drying power
    • Silicone-free
    • The scent may not appeal to everyone
  • Best Oil-free Formula

    Smooth Viking Styling Clay

    Smooth Viking Styling Clay
  • Smooth Viking’s Styling Clay is a powerhouse product delivering a strong hold and matte finish for effortless styling. Infused with kaolin clay, lanolin wax, beeswax, and soybean oil, this blend guarantees long-lasting control and a refined appearance. Its potent formula ensures your style remains pristine throughout the day, ideal for active individuals or those prone to heavy perspiration. This versatile clay caters to various lifestyles, offering enough grip to keep hair neat and in place, making it the go-to solution for those seeking durability and reliability in their styling routine.

    • Oil-free
    • Cost-effective pricing
    • Leaves no residue
    • Shine-free
    • Matte finish
    • Long-lasting
    • Super firm hold
    • Could feel slightly heavy for some hair textures
  • Best for Thick Hair

    BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay

    BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • This top-selling hair clay caters to coarse, unruly, and medium to thick hair types, providing exceptional texture and volume. BluMaan’s hair clay stands as a go-to solution for men's hair, offering a compelling blend of benefits. Its versatility shines through, allowing customization for stronger or medium holds, and encouraging experimentation. The clay's strong, all-day hold permits effortless restyling while maintaining resilience. With a natural matte finish, it perfectly balances shine, ensuring suitability for any occasion. Beyond styling, this clay nourishes the hair, leveraging oils, proteins, and amino acids to strengthen and promote healthier hair growth from root to tip — a must-have for grooming routines.

    • Ideal for medium to thick hair types
    • Ideal for medium to thick hair types
    • Provides strong all-day hold
    • Allows restyling throughout the day
    • Paraben-free
    • May be difficult to wash out completely
  • Best Cruelty-free Product

    Woody's Clay for Men

    Woody's Clay for Men
  • Considered the best for men, Woody's clay boasts a blend of natural sculpting elements. Crafted with kaolin and hemp seed oil, it expertly manages unruly strands, maintaining your style effortlessly. This stellar product not only sculpts but also moisturizes, preventing hair breakage, and resulting in stronger, healthier strands. Ideal for adventurous souls seeking great hair days! Want more texture? It adds a touch of thickness for a fuller, healthier look, safeguarding and healing damaged hair. Bid adieu to frizz as it delivers smoother, fuller locks with a medium hold and ample volume. Plus, it's conveniently portable, perfect for post-gym touch-ups or spontaneous weekend getaways! Yet, a more refreshing scent could elevate the experience further.

    • Cruelty-free
    • Matte finish
    • Ideal for all hair types
    • Super firm hold
    • Convenient to use
    • Could benefit from a more refreshing scent
  • Best for Frizzy Hair

    Moroccanoil Texture Clay

    Moroccanoil Texture Clay
  • Moroccanoil, my favorite haircare brand, presents the remarkable texture clay — an absolute must-try for men (and even for the ladies). This exceptional clay effortlessly creates styles with a non-sticky finish, effectively taming unruly frizz. Its moldable nature sculpts and defines hair, ensuring a firm hold and a coveted matte finish, perfect for achieving natural-looking styles. Infused with a luxurious blend of argan oil, shea butter, and bentonite clay, this product not only styles but also nourishes, leaving behind a silky, touchable matte texture. What I liked about is that it strikes a perfect balance, providing nourishment and manageability in styling — an absolute win in haircare routine.

    • Creates textured hairstyles
    • Tames frizz effectively
    • Offers a firm hold
    • Matte finish
    • Contains nourishing ingredients
    • May be challenging to wash out completely
  • Best for Daily Use

    Brickell Men's Products Styling Clay Pomade

    Brickell Men's Products Styling Clay Pomade
  • Apart from unisex hair styling products, this man-centric clay pomade stands out as a top choice for men's grooming routines. This exceptional pomade offers versatility and performance tailored specifically for men's hair. Crafted with beeswax, bentonite clay, and essential oils, it delivers a strong, pliable hold without stiffness. It is ideal for various hairstyles and provides texture and volume while maintaining a natural matte finish. This pomade enhances hair thickness and style manageability, making it perfect for men seeking a refined yet effortless look. Its natural formulation promotes healthier hair, embodying Brickell's commitment to quality, making it an excellent choice for men's haircare needs.

    • Paraben-free
    • Invigorating formula
    • Offers a strong, pliable hold
    • Natural ingredients
    • Enhances hair thickness
    • Refreshing scent
    • Not allergen-free
  • Best Scented Hair Clay

    American Crew Matte Clay

    American Crew Matte Clay
  • Here’s a personal recommendation from my dad — the American Crew Men's Hair Matte Clay, which can be your go-to style companion akin to traditional hair gel, but with a twist! This clay offers a long-lasting, workable hold that crafts textured styles, leaving behind a coveted matte finish. Perfect for those desiring controlled, defined textures, it's your trusty solution, just like hair gel, but tailored for men seeking that effortlessly stylish edge. The key benefit lies in its medium to high hold and matte finish, ensuring your hair remains free from that unwanted greasy feeling. My dad also mentions how simple it is to use — just apply it on towel-dried hair, comb through, and let your natural style shine through effortlessly.

    • Ideal for dry hair
    • Natural scent
    • Paraben-free
    • Offers medium hold
    • Low on shine
    • Could feel slightly heavy for some hair textures
  • Best Hold

    Hair Daddy's All Day Hair Clay

    Hair Daddy's All Day Hair Clay
  • When considering dependable hairstyling, Hair Daddy's All Day Hair Clay stands out, providing a remarkable stronghold that preserves hairstyles from dawn till dusk, resilient even during rigorous workouts. Blending wax, clay, putty, and fiber paste, this matte hair clay delivers a natural, textured finish without any gloss. Upon personal trial, its reliability and effectiveness were evident, offering a relaxed, effortlessly stylish look — perfect for those pursuing a laid-back, yet enduring charm in their hairstyle, ensuring both a natural appearance and lasting durability throughout the day.

    • Impressive stronghold
    • Ideal for all hair types
    • The finish looks natural
    • Leaves no residue
    • Might require more effort to wash out
  • Best Budget-friendly

    Trendstarter Thickening Fibre Clay Pomade

    Trendstarter Thickening Fibre Clay Pomade
  • Perfect for thin hair, this magic-in-a-jar transforms locks into a volume-packed marvel, setting a new benchmark for hair thickening. Unveiling a medium hold and a coveted matte finish, it’s not just clay; it’s a style revolution! Honestly, when I tested it first-hand I could sense the “trendsetting vibes” the clay left application. The styling clay is perfect to bid farewell to thin hair woes, as this pomade redefines what’s possible, making the volume a reality for every hairstyle with its transformative thickening prowess.

    • Affordable pricing
    • Ideal for all hair types
    • Made in U.S.A
    • Best for thin hair
    • Doesn’t smell pleasant
  • DASH FOR HIM Matte Clay

    DASH FOR HIM Matte Clay
  • Amongst my top picks, the Dash For Him Hair Clay reigns supreme, standing out with its exceptional formulation and ingredients. Crafted with a meticulous blend of kaolin clay, beeswax, and natural oils, it delivers a performance beyond compare. This hair clay effortlessly sculpts, shapes, and holds styles with finesse, providing a firm yet flexible hold. The kaolin clay offers texture, while beeswax ensures pliability, making it a style chameleon for various looks. It's the ultimate grooming gift for your guy friends, unlocking a world of effortless styling and an unmatched hold, encapsulated in a jar — a must-have for every man's grooming arsenal.

    • Medium hold
    • Makes hair maneuverable
    • Affordable pricing
    • Ideal as a grooming gift
    • Contains natural oils
    • May require more effort to wash out
  • Suavecito Pomade Firme Clay

    Suavecito Pomade Firme Clay
  • The Suavecito Pomade Firme Clay, smartly packed and effortlessly effective, exceeded expectations when applied to a gentleman's hair. This ingeniously crafted clay delivered on its promises, imparting texture, definition, and an impeccable hold without compromising hair's natural feel or flexibility. After styling, the matte formula worked wonders, creating an effortlessly refined appearance while still ensuring ample hold to sculpt and maintain the hairstyle throughout the day. It flawlessly struck the balance between a natural-looking finish and dependable hold, leaving a lasting impression of a versatile, trustworthy styling ally for any grooming routine.

    • Doesn't leave hair feeling dry or stiff
    • Natural look
    • Offers mild hold
    • Easy to apply
    • Doesn't dry quickly
  • Avenue Man Max Texture Clay

    Avenue Man Max Texture Clay
  • Styling your way down the 'Hair Clay' Avenue? Avenue Man Max Texture Clay is the ultimate pit stop! With its gripping texture and versatility, this clay delivers impeccable hold and volume, perfect for those seeking style elevation. Tailored for a variety of hair types, it sculpts effortlessly while enhancing texture. Who should grab this? Any style aficionado craving an audacious look! For a sharper edge, a dash of fragrance enhancement could elevate the experience. This brand's potential for reformulation could skyrocket its status to the zenith of hair styling, ensuring its reign as the go-to choice for the trend forward.

    • Provides impeccable hold
    • Volumizes the hair
    • Enhances texture for various hairstyles
    • Versatile for different hair types
    • Mild fragrance
    • Paraben-free
    • On the pricier side
  • L'Oréal Professionnel Men 5 Force Strong Hold Matt Clay

    L'Oréal Professionnel Men 5 Force Strong Hold Matt Clay
  • From the esteemed L'Oréal Professionnel line emerges the Men 5 Force Strong Hold Matt Clay, a pinnacle in men's hairstyling. This clay expertly delivers a robust hold and enriched texture, culminating in a captivating matte finish. Distinguished from organic hair clays, it elevates with professional precision, offering impeccable results tailored for events and night parties. It beckons the modern man, providing a sophisticated edge, and ensuring hairstyles remain impeccable all day and night. With its stronghold and finesse, this clay becomes the go-to choice for the discerning gentleman, setting a standard of elegance and style in a league of its own.

    • Sulfate-free
    • High-level hold
    • Adds texture and matte finish
    • Offers professional-grade results
    • Ideal for events and night parties
    • Not ideal for daily use
  • Delvaux Natural Hair Styling Clay

    Delvaux Natural Hair Styling Clay
  • As a hair expert, Delvaux Natural Hair Styling Clay is a game-changer. Packed with a powerhouse of natural ingredients — keratin protein, castor oil, cedar oil, and more — it's a styling superhero! This clay not only delivers a strong hold and matte finish but also nourishes and shields your hair. My hands-on experience revealed its prowess in styling while protecting strands with ingredients like cocoa butter and grape seed oil. However, its heavy feel might not suit all. Yet, with its blend of natural goodness like shea butter and aloe vera extracts, it's a commendable choice for those seeking both style and hair nourishment.

    • Cruelty-free
    • Dye-free
    • No synthetic fragrance
    • Non-GMO ingredients
    • May feel heavy on hair

    After experiencing these products firsthand, I firmly believe in the necessity of a buying guide. Swipe down to unveil the ultimate tips and tricks for selecting the perfect hair clay. Discover the art of effective usage and master the nuances of choosing the ideal product that suits your hair type and style goals. Enhance your grooming routine with expert insights, making every styling endeavor a seamless success.

    How to Choose the Best Hair Clay for Men?

    Selecting the best hair clay for men involves considering various factors such as hair type, desired hairstyle, ingredients, hold strength, and finish. Here’s a detailed guide on how to choose the ideal hair clay:

    1. Hair Type And Texture: Understanding your hair type and texture is crucial when selecting the right hair clay. For thick hair, opt for clays with a strong hold and thicker consistency to manage and style effectively. Fine hair benefits from lighter clays with a medium hold to add volume without weighing down strands. Consider your hair's thickness, density, and natural texture to choose a clay that complements and enhances your specific hair type, allowing for better styling results.

    • Thick Hair: Opt for clays with a strong hold and thicker consistency to manage and style thicker hair effectively.
    • Fine Hair: Look for lighter clays with a medium hold to add volume without weighing down fine strands.
    • Curly Hair: In sourcing the perfect hair paste for curly hair, the research spanned various natural clays and hair products, specifically tailored to diverse textures and lengths. 

    Each head of hair underwent extensive trials, assessing how the water-based product interacted with wet and medium-length hair, nourishing hair follicles while maintaining a healthy shaft. For shorter or coarser textures, the quest was to find the favorite hair clay, promoting healthy growth with ingredients carefully scrutinized. 

    2. Hold Strength: Hold strength denotes the clay's ability to maintain your hairstyle. Strong-hold clays offer maximum control and structure, perfect for intricate styles. Medium-hold clays balance flexibility and control, while the ones with a light hold provide a natural, casual look with minimal stiffness, ideal for effortless, everyday styling.

    • Strong Hold: If you need a style that stays in place all day, choose clays labeled as having a strong hold. These provide maximum control and structure.
    • Medium Hold: Ideal for versatile styling, offering a balance between hold and flexibility. They're suitable for various hairstyles without feeling too stiff.
    • Light Hold: Perfect for a more natural, casual look with minimal hold. Light hold clays provide texture without the stiffness of stronger holds.

    3. Finish:

    • Matte Finish: Most hair clays offer a matte finish, which creates a natural, non-greasy look. It's a popular choice for modern hairstyles without the shine of traditional gels.
    • Shine Finish: Some clays provide a subtle shine for a polished appearance. Consider this finish if you prefer a more groomed, glossy look.

    4. Ingredients: Hair clays for men typically contain a blend of ingredients designed to offer texture, hold, and styling benefits. Common ingredients include kaolin or bentonite clay for volume, beeswax or paraffin for hold, various oils (such as coconut or jojoba) for moisture, glycerin for smoothness, and sometimes natural fragrances or essential oils for scent. Some clays also include polymers or resins for enhanced hold and flexibility. Always check the label for specific ingredients to ensure they align with your hair type and any sensitivities you may have.

    • Water-based: Water-based clays are easier to wash out and generally feel lighter in the hair. They're suitable for most hair types and won't leave residue.
    • Oil-based: Elements like sage oil, crucial in promoting natural finishes and providing a textured matte look, emerged as a key ingredient for modern styles, infusing signature scents and ensuring long-lasting, medium holds with extra volume for that touch of dynamism. These clays might offer stronger holds and longer-lasting styles but can be heavier and more challenging to wash out. They might suit specific hair types or styles better.

    5. Fragrance And Allergies: Consider any allergies or sensitivities to fragrances or certain ingredients. Opt for fragrance-free or naturally scented clays if you have sensitive skin or dislike strong scents.

    6. Hair Styling Needs: Consider your desired hairstyle when choosing a hair clay. These versatile products cater to diverse looks, enabling textured crops, tousled finishes, or refined slicked-back styles. Align your clay choice with your styling preferences, ensuring it suits the level of hold, texture, and finish required to achieve your envisioned hairstyle.

    Remember, the best hair clay for you might differ from someone else's due to individual preferences, hair types, and styling needs. Always perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin or allergies and adjust the amount of product used based on your hair's length and thickness.

    How to Use the Best Hair Clay for Men?

    Using hair clay for men can elevate your hairstyle by providing texture, hold, and a natural matte finish. Here’s a guide on how to effectively use the best hair clay for men:

    1. Choose the Right Clay: Select a hair clay that suits your hair type and desired style. Clays offer various holds and finishes, so opt for one with the hold strength and texture suitable for your hair (e.g., firm hold for thicker hair, medium hold for finer hair).

    2. Prepare Your Hair: Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Remove excess moisture, as applying clay to damp hair helps distribute the product evenly and ensures better styling results.

    3. Take a Small Amount: Scoop a small amount of clay (usually a pea-sized to fingertip amount, depending on your hair length and thickness) onto your palm. Remember, it's easier to add more product than to remove excess.

    4. Warm the Clay: Warm it between your palms to warm it up. This process emulsifies the product, making spreading evenly through your hair easier.

    5. Apply Evenly: Work the clay through your hair, from the roots to the tips. Ensure thorough coverage by running your fingers or a comb from front to back and side to side.

    6. Style as Desired: Use your fingers or a styling tool to create your preferred hairstyle. Clays are versatile and allow for various styles, such as textured spikes, messy looks, or slicked-back styles. Experiment to find the look that suits you best.

    7. Add More if Needed: If you need additional hold or texture, add a small amount of clay. Remember, it's better to layer gradually to avoid overloading your hair with product.

    8. Final Touches: Once you've achieved your desired style, let the clay set. Avoid touching your hair excessively to maintain the look. If necessary, you can use a bit of hairspray for extra hold.

    9. Clean Up: Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the clay to avoid leaving residue on your skin. Additionally, clean any excess product from the jar/container to prevent it from drying out or becoming difficult to use.

    10. Removal: At the end of the day, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to completely remove the clay. Ensure all residue is washed away to maintain healthy hair.

    Remember, hair clay works best when used sparingly and in conjunction with good hair care practices. Experiment with different amounts and techniques to find the perfect style for your hair type and desired look.


    In conclusion, navigating the world of best hair clays for men demands insight and expertise. Understanding the intricacies of each product is crucial. Among the array of choices, several stand out. Products like Layrite Cement Clay excel in all-day hold, while Baxter of California Clay Pomade impresses with its versatility. Yet, Delvaux Natural Hair Styling Clay stands as a commendable fusion of natural ingredients for both styling and hair care, offering a balance between hold and nourishment, making it a noteworthy contender in the realm of hair clays.


    Is hair clay suitable for all hair types?
    Hair clay is versatile but may not suit all hair types equally. It works well for short to medium-length hair and is ideal for thicker or coarser hair textures. Fine or thin hair might find it slightly heavy or challenging to manage.
    Can hair clay hold up in high humidity or extreme weather conditions?
    Hair clay's hold may weaken in high humidity or extreme weather due to its water-soluble nature. Excessive moisture can soften the clay, reducing its ability to maintain the desired hairstyle, and causing it to lose its hold over time.
    Does hair clay leave a greasy or oily residue in the hair?
    Hair clay typically doesn't leave a greasy or oily residue. It's formulated to provide a matte finish, avoiding the slick or greasy look. However, using excessive amounts or not washing it out properly might result in residue buildup.
    Does hair clay provide a matte or shiny finish to the hair?
    Hair clay generally offers a matte finish to the hair. It creates a natural, non-shiny look, perfect for textured hairstyles, providing a subtle, more subdued appearance compared to products that give a shiny finish.
    Is it OK to use hair clay every day?
    Using hair clay daily is acceptable but excessive use may lead to product buildup. To maintain hair health, consider occasional breaks or using a clarifying shampoo periodically to remove residue and avoid overburdening the hair with the product.
    Does clay increase hair volume?
    Yes, hair clay can increase hair volume by adding texture and thickness to the hair strands. Its ability to create separation and hold can make the hair appear fuller and more voluminous, especially for those with fine or thin hair.

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