10 Best Hair Mousses for Men to Elevate Their Styling Experience

Written by Alvira Dsouza, Hair Expert
Updated on Mar 07, 2024
Best Hair Mousses for Men
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With every passing day, men’s hair styling products keep getting better. This can make your search for the best hair mousses for men a little hard – with so many products to choose from, you’d probably be lost. A hair mousse can help you achieve that perfectly-styled look, with little to almost no effort. Our haircare expert at Select has taken a deep dive into the world of men’s hair care products, shining the spotlight on one essential item – hair mousse for men.

A hair mousse is a lightweight styling foam that’s designed to provide the user with volume and control, while also delivering a natural-looking finish to the hair. It’s ideal for creating a wide variety of styles – from casual and formal, to messy and tousled. This makes it a go-to product for a lot of men, and that’s why we’ve listed our top 10 recommendations, along with a guide on how you can choose one that’s perfect for you.

Go ahead and keep reading this article to understand why men’s hair mousse can be a game-changer in their grooming routine. You’ll also learn some tips on how to use the product, so you can create effortless styles that make you stand out.

10 Best Hair Mousses for Men

This hair mousse for men from SheaMoisture is made with a blend of fair trade shea butter that makes your curly hair soft, bouncy, and stunning to look at. It enhances the curl and wave pattern, leaving behind no residue, and creating voluminous, shiny curls. Additionally, it’s blended with coconut oil and neem oil which works wonders for controlling hard-to-tame frizz. Plus, the silk protein that’s present in the formula works to make the hair smooth and silky. The best part is that this haircare product is sustainably produced and is never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, hibiscus flower, silk protein, and neem oil.

Hair Type: Wavy and curly

Scent: Coconut and hibiscus

Size: 7.5 oz

  • Locks in moisture
  • Defines curls
  • Silicone-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Travel-friendly
  • Smells great
  • Hard to spread
  • Best Alcohol-free Formula

    Kenra Volume Extra Mousse

    Kenra Volume Extra Mousse
  • Non-drying, non-flaky, and super lightweight on the hair – what more could you ask for in a men’s hairstyling product? This volumizing mousse from Kenra offers a great deal of control, without any of that hard-to-deal-with stickiness and stiffness. It also tames frizz like a dream, conditioning every strand that it comes in contact with. What’s great is that it provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal when using heated styling tools like a hair straightener.

    Key Ingredients: Not mentioned

    Hair Type: All hair types

    Scent: Not mentioned

    Size: 8 oz

    • High humidity resistance
    • Adds fullness and body
    • Enhances shine
    • Alcohol-free
    • Rich formula
    • Tames frizz
    • It may slightly dry out the hair
  • Best Paraben-free Formula

    NEXXUS Mousse + Volumizing Foam

    NEXXUS Mousse + Volumizing Foam
  • If you have fine or straight hair but want to create full-bodied styles, the NEXXUS Mousse + Volumizing Foam will thicken your hair and give it a lift, creating natural movement. The formula comes enriched with keratin protein and ceramides that promise to shield your hairstyles from humidity, while also leaving your locks smooth, shiny, and free from any traces of frizz! The product is suitable for all hair types – it doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or fine – you’ll be left with the volume that your heart desires.

    Key Ingredients: Keratin protein and ceramides

    Hair Type: Coarse, dry, curly, wavy, and fine

    Scent: Natural

    Size: 10.6 oz

    • Adds shine
    • Smoothens the hair strands
    • Paraben-free
    • Sulfate-free
    • Doesn’t cause build-up
    • Leaves no sticky residue
    • Feels heavy on thin hair
  • Most Conditioning

    MOROCCANOIL Volumizing Mousse

    MOROCCANOIL Volumizing Mousse
  • This styling mousse from MOROCCANOIL has a weightless formula that builds a long-lasting body while also providing a flexible hold to your locks. The product is enriched with conditioning agents – after each use your hair will feel sleek and incredibly soft. It effortlessly creates that sought-after natural volume, ensuring to leave behind none of that sticky and undesirable residue. The unique “Memory” factor lets you reshape the hair whenever required, with absolutely no form of flaking. It works great for men with fine hair, making it a must-have grooming essential.

    Key Ingredients: Argan oil

    Hair Type: Fine

    Scent: Original

    Size: 8.5 oz

    • Antioxidant-rich formula
    • Flexible hold
    • Contains anti-static agents
    • Distributes evenly
    • Paraben-free
    • Smells amazing
    • On the expensive side
  • Best Lightweight Formula

    Professional Sebastian Mousse Forte

    Professional Sebastian Mousse Forte
  • This curly hair mousse for men is intensely nourishing, delivering a stronghold to the locks along with UV and heat protection. It also adds body, offers control, and gets rid of any frizz in curly and wavy hair. The product can be applied to both dry and damp hair – air dry it for volume or use a blow dryer to achieve long-lasting hold and fullness. A review on Amazon reads “This is a light mousse that gives your hair just the right amount of poof! Makes it look & feel thicker”.

    Key Ingredients: Not mentioned

    Hair Type: Curly, wavy, and frizzy

    Scent: Unscented

    Size: 7 oz

    • Dairy-free
    • Softens the hair
    • Can be used as a heat protectant
    • Lightweight
    • Fluffy texture
    • Works great for long hair
    • Feels a little tacky

    Quick Tip:

    To make the volume last longer, mix this mousse with your favorite hair gel and then apply it to your hair.

  • Most Travel-friendly

    TIGI BED HEAD For Men Press Up Body Building Styling Foam

    TIGI BED HEAD For Men Press Up Body Building Styling Foam
  • The Press Up Body Building Styling Foam is a volumizing mousse for men that promises to give the user thicker hair. The foam complex acts as a base, building body, thickness, and volume for an overall healthy appearance. Moreover, the product adds texture to the hair, making it easier to work with and style according to your liking. You can use it on dry hair to achieve a firm hold and enhanced shine or on wet hair, too – blow dry it to achieve a more natural-looking finish. This mousse for styling works best for men who have flat, thin, and fine hair.

    Key Ingredients: Not mentioned

    Hair Type: Dry, thin, and fine 

    Scent: Green basil mint

    Size: 4.22 oz

    • Doesn't weigh down the hair
    • Makes styling easier
    • Adds texture
    • Travel-friendly
    • Enhances curls
    • A little goes a long way
    • Strong fragrance
  • Best for All Hair Types

    Avenue Man Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse

    Avenue Man Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse
  • Made in the USA, this men’s hair mousse from Avenue Man offers superior volume and control – you don’t have to worry about wind, humidity, unpredictable weather, or environmental factors. Infused with herbal extracts and healthy ingredients such as argan oil, aloe leaf juice, vitamin E, and green tea leaf extract, the formula promises to condition every strand. What’s more? It’s meticulously crafted without harsh or harmful ingredients, making it safe for the scalp and hair. Plus, it’s also easy to store or carry with you wherever you go.

    Key Ingredients: Green tea, vitamin E, and argan oil

    Hair Type: All hair types

    Scent: Argan oil

    Size: 6 oz

    • Made with certified organic extracts
    • Controls frizz
    • Strengthens the hair
    • Conditions the scalp
    • Adds luster
    • Protects from heat
    • High price point
  • Best Packaging

    Aussie HeadStrong Volume Mousse

    Aussie HeadStrong Volume Mousse
  • Ideal for men who have fine hair, this volumizing mousse from the brand Aussie is made with bamboo and Australian Kakadu plum. It delivered exceptional volume and an incredible hold, featuring the fragrance of violets and yummy tropical fruits. Your flat roots will get a boost that lasts all day long, making it a men’s hairstyling essential for events or special days. Moreover, the product is certified cruelty-free by PETA, so you can rest assured that no animals are harmed in the testing process.

    Key Ingredients: Bamboo and Australian Kakadu plum

    Hair Type: Fine

    Scent: Clean

    Size: 6 oz

    • Lightweight
    • Easy to work with
    • Conditioning
    • Suitable for very short hair
    • Pleasant scent
    • Attractive packaging
    • Makes the hair crunchy
  • Best for Colored Hair

    colorproof Lift It Mousse

    colorproof Lift It Mousse
  • The Lift It Mousse from colorproof has a lightweight formula with an airy texture, delivering some much-needed body to fine hair and flat roots. It leaves your mane looking bouncy, voluminous, and vibrant after each use. If you have colored hair, you don’t have to worry about this styling product making it fade – it features Color Protection technology. What makes this mousse hair product for men so great is that it’s vegan, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and leaves a pleasant lingering scent on the locks.

    Key Ingredients: Polyglutamic acid, saw palmetto, and volumizing polymers

    Hair Type: Fine and dull hair

    Scent: Orange

    Size: 9 oz

    • Oil-free
    • Lightweight
    • Great hold
    • Doesn’t flake
    • Makes the hair appear thicker
    • Non-sticky
    • Doesn’t tame frizzy hair
  • Most Long-lasting Formula

    L’oreal Paris Boost It Volume Inject Mousse

     L’oreal Paris Boost It Volume Inject Mousse
  • If your hair is lifeless and flat, this hair mousse will give it a boost of volume, making it appear full of life for at least 24 hours. The formula is infused with thickening agents – this will leave your hair with a natural bounce for a long time. It can also be used as a heat protectant when you’re using heated styling tools, protecting your hair from potential damage. A customer on Amazon says “Best Mousse. Works great on my hair. Helps the blowout stay!”.

    Key Ingredients: Not mentioned

    Hair Type: Flat and lifeless

    Scent: Not mentioned

    Size: 8.3 oz

    • Offers a strong hold
    • Smells great
    • Non-irritating
    • Adds volume
    • Leaves no residue
    • Ideal for damaged hair
    • Makes the hair feel crunchy

    Quick Tip:

    Shake the product well before using it and hold the can upside down when dispensing the foam for the best consistency.

    Now that you’ve seen the best hair mousses for men, let’s find out how you can choose one that’s perfect for yourself.

    How to Choose the Best Hair Mousse for Men?

    Follow the steps mentioned before to narrow down your list of choices for a men’s styling mousse:

    Consider Your Hair Type

    Think of the type of hair that you have – is it thick, thin, curly, straight, or flat? There are different mousses that are made specifically for a particular hair type. Opt for one that aligns with the needs of your hair.

    Check the Ingredients

    Take a look at the list of ingredients – are they suitable for your hair? Choose products that contain nourishing elements and skip ones that are made with harsh chemicals.

    Look for a Good Hold Strength

    Determine how much of a hold you expect from a men’s grooming mousse. If you prefer a natural look, then go for one with a light hold. On the other hand, if you want to create more structured styles, then a strong hold will suit you best.

    Choose Between Volume And Definition

    Decide if you want a volumizing mousse or a curling mousse for men – the former adds volume and body while the latter defines curls and waves. Pick one based on what kind of style you want to create.

    Think of Your Fragrance Preferences

    It is very important that you keep the scent of the men’s mousse in mind. Since you’ll be applying the product to your hair, you need to ensure that it doesn’t hinder your grooming experience.

    Why Should You Use a Hair Mousse for Men’s Hairstyles?

    The following are some reasons for you to consider using a hair mousse for men:

    1. It’s Lightweight: Hair mousse is a very lightweight styling product that offers a flexible hold. It won’t weigh down the styles that you create.
    2. Adds Volume: It makes the hair appear fuller and sometimes thicker, giving it a natural boost of volume.
    3. Creates Texture: Styling mousse defines the hair, creating texture for a stylish-looking appearance.
    4. It's Versatile: You can create a wide array of styles with this grooming product – from casual to refined and everything in between.
    5. Simple Application: It’s very easy to apply! Also, it doesn’t leave behind a sticky or greasy residue. 
    6. Better Manageability: Most of the time, hair mousses help tame frizz. They also keep the hair in place for a long time.

    How to Use a Hair Mousse for Men?

    Using a mousse hair product for men is pretty straightforward – take a look at the steps below:

    1. Begin with hair that’s clean and damp.
    2. Take a small amount of the hair mousse onto your palm.
    3. Rub your palms together, ensuring that the product has been evenly distributed.
    4. Start applying the hair mousse at the roots and work your way down to the tips.
    5. Using a comb, ensure that the mousse has been evenly distributed.
    6. Create your desired style – you can use a blow dryer if required.
    7. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser to create some extra volume.


    So you see, choosing the best hair mousse for men is very important when it comes to creating perfect hairstyles. The ideal volumizing mousse for men doesn’t just add body and a lift but also offers a light hold that’s flexible and looks natural. So if you want to elevate your look with ease, we suggest that you give the Avenue Man Argan Oil Volumizing Mousse a try. And if you’re looking for a vegan option, then the colorproof Lift It Mousse is a must-have in your haircare collection.


    Is it easy to wash out hair mousse?
    Yes, it’s generally easy to wash out hair mousse with just water and a regular shampoo.
    Can hair mousse be used along with other styling products?
    Yes, you can use hair mousse in combination with other styling products such as creams or gels.
    Can hair mousse help add volume to thinning hair?
    Yes, hair mousse can definitely help add volume to hair that’s thinning, especially if it’s applied to both the roots and the lengths.
    Which hair mousse brand is best?
    The answer to this question is subjective since it can vary from person to person. However, we’d suggest that you try the Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz Free Curl Mousse from SheaMoisture.

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