9 Best Hair Sprays: Cover Bald Spots, Uncover Confidence

Written by Alvira Dsouza, Hair Expert
Updated on Apr 08, 2024
Hair Sprays: Cover Bald Spots, Uncover Confidence
Hair Sprays: Cover Bald Spots, Uncover Confidence
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From trying tricky hairstyles, and decorating your hair with accessories to wearing caps, hats, or scarves, there are plenty of ways to hide thinning hair and scanty areas. However, if you have been looking for an easier, quicker, and more natural-appearing way of concealing the signs of hair loss, it’s time to explore and get yourself the best hair spray to cover bald spots. These sprays are temporary solutions to assist in the cover-up and concealment job with no professional expertise. The three major types are powder sprays, liquid sprays, and fibers that are whipped up with varying ingredients. You can find naturally-extracted ingredients in such formulations too! 

Our contributor Dr. Anna Chacon, a board-certified dermatologist, says, “Balding sprays can be used under medical conditions, but it's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider or dermatologist first. Certain medical conditions or medications may affect the efficacy of these sprays or lead to side effects.”

With age, environmental pollution, medical conditions, and other factors, hair concerns like losing strands, balding spots, hair thinning, and graying hair have become a common phenomenon. As a result, there is a rise in the availability of permanent or semi-permanent fixes for hair loss and patchiness, including options for regrowing the hair. However, amongst quick and inexpensive solutions, root-lifting and volumizing sprays are a top choice as they can give instant results, whenever and wherever you need it! 

Based on our observations and expertise, we have handpicked the most effective and safest hairsprays available right now. Check them out.

9 Best Hair Spray

The perfect quick fix for covering up roots and concealing grays, this temporary spray by L’Oreal Paris can be your ultimate go-to and bring seamless coverage that doesn't smudge or leave a sticky residue. With a few spritzes, you can cover up your gaps and match the natural hair color for a perfect blend. The diffuser is great for precision and reaching targeted spots for all hair types. The flawless results last up to your hair wash and make for an ideal fix in-between salon visits.

  • Ammonia free
  • Peroxide free
  • Natural shade matching
  • Very fast acting
  • Aerosol-based spray
  • Easy to wash
  • Not very lightweight
  • Best full-coverage fibers

    GBG Hair Fibers

    GBG Hair Fibers
  • A favorite pick by celebrity stylists, the lightweight hair fibers by GBG are electrostatically charged to build hair coverage for covering gaps and leaving a shiny texture that will last all day. The best part is the high-quality keratin fibers that give off an ultra-natural look and feel. These electrostatically charged fibers instantly stick to your hair strands. So all you need to do is select the closest color to your mane and spray it on. Unlike powders, this formula will not clump or weigh down the hair, making them feel and look natural at all times. Note: these hair-thickening fillers are specially designed for women.

    • Affordable
    • Maximum coverage
    • Gives voluminous hair
    • Lifts hair
    • Stays put
    • The application can be tricky
  • Best lightweight fibers

    FEBRON Hair Building Fibers

    FEBRON Hair Building Fibers
  • You will love this instant fix, shake-on product by FEBRON to get thicker and fuller appearing hair. With a few shakes and spritz onto your targeted areas, you will notice the all-natural fibers seamlessly bonding with yours. The full coverage and voluminous appearance is meant to look natural and is completely undetectable. From grays to thinning and bald spots you can use this fiber filler to conceal any imperfections for long hours as it is resistant to rain, wind, and sweat. The best part? It is free of harsh and harmful chemicals and super lightweight.

    • Alcohol-free
    • Cruelty-free
    • Multiple shades
    • For men & women
    • Application can be messy
  • Best on budget

    TRESemmé Root Touch-Up

    TRESemmé  Root Touch-Up
  • For people looking to touch up their roots in a professional style, the spray by TRESemmé can be your go-to, a perfect solution for concealing scanty and thinning hair. This lightweight formula effectively conceals unwanted gray roots and makes hair appear fuller; not to mention, it dries up instantly without leaving any sticky residue. Get yourself a refreshed look until your next shampoo session with this semi-permanent hair color for a natural blend and finish. The product is ammonia, peroxide, and synthetic dyes free. Moreover, the application is easy and does not smudge or smear.

    • Good coverage
    • Adds volume
    • Helps thinning hair
    • Doesn’t drip
    • Color mismatch for some
  • Best for curly hair


  • Meet this binding fiber by HAIR THICKNESS MAXIMIZER which is made with natural plant extracts. Fuller and thicker hair are just a few shakes away! It works to cover and conceal the thinning and balding spots efficiently, be it on your crown or hairline. The fibers bond with the hair without clogging the pores and last for long being wind-proof, rain resistant, and sweat-proof. For usage, you must gently pat the hair fibers after applying the right amount to avoid clumping or flaking. Moreover, it is easy to wash off with your regular shampoo.

    • Value for money
    • Stays put
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Great for curly hair too
    • Color does not match well for all
  • Best long lasting results

    AL’IVER Hair Building Fibers

    AL’IVER Hair Building Fibers
  • With plant-sourced keratin protein, this hair care product by AL’IVER is a clump-free hair-building fiber-based formulation. Experience flawless coverage that stays put with magnetic cling on your hair strands. Being electrostatically charged, the lightweight formula instantly covers any gap, adds shine, and lifts the hair for a voluminous appearance. All you need to do is open and shake the hair filler and pump precisely with the nozzle at your targeted spots and effectively conceal baldness, hair thinning, or patchiness.

    • All-day coverage
    • Uniform dispersion
    • Good quantity
    • Shade matches well
    • Application requires practice
    • Can smear
  • Best for all hair types

    STYLE EDIT Fill Fix

    STYLE EDIT Fill Fix
  • Another hair-building fiber under our radar is the STYLE EDIT Fill Fix, which is a keratin-based hair treatment. Get a full-bodied bold coverage to completely conceal and fill your grays, thinning hair, or bald spots with just a few pumps of this hair product. The advanced fiber-binding complex has color-adaptive pigments that self-adjust to match the shade of your hair for the seamless natural finish that you desire. The gender-neutral formula lasts all day, defying rain, wind, and sweat so you can keep your look until the next shampoo session.

    • For all hair/skin types
    • The nozzle is easy to use
    • Doesn’t come off or smear
    • Lasts long
    • Pricey
  • Best vegan product

    BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers

    BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers
  • Bring back a fuller, lustrous, and natural-colored look with BOLDIFY’s hair-thickening fibers. Achieve instant results to cover up any bald spot or patchiness around the temples, crown, or parting on your mane. The clump-proof fibers offer a real hair effect with a powder finish that has follicle-mimicking molecules. The seamless blending allows a natural finish and perfect color. The results last all day and are easily removed with a hair wash.

    • 100% Natural
    • Vegan
    • Cruelty-free
    • For men & women
    • Easy to use
    • Cost-effective
    • Fibers can be chunky for some
  • Best for easy application

    ELEVATE Hair Building Fibers 3 In 1 kit

    ELEVATE Hair Building Fibers 3 In 1 kit
  • Natural hair fibers plus professional spray applicator plus fiber-locking hair spray — this trio by ELEVATE is all you need to temporarily thicken your hair, achieve a fuller appearance, and conceal thinning or balding spots in an instant. With natural keratin, the fibers offer a natural and true finish. The spray applicator can be your best mate to easily pump and apply the fiber with precision and accuracy. A longer stay is promised by the locking spray which is designed to strongly bind the fibers to the hair.

    • Value for money
    • Value for money
    • Perfect for hair thinning
    • Shade match
    • Smooth and clean application
    • Can feel sticky

    While all the products curated in this list are picked for their effectiveness and are much loved by real-time users, you may want to consider certain factors to find the best one for your needs. Read on.

    How to Choose a Hair Spray to Cover Bald Spots?

    Bear in mind the following aspects to weigh your options and select the one option that will deliver the desired results and meet your expectations:

    • Application: There are aerosol liquid sprays, powdered-base sprays, and shake-up fibers (uses static electricity)as varieties available for covering up bald spots. Based on your experience and practice, you must choose the one which is easy to use and maintain. For beginners, the powder spray is better than a shake-on fiber filler, as it lends better precision. The fiber bottles are a lot like your makeup, to be used with a sponge or brush
    • Color And Shade Match: This goes without saying – your spray or fiber must blend seamlessly with your hair and the application must result in a natural finish with absolute subtlety. This is all the more important when it comes to covering your grays before approaching the salon for root touch-ups! 

    • Ingredients And Longevity: To prevent any kind of damage to your mane, it is essential to look for natural hair fibers that mimic keratin and hair follicle molecules. You can look for powder sprays that are made from natural sources like wool, cotton, vegetables, plants, cellulose, and even human hair. Also note that liquid ones use hair dyes and other chemicals, which can be avoided by the sensitive scalp. You also need to look for options that offer durability, so that your cover-up remains intact and smear-proof for long (until your hair wash) and stays put against external factors like wind, rain, and sweat.

    Once you have fetched your best suit for bald spot cover-up, it’s time to garner some tips on how to use them efficiently.

    Tips for Using Sprays to Balding Spray

    Based on whether your product is an aerosol powder, a liquid spray, or a fiber-based bald spot concealer, here are a few hacks to know before you begin your hair styling regimen:

    • Apply on dry hair: For any kind of spray, it is essential that your hair is dry. Wet or damp hair can clump the product, making it messy and unnatural appearing. 

    • Use the right amount: Less is more when it comes to liquid sprays. For fibers, a little practice is required and one must start slow and begin building up the product. 

    • Right spots: For the most natural finish, find the right spots to apply the product. In the correct sections, you can apply the product gradually. Using an applicator and guided dispenser will further aid the application. 

    While hairsprays can be very effective at concealing thinning hair and patches, it is important to be acquainted with the signs and symptoms of hair loss so that you can take steps to manage the issue in a prompt manner.

    What Are the Signs of Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is a rather common occurrence among adults. If you notice an unusual amount of hair falling, that is more than 50-100 strands per day, which is perhaps not compensated by new hair growth, you may want to watch out for other signs as well. Some of the major and common signs are mentioned below (1):

    • Part broadening: As you part your hair, middle or sideways, the parting gap may appear wider than before.

    • Receding hairline: One of the most prevalent signs of hair loss among young and adults is the withdrawing hairline, which makes your forehead appear wider. 

    • Loose strands: You may consistently start noticing flocks of hair on your bathroom floor, loose strands lingering all over the place, and clumps on the comb.

    • Bald patches: You may notice scanty spaces on your scalp that tend to vary in size and number. 

    Now that you know about the signs and symptoms of hair loss, read on to find out the plausible causes of hair loss and bald spots.

    Causes of Bald Spots

    Bald spots are formed over time with hair loss or hair thinning. Read on to know about the common causes of hair balding (1):

    1. Genetics: Androgenic alopecia is a hereditary hair loss condition, also known as male/female pattern baldness. In men it usually affects the hairline, beginning from the temples. In women, it starts with wide parting and hair thinning from the crown. 

    2. Hormones: Hormonal imbalances that may occur due to thyroid, pregnancy, menopause, or childbirth may lead to temporary hair thinning. 

    3. Stress: Stress may trigger hair thinning, bald spots, and even premature hair graying.

    4. Styling: Certain hairstyles like tight ponytails, braids, pulled-back hair, etc can cause bald spots or receding hairline. 

    5. Deficiency of nutrients: Deficiency of iron, protein, and folic acid, among nutrients may lead to temporary or permanent hair loss, hair thinning, and restrained hair growth. 

    Besides these, certain health conditions and medications/treatments may also lead to bald patches and hair loss. It is essential to consult a dermatologist to ascertain the root cause of your hair fall. However, for convenient and effective coverage, you can rely on the best hairsprays to cover bald spots by adding volume and lift to your hair.  

    There’s a long list of causes that lead to concerns like hair loss, hair thinning, graying, and bald spots. While many of these are temporary and can be reversed, others turn out to be permanent. For both cases, you need solutions to cover up and conceal the signs of hair loss. The best way to temporarily vanish or mellow down your bald spots is the magic bottles of sprays and fibers that we have reviewed on our expert-curated list. Irrespective of whether your hair loss is reversible or irreversible, you can find solace in these temporary solutions offered by bald spot cover sprays.

    Contributor: Dr. Anna Chacon, Dermatologist - MyPsoriasisTeam


    Is there a hair spray to cover bald spots?
    Yes, powder sprays, liquid sprays, and fibers are some of the most common types of sprays used to cover bald spots temporarily and effectively.
    What are the side effects of hair loss concealer?
    Hair loss concealers are only temporary and can easily be washed off. Even though some are weather-proof, they are not suitable for pools and drenching rains. The hair concealer might look messy up close if not applied with precision. Lastly, even though they work on the finest hair, the sprays won’t stay put on a completely bald patch or far-advanced hair loss. If you have a sensitive scalp, the product may cause irritation or itching.
    Are there any permanent bald spot coverage sprays?
    No, there are no sprays to cover bald spots permanently. Some of the permanent solutions can be medication, hair transplant, or semi-permanent ones like wigs and hair extensions.

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