13 Best Overnight Lip Masks for Ultimate Nourishment

Written by Anoushka Sinha, Skincare Coach & Writer
Updated on May 14, 2024
Best Overnight Lip Masks
Best Overnight Lip Masks
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Navigating the vast array of lip care products on the market can literally be overwhelming! With countless options promising to deliver soft and hydrated lips, lip masks stand out for more than just one reason! But how do you choose the best overnight lip masks for your specific needs? I have sifted through the options to bring you a curated selection of overnight lip care balms designed to address a variety of concerns. 

From moisturizing to repairing, each product offers unique benefits tailored to meet your individual needs. In this guide, we'll explore the pros and cons of each recommendation, along with the specific ingredients that target common lip care concerns. Whether you're struggling with dryness, fine lines, or chapped lips, the curated selection has something for everyone. Say goodbye to any confusion regarding overnight lip masks and say hello to smoother, more nourished lips with our top picks.

13 Best Overnight Lip Masks

This overnight lip treatment provides long-lasting lip therapy like hydrating your lips for up to eight hours. While you sleep, this nourishing solution soothes and supports your lips' natural moisture barrier. You get to restore and condition them. It gives your lips the vital moisture they need because it is enhanced with hyaluronic acid and Bakuchiol. It facilitates a flawless base and less noticeable fine wrinkles for your preferred lip color, all thanks to pure ingredients devoid of SLS, phthalates, petrolatum, and parabens.

Key Ingredients: Plant-derived squalane, hyaluronic acid, and bakuchiol

Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Glossy

Color: Transparent or colorless

Cruelty-free: Yes

Size: 0.25 Ounce

  • Smoothes lips
  • Provides a cooling sensation and freshness
  • Tantalizing scent
  • Value-for-money
  • Zero nasty chemicals
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Has a bitter taste
  • Best Non-sticky Formula

    W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask

    W7 Sweet Dreams Overnight Strawberry Lip Mask
  • It is your long-awaited overnight lip treatment formula that has the benefits of grape seed oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera to help nourish and moisturize chapped and dry lips throughout the year! Your lips receive an intense burst of moisture, giving you a voluptuous, alluring appearance. This absolute lip care companion for your makeup aesthetics is a must-have if you want to create a glossy finish. Plus, it is strawberry-scented for a sweet and uplifting aroma! You can use it daily and it’s ideal for teens and women.

    Key Ingredients: Grape seed oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E

    Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive

    Finish Type: Glossy

    Color: Strawberry

    Cruelty-free: Yes

    Size: 0.42 ounce

    • Suitable for day and nighttime use
    • Recovers chapped lips
    • Best for dry lips
    • Non-sticky formula
    • Cruelty-free
    • Locks in moisture
    • Smells good
    • Feels a bit sticky
  • Best for Chapped Lips

    NOONI Applebutter Lip Mask

    NOONI Applebutter Lip Mask
  • This lip gel mask has a lightweight formula and you get a spatula for easy application. It gives you a cooling effect. Without greasiness, you can now hydrate your lips in a jiffy! When you apply it, create a thick layer so that you minimize the lip wrinkles. It avoids creases and enhances the lip color after a single use.  Furthermore, it also prevents chapping, cracking, and dryness with the unmatched formula. With its quality ingredients pamper your soft lips and moisturize all day!

    Key Ingredients: Shea butter, apple water, botanical oil, candelilla wax, and carnauba wax

    Skin Type: All

    Finish Type: Not mentioned

    Color: Applebutter

    Cruelty-free: Not Specified

    Size: 0.42 oz

    • Attractive packaging
    • Moisturizing formula
    • Heals the lips
    • Silky buttery texture
    • Provides minty freshness
    • Nourishing yet non-sticky
    • Expensive for the size
  • Best to Give Plump Effect

    Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

    Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask
  • Experience 24-hour hydration with this ultra-moisturizing lip care formula! Witness a boost in lip moisture after just one application, and wake up to smoother lips when used as an overnight sleeping pack. Infused with nourishing shea butter, it ensures an irresistibly smooth texture by offering instant hydration to the lips. You'll see the difference that you want to say goodbye to dryness and hello to hydrated, kissable lips! Relax if your petroleum jelly doesn't work out, this one has your back!

    Key Ingredients: Shea butter & ginger sugar 

    Skin Type: Dry

    Finish Type: Natural

    Color: Cream White

    Cruelty-free: Not Specified

    Size: 0.3 ounces

    • Addresses trans-epidermal water loss
    • Effectively plumps and hydrates lips
    • Restores the moisture barrier
    • Suitable for wearing beneath lipstick
    • Gives the lips sustained hydration
    • Makes lips resilient
    • Not travel-friendly
  • Best Long-lasting Formula

    Mario Badescu Lip Mask

    Mario Badescu Lip Mask
  • Trust me when I say that you want to know about this popular lip mask! This innovative formula, super-enriched with pure coconut oil and hydrating shea butter, revitalizes your lips while you sleep. Infused with Acai Berries, vitamins, and squalene, it provides deep hydration for all skin types. Apply generously before bed for overnight moisture or during the day for a full 24-hour hydration experience. Say hello to soft, supple lips every morning!

    Key Ingredients: Shea butter, squalene, and coconut oil

    Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Combination & Oily

    Finish Type: Matte

    Color: Rose

    Cruelty-free: Not-Specified

    Size: 0.5 oz

    • Long-lasting
    • Non-greasy formula
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Effective for cracked lips
    • Combats dryness
    • Doesn’t smell nice
  • Best Packaging

    FreeOrr Bee Balm Lip Balm Honey Pot

    FreeOrr Bee Balm Lip Balm Honey Pot
  • Learn the hydrating power of this bee balm with this moisturizing essence lip care! Enriched with exotic extracts and vitamins — it nourishes, soothes, and replenishes the lip-skin. It has such a nourishing formula that it leaves your lips tender and smooth. Choose nighttime for superior lip care and maximize the absorption while you sleep. Also, let me tell you that it gets easily absorbed, and the credit goes to its lightweight formula. It also becomes a shield against dryness and an absolute choice for pre-makeup. Plus, the sleek packaging comes with a lip brush slot. So, it's a perfect gift too!

    Key Ingredients:  Vitamin E, propolis extract

    Skin Type: Dry

    Finish Type: Dewy

    Color: Tinted

    Cruelty-free: Not Specified

    Size: 5.5 g

    • Provides relief for cracked lips
    • Effective for nighttime use
    • Cute applicator and packaging
    • Requires a small amount
    • Thoroughly nourishes
    • Wears off quickly
  • PCA SKIN Overnight Lip Mask

    PCA SKIN Overnight Lip Mask
  • With this lip care formula, your lips experience overnight hydration with a deep therapy lip mask! This product is enriched with nourishing vitamin E, softening squalane, and hydrating shea butter to take extra care by combating lip lines. It promises you will wake up to promote smoother lips in the morning! Formulated with softening ingredients, it helps make lips soft and rejuvenated. 

    Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, shea butter, squalene, and botanicals

    Skin Type: All

    Finish Type: Glossy

    Color: Clear

    Cruelty-free: Not Specified

    Size: 0.46 oz

    • Facilitates consistent hydration
    • Requires little reapplication
    • Promises soothing effects
    • Smooth consistency
    • Best for daily use
    • Combats lip lines
    • Not for matte finish lover

    Quick Tip:

    Once done with face moisturization, apply generously before bedtime to wake up with smooth and soft lips.

  • Best Paraben-free Formula

    Maree Lip Mask

    Maree Lip Mask
  • Experience absolute care with this lip butter formula, which is packed with effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coconut oil! In the morning you'll notice soft lips, thanks to its nutrient-rich texture that nourishes and hydrates overnight while you sleep. With incredible moisturizing ingredients and SPF protection, it acts as a shield against environmental damage. Enjoy the strawberry-flavored and non-sticky mask day or night.

    Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A & E

    Skin Type: All

    Finish Type: Dewy

    Color: Natural

    Cruelty-free:  Not-Specified (Climate Pledge friendly)

    Size: 0.7 oz

    • Phenomenal hydration
    • Zero stickiness
    • Gluten-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Sulfate-free
    • Convenient packaging for on-the-go use
    • Smells bad
    • Contains mineral oil
  • Best Anti-wrinkle Effects

    Sara Happ The Dream Slip Overnight Lip Mask

    Sara Happ The Dream Slip Overnight Lip Mask
  • This intensely nourishing lip treatment is enriched with calming chamomile, honey, and vanilla. It will give you the desired results with overnight rejuvenation. Enhanced with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, sweet almond, and jojoba macadamia oils, it heals your lips while you sleep. A soothing combination of fatty acids and hyaluronic acid heals and plumps dry lips. It also helps minimize lip wrinkles! To get overnight relaxing lip recovery, simply exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub and apply it before you rest.

    Key Ingredients: Jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, and hyaluronic acid

    Skin Type: Dry

    Finish Type: Natural

    Color: Colorless

    Cruelty-free: Yes

    Size: 0.5 ounces

    • Moisturizes thoroughly
    • Makes lips soft
    • Effective in dry climates
    • Restores moisture
    • Softens wrinkles
    • Best for dry skin
    • Frequent applications needed for some
  • Best Giftable Choice

    Tobcharm Lip Sleeping Mask

    Tobcharm Lip Sleeping Mask
  • Experience hydrated and enriched lips with this sleeping mask that makes a hydrated barrier for long-lasting moisture. Say goodbye to chapped lips with this ultimate lip care solution! Unveil smoother lips and reduce fine lines with lip collagen while you sleep, thanks to the formula packed with jojoba oil and shea butter that enhance lip volume, creating a youthful appearance. It also contains peptides and lip collagen that naturally revitalize your lips. With a highly dense formula, it is possible to get results quickly. 

    Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, collagen peptide-3-5-7, jojoba seed oil, and camellia seed oil

    Skin Type: Dry

    Finish Type: Dewy

    Color: Transparent

    Cruelty-free: Not-specified

    Size: 20 grams

    • Plumps and nourishes lips
    • Fresh and pleasant scent
    • Long-lasting moisturization
    • Great for fine-line reduction
    • Giftable
    • Improves lip appearance and suppleness
    • Results vary depending on skin type
  • Best Restorative Formula

    Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Restorative Lip Mask

    Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Restorative Lip Mask
  • Indulge in overnight lip treatment with the intensive lip mask, enriched with apricot kernel butter and shea butter for softness, elasticity, and deep hydration. The formula melts onto lips, leaving a luscious and combating fine lines and a dewy finish. Infused with olive oil derivatives, this paraben-free lip mask enhances and nourishes lip health. Apply as a daytime lip balm under lipstick or gloss generously before bed. Lastly, you should store below 21°C/70°F to maintain product integrity.

    Key Ingredients: Derivatives of olive oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter

    Skin Type: Sensitive

    Finish Type: Dewy

    Color: Transparent 

    Cruelty-free: Yes

    Size: 0.51 fluid ounces

    • Works wonders for cracked and dry lips
    • Long-lasting hydration
    • Vegan ingredients
    • Great value for the quantity
    • Soothing and emollient texture
    • Pleasant flavor
    • May come off easily while drinking
  • Fieldtrip Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask

    Fieldtrip Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask
  • Revitalize your lips with the Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask enriched with nourishing moringa butter. This lip mask is perfect for normal, dry, or sensitive skin, and its transparent formula moisturizes and soothes overnight, leaving your lips soft and supple by morning. Don't worry, the ideal time to use this product is daytime as well. You can apply generously before bed or as needed throughout the day for a hydration boost. 

    Key Ingredients: Moringa Butter

    Skin Type: Sensitive, Normal, Dry

    Finish Type: Non-shimmery

    Color: Transparent

    Cruelty-free: Not specified

    Size: 0.03 ounces

    • Best for nighttime hydration
    • Long-lasting
    • Leaves lips feeling smooth
    • Improves and softens lip texture
    • Effective for chapped lips
    • Optimal for daytime use
    • Slightly overpriced
  • belif Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask

    belif Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask
  • This lip mask form belif helps with lip sunburn, providing relief within two days of consistent application. It's great for daytime use. It's also a fail-proof product for teens. This lip mask is an elixir for chapped lips, thanks to its lip-friendly ingredients. It is also quite lightweight and doesn't cause greasiness. 

    Key Ingredients: Centella Asiatica, shea butter

    Skin Type: Normal

    Finish Type: Shimmery

    Color: Colorless

    Cruelty-free: Not mentioned

    Size: 0.7 ounces

    • Delivers quick results
    • Good value for the quantity
    • Improves softness of lips quickly
    • Effective for sunburn relief
    • Long-lasting hydration
    • Helps with healing chapped lips
    • Might feel a bit greasy

    Now that you've checked the products, take a look at how you can pick one:

    How to Choose the Best Overnight Lip Mask?

    Lip masks have become a staple these days — they help make your lips stay soft and hydrated. But as the market is flooded with a lot of options, it is important to choose a lip mask that caters to your lip care concerns. Below are some important factors you should keep in mind before buying the best overnight lip mask:  

    a) Ingredients: Choose a lip mask packed with skin-friendly ingredients like ceramides, vitamin E, coconut, and grapeseed oil that help nourish and moisturize dry, chapped lips. If you wish to get anti-aging benefits from a lip mask, it’s best to buy a product that contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and peptides — these ingredients offer anti-aging benefits and plump the lips. 

    b) Texture And Application: When buying a lip mask, you should also pay attention to its texture. For those wanting to have a lightweight lip mask, gel-based masks are a good choice. People with extremely dry and chapped lips should choose a buttery lip balm. Moreover, choose a lip mask that comes with a convenient applicator or wand so that you can apply it hassle-free. 

    c) Scent And Sensitivity: People with sensitive skin types should opt for fragrance-free options. If you like indulging in fragrances, choose calming scents like chamomile, vanilla, and honey. 

    Now that you know how to buy the best overnight lip mask, let us take a look at home to use one and get soft lips.

    6 Tips to Use Overnight Lip Masks Correctly And Get Nourished Lips

    Using the best overnight lip mask can help improve the condition of your lips if applied correctly. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your lip care balm:

    1. Apply the Mask Before You Sleep: Apply a generous amount of lip balm before going to bed to repair your lips and get all its nourishing benefits.  

    2. Practice Stillness: Don’t speak or make facial expressions after you apply your lip mask — this will make sure it stays intact for a long time.  

    3. Exfoliate: You should exfoliate your lips with a gentle exfoliant at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and keep your lips healthy.  

    4. Make Sure Your Lips Are Dry: Pat dry your lips before applying the mask. This will help prevent the dilution of its formula. After washing out the mask in the morning, dry your lips with a tissue.

    5. Wear Sunscreen: It is important to protect your lips from UV damage with a lip balm containing SPF. Wear it daily when you are out in the sun to maintain hydration and shield your lips from harmful UV rays. 

    6. Don’t Use It Excessively: It is true that lip masks come with a lot of benefits but overusing them is not necessary. Use your lip mask once or twice a week to prevent dryness and keep your lips health


    Whether you're looking to hydrate, plump, or repair your lips, there's the best overnight lip mask out there to cater to your specific concerns. By considering factors such as ingredients, texture, scent, and sensitivity, you can embark on a journey to get softer, more nourished lips with confidence. 

    However, if you are confused about which one to incorporate, let me help you with this. For those seeking a luxurious lip mask overnight, consider trying the MAREE Lip Therapy Night Mask with its rich formula and convenient application. Alternatively, for a soothing and reparative option, the NOONI Applebutter Lip Mask offers long-lasting hydration with its blend of shea butter and vitamins. Lastly, belif Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Mask is best for sunburn relief. Elevate your lip care routine today and wake up to smoother, more nourished lips tomorrow!


    How to maintain the outcomes of overnight lip masks?
    Be consistent and always remember to add a thick layer so that your lips absorb all the good ingredients and recover. Incorporate daily with your face care routine for sustained results.
    What’s an overnight lip mask, and why is it necessary?
    These overnight lip masks are a type of face mask that are used on lips throughout the night while you sleep. If you want to reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles and give a boost of hydration, overnight lip masks come into the picture.
    What are the main benefits of overnight lip masks?
    It helps you to reduce the lip wrinkles, minimize the signs of aging, get you plump lips, and promises a soft and supple pout.
    Should I incorporate an overnight lip mask with my daily bedtime skincare ritual?
    Yes, totally! When you use overnight lip masks daily, your lips get all the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. Patience and consistency are the keys to getting the desired kissable lips.
    How to apply an overnight lip mask to get optimal results?
    Your lips will have a plumped look if they get all the nutrients, and only an overnight application can help you with it. Create a thick layer and leave it while you sleep for optimal results.
    Should I use an overnight lip mask while the sun's out?
    Please read the product’s description, if it says it contains SPF, you can wear it during the day. Otherwise, stick to the nighttime routine for best results.
    How often can I use an overnight lip mask?
    You can wear overnight lip masks twice a week, but remember it works best when you leave the thick application on your lips throughout the night.

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