11 Best Serums for Acne Scars for Flawless Skin, Reviewed by Experts

Written by Anoushka Sinha, Skincare Coach & Writer
Updated on May 14, 2024
Best Serums for Acne Scars
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It is not easy to deal with acne scars — they take away the natural glow and charm of our skin, making us look for products that deal with these stubborn and pesky spots. Having the best serums for acne scars in your skincare routine can help you a lot in dealing with this common yet challenging skin issue. After dealing with constant breakouts and acne scars, I decided to find the best serums that effectively target acne scars and dark spots. 

I did my research and picked a few best-selling products — I read about their formulation, key ingredients, as well as user feedback. After testing a lot of products, I found these 11 to be the best — all these products are lightweight, work wonderfully on dark spots, and promote skin rejuvenation. So without any further ado, let us take a look at the best serums that boost skin radiance.

11 Best Serums for Acne Scars

This serum from CeraVe features retinol, a known skincare ingredient that helps fight the signs of aging and improve skin texture. According to a study published in NCBI, retinol not only helps prevent skin aging but also effectively reduces acne. Plus, it has a lightweight gel-like texture that absorbs quickly without making the skin greasy. Packed with the goodness of niacinamide and licorice root extract, it helps calm and brighten the skin. 

This non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula contains three essential ceramides to strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Developed with dermatologists, this skin care serum is for various skin types, including sensitive, dry, acne-prone, and oily skin. Take a small amount at night, followed by sunscreen to get radiant skin. 

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, retinol 

Skin Type: All

Scent: Odorless 

Size: 1 Fl oz

  • Works wonders for acne-prone skin
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No lingering fragrance
  • Gentle on aging skin
  • Paraben-free
  • Moisturizes effectively
  • May cause irritation for some users
  • Best to Minimize Wrinkles

    E’clat 2.5% Retinol Serum

    E’clat 2.5% Retinol Serum
  • The retinol serum by E’clat contains nutrients to tackle signs of aging and provide nourishment to the skin. This retinol formula penetrates deeply to calm and soothe the skin. Moreover, the goodness of chamomile and jojoba oil helps provide hydration to the skin, making it nourished and more even-toned. This vegan product calms blemishes and caters to all skin types. Drawing from our analysis of the product, this serum for acne scars shows visible results after 6 weeks. 

    Key Ingredients: 2.5% pure retinol, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamin E, green tea, and aloe vera

    Skin Type: All

    Scent: Not mentioned

    Size: 1 fl. Oz.

    • Cost-effective
    • Effective in reducing wrinkle marks and blemishes
    • Easy to apply
    • Lasts for months
    • Brightens skin tone
    • Works well with other skincare products
    • Some users may experience breakouts
  • Best for Redness Reduction

    Cos De BAHA Azelaic Acid 10% Facial Serum

    Cos De BAHA Azelaic Acid 10% Facial Serum
  • This potent serum for acne scars offers hydration, redness relief, and blackhead reduction. With its clear and non-sticky consistency, it absorbs well for a lasting effect. Enjoy its excellent value and long-lasting use. This product typically lasts 3 months with daily application. Our experts love how gentle it feels on the skin. It's absolutely a good choice for acne scar treatment and also helps with pimple pigmentation and blackheads.

    Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, azelaic acid 10%

    Skin Type: Normal

    Scent: Fragrance-free

    Size: 1 fl. Oz.

    • Calms redness
    • Suitable for rosacea
    • Improves skin texture
    • Boosts skin luminosity
    • Absorbs quickly without leaving a trace
    • Offers value for money
    • Poor packaging
  • Best to Banish Fine Lines

    InstaNatural BHA Exfoliating Face Serum

    InstaNatural BHA Exfoliating Face Serum
  • With this serum, discover the perfect skincare trifecta. To achieve a beautiful complexion, this potent serum targets wrinkles, discoloration, breakouts, and blemishes while also smoothing, soothing, and clearing the skin. It maximizes the effects of salicylic acid, retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin C to cleanse pores, balance skin tone and texture, and encourage cell regeneration. Our experts adore the fact that this serum is devoid of harsh ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, SLS, SLES, synthetic dye, DEA, and formaldehyde. So step up your skincare routine with this serum and reveal the most beautiful complexion you've ever had.

    Key Ingredients: Salicylic acid, vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide

    Skin Type: All

    Scent: Not mentioned

    Size: 1 Fl Oz

    • Little goes a long way
    • Smooth application
    • Removes dark marks and spots
    • Excellent packaging
    • Cruelty-free
    • Not a cure-all for all types of skin damage
  • Best for Melasma

    Minimalist 3% Tranexamic Acid Face Serum

    Minimalist 3% Tranexamic Acid Face Serum
  • Experience the transformative benefits of this serum, tackling melasma, discoloration, and acne scars. Its potent formula helps diminish all types of acne scars and also protects the skin from UV damage. Users rave about the lightweight formula and efficacy of this product. One happy customer shares, “After just two uses at nighttime, I instantly saw results in the brightness of my dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and glowy.” Revitalize your skin with this powerful serum, revealing a radiant, even tone with consistent use. 

    Key Ingredients: Tranexamic acid, 3% mandelic acid, 1% hpa (hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid)

    Skin Type: All

    Scent: Odorless

    Size: 1 Fl Oz

    • Removes scar
    • Exfoliates the skin gently
    • Works for melasma
    • Prevents UVB damage
    • Works great as a spot treatment
    • Exfoliates gently
    • May not be suitable for layering with other exfoliants

    Quick Tip:

    Apply 2-3 drops of this serum on your face after cleansing and toning it. Allow the serum to get thoroughly absorbed into your skin. Initially, use it every alternate day, and after two weeks of usage, you can use it daily.

  • Best for Fading Dark Spots

    Numbuzin No.5 Goodbye Blemish Serum

    Numbuzin No.5 Goodbye Blemish Serum
  • Indulge in the rejuvenating power of blemish serum by Numbuzin, enriched with antioxidants, niacinamide, and Vitamin C. This lightweight gel targets blemishes, acne scars, and dark spots for a brighter complexion. It is suitable for all skin types and has a pleasant smell. Simply apply 3-4 drops to your entire face daily, layering generously on areas needing extra attention. Elevate your skincare routine with this Korean beauty essential, revealing radiant, blemish-free skin with each use.

    Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, antioxidant and niacinamide

    Skin Type: All

    Scent: Aloe

    Size: 1.69 fl. Oz.

    • Lightweight texture
    • Hydrating formula
    • Reduces skin imperfections
    • A little goes a long way
    • Improves skin texture
    • Doesn’t work very well for whiteheads
  • Best for Cystic Acne

    Eve Hansen Vitamin C Facial Serum

    Eve Hansen Vitamin C Facial Serum
  • Unleash your skin's natural radiance with this serum. This potent vitamin C Serum soothes your complexion, revitalizing fine lines and boosting skin texture. Enriched with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it boosts skin health by blurring imperfections and shielding skin against environmental damage. With a commitment to purity, this product boasts a formula free of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, ensuring you're treating your skin to the best. This cruelty-free and vegan serum is your path to a vibrant, refreshed look.

    Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and botanical extracts

    Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Combination

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 2 ounces

    • Minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Enhances the texture of the skin
    • Prevents free radicals
    • Brightens and revitalizes the skin
    • Great for cystic acne
    • Feels less moisturizing on the skin
  • Most Pleasant Scent

    Truly Beauty Jelly Booster Pigment Body Potion

    Truly Beauty Jelly Booster Pigment Body Potion
  • Introducing this jelly-based pigment serum, a game-changer in hyperpigmentation correction. Enriched with a calming blend of collagen-boosting vitamins and fruit extracts, it targets ingrown hairs, acne scars, and more, while tackling environmental damage for firmer skin. This potent formula, featuring exotic ingredients, delivers intense pigmentation correction, reducing redness and hydrating the skin. Applying 4-5 drops of this product on the affected area can help you rejuvenate your skin. 

    Key Ingredients: Pomegranate extract, vitamin B2, witch hazel  

    Skin Type: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination

    Scent: Jelly Booster 

    Size: 3.1 fl oz

    • Lightens dark spots
    • Pleasant smell
    • Make skin soft and smooth
    • Boosts skin health
    • Cute packaging
    • Poor packaging
  • Best Antioxidant-rich Formula

    Facetheory Regenacalm Serum S1 Pro

    Facetheory Regenacalm Serum S1 Pro
  • This face serum contains retinol to target age spots and acne scars. With retinol and vitamin C, it offers deep absorption with minimal sensitivity. A unique blend of ingredients in this formula helps balance complexion and calm stressed skin for enhanced skin resilience.

    Witness skin tightening benefits with the properties of vitamins, protecting against free radicals and addressing signs of blemishes, aging, and acne scars. The fast-absorbing formula sinks deep into the skin, reducing scarring and rejuvenating skin. 

    Key Ingredients: Retinol, vitamin C, aloe vera, dill extract, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid

    Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily

    Scent: Aloe

    Size: 30 ml

    • Effective in reducing pore size
    • Antioxidant-rich formula
    • Combines well with other products
    • Boosts skin elasticity
    • Reduces redness
    • Unpleasant smell
  • Breylee Tea Tree Oil Acne Serum

    Breylee Tea Tree Oil Acne Serum
  • Introducing this powerful solution for acne scars and more – enriched with Australian tea tree oil. It's best for treating acne scars, dark spots, bumps, and redness while promoting healthy skin metabolism. You experience no excess grease as it regulates sebum production while repairing and soothing damaged skin. Gentle enough for daily use, it won't compromise your skin barrier. Ideal for all ages and skin types, this versatile formula is your key to clear, radiant skin. Say hello to confidence with every drop!

    Key Ingredients: Houttuynia cordata, rehmannia chinensis root, salix alba bark extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, tea tree oil

    Skin Type: All

    Scent: Tea Tree

    Size: 1.01 oz

    • Effective for cystic acne
    • Invigorating and fresh scent
    • Improves skin appearance after consistent use
    • Works well for acne scarring and severe acne
    • Calms skin inflammation
    • Poor packaging
  • Best Cruelty-free

    Lerosett Healing Serum for Acne

    Lerosett Healing Serum for Acne
  • Unveil radiant skin with this face serum, meticulously crafted to target diverse skin concerns, including acne scarring. Diminish acne scars, from minor to deep, and prevent further breakouts while soothing irritation. Perfect for adult acne and sensitive skin, including rosacea, it reduces redness. Use just two to three drops per treatment, day or night to get acne-free skin. Elevate your skincare routine with this powerful serum, revealing smoother, clearer skin with each application.

    Key Ingredients: Ginseng, phyto-collagen, rose, linden, organic mallow, vitamin C, antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, and organic aloe vera

    Skin Type: Normal, Sensitive, Combination, Oily

    Scent: Aloe

    Size: 1 fl. oz.

    • Moisturizes thoroughly
    • Rejuvenates skin
    • Improves skin texture
    • Facilitates healthy glow
    • Cruelty-free
    • Less quantity

    Now that you have checked out the products, take a look at how you can pick the best one:

    How to Select the Best Serum for Acne Scars?

    1. Ingredients: If you are struggling with stubborn blemishes, skin texture issues along post-acne marks, the right facial serum with the right ingredient can be your solution. Let's explore the key ingredients that help you to get blemish-free skin by addressing different problems: 

    • Retinol And Niacinamide: Retinol is known for its skin-smoothing properties that help in reducing the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles. Niacinamide, on the other hand, brightens the complexion and refines pores. Together, they form a potent duo for improving overall skin texture (study published in NCBI). 
    • Azelaic Acid: If you battle rosacea and redness, along with acne scars, look for serums containing azelaic acid. This ingredient boasts anti-inflammatory properties, offering relief and soothing irritated skin (study published in ResearchGate). 
    • Vitamin C And Tranexamic acid: These acids work like magic against hyperpigmentation and dark spots by working to even out skin tone and fade discoloration, revealing a clear complexion.
    • Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin, minimizing blemishes, wrinkles, and lines. By promoting skin cell turnover, it leaves your skin more luminous and smoother (a study published in the National Library of Medicine). 

    2. Patch test: Always patch-test new products and introduce them gradually into your skincare routine to avoid irritation.

    3. Formula: It is better to go for a hypoallergenic or dermatologically-tested formula if you have sensitive skin. Other than that, a cruelty-free formula is better if you are a mindful beauty user. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time under the sun — it would be helpful for you if you choose a serum that comes with an SPF formula. 

    4. Skin Type: Before investing in a serum, it’s important to take into account your skin type. People battling dry skin issues should use a hydrating formula whereas those with skin sensitivities should go for a hypoallergenic formula that won’t cause skin irritation. 

    How to Use a Serum for Acne Scar to Get the Best Results?

    Dealing with stubborn acne scars? Don't fret! With the right serum and a little know-how, you can say goodbye to those pesky marks and hello to smoother skin. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you get the most out of your acne scar serum:

    1. Patch Test Like a Pro: Before diving headfirst into a new skincare product, always patch-test it first. Apply a small amount of the serum in the elbow area of your skin and wait overnight to see if it plays any foul game on your skin.

    2. Be Consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to skincare. Apply your serum regularly to get the desired results. Apply it to clean and dry skin in the morning and night for best results.

    4. Shield Your Skin: Some acne scar serums can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Be sure to protect your skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day to maintain your hard-earned results by preventing further damage.

    5. Pair with Other Products: If your skin feels a little parched after applying the serum, follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. This dynamic duo will lock in moisture and keep your skin looking plump and supple.

    6. Patience is Key: Be patient and stick to your skincare routine. With consistent use, you'll soon notice those acne scars fading away, revealing a more even and glowing complexion.


    Now that we've explored eleven top acne scar products tailored to address acne scars, it's evident that achieving smoother, clearer skin is within reach. From retinol-infused serums to tea tree oil-based acne treatments, there is a truckload of the best serums for acne scars for every skin type. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to skincare routines, so stick to your regimen and be patient for the best results. For those seeking potent ingredients like retinol and niacinamide, consider trying the CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum for comprehensive scar treatment. Alternatively, if you prefer a natural approach with tea tree oil and antioxidants, the Tea Tree Oil Acne Serum by BREYLEE may be the ideal choice. Lastly, Cos De BAHA Azelaic Acid 10% Facial Serum can be your true companion if you have redness and sensitivity. Start your journey to clearer skin today!


    How can we totally eliminate acne scars?
    You can do chemical peeling to reduce the acne scars.
    How long do acne marks stay?
    Acne marks can stay up to 12 months or more. So you might need to consult a dermatologist for instant removal techniques, apart from following an acne scar removing ritual.
    How often should one use serum for treating acne scars?
    Start using serums once a week and then increase the frequency gradually. The more your skin will get used to it, the more you should increase the number of days per week to unleash a radiant skin.
    What type of skincare product is the best to remove acne scars?
    Acid-based products, especially serums coupled with other potent ingredients are perfect for treating anyone's skin with minor scarring.
    Do vitamin C products work for acne scars?
    Vitamin C is known for collagen production. Collagen keeps skin smooth, supple, and healthy. The more collagen you have in your skin, the more your skin heals quickly!
    Can acne scars get worse with time?
    Yes, as we age, our ability to produce collagen declines, making acne scars more obvious. But fret not, scarring can be lessened with the right face serum.

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