16 Best Sweet Perfumes to Delight Your Olfactory Receptors!

Written by Sayantani Deb, Makeup & Beauty Writer
Updated on Feb 14, 2024
Sweet Perfumes to Delight Your Olfactory Receptors!
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Every occasion calls for a distinct choice of fragrance to suit the mood. And, the best sweet perfumes take the spotlight when it comes to feeling your best on special occasions with your sweetheart, such as a fancy dinner or a party. While these fragrances have had a bad reputation of merely being ‘sweet’ and transporting you to unpleasant childhood memories of body mists and sprays that smelled like candy, apples, and sugary vanilla, with their rich, gourmand, and balsamic accords, they now seem to add nuance to your aura. They are often elusive and mysterious — meaning they always leave one craving for more, which makes these perfumes excellent aphrodisiacs! 

Our contributor Tabatha Farnel, Founder of Aroma Authority, a fragrance brand, says, “Vanilla and tonka bean are some of the most common notes in sweet-smelling perfumes. Other popular sweet notes include honey, dates, caramel, chocolate, marshmallow, cotton candy, cream, and fruits.”

When blended with other green, spicy, or aquatic accords, sweet perfumes can be a great choice for several other occasions, such as a casual day out with friends, a family get-together, corporate events, proms, galas, etc. Some creamy and lactonic fragrances are perfect for spending some me-time and snuggling up in bed. In addition, sweet perfumes are usually the preferred choice for young girls and teenagers over musky or spicy fragrances. The essence here is that once your senses start to get bored with everyday scents, you can delight them by spritzing some sweetness in the air! 

Our contributor Tabatha Farnel shares, “Sweet smelling perfumes can be masculine too! A common note in sweet fragrances for men is vanilla. Vanilla is often combined with other notes, creating a wide variety of sweet fragrances for men, such as sweet fruity fragrances with cherry or citrus, sweet and warm spicy fragrances with tobacco, cinnamon, or cardamom, or sweet and fresh fragrances with lavender, mint, and juniper.”

Sweet scents may seem too icky or juvenile for some, which is why many adults avoid using them. Also, cheap-quality concoctions that are loaded with alcohol can be quite nauseating and may even trigger allergies in some scent-sensitive folks. However, the right blend of notes can rejuvenate your senses and make you feel amazing without coming off as too cloying. To help you get a good sweet-smelling perfume to suit your taste, we have curated a list of our highly-recommended products. Keep reading to find out!

16 Best Sweet Perfumes

Not just a sweet-smelling perfume — this concoction by Victoria’s Secret is a celebration of the feminine energy in you. The perfume opens with the fruity notes of passionfruit, grapefruit, pineapple, and strawberries that exteriorize cheerfulness and optimism. Through a comforting olfactory trail of peonies and vanilla orchids, the scent refreshes your senses with its woody end notes. Having tried the perfume ourselves, we noticed how it struck a balance between sensual and bright. And this elusive charm of the perfume leaves one wanting more!

  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Good-quality ingredients
  • Scent lasts after washing the garment
  • A little goes a long way
  • Perfect for romantic occasions
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Sprayer isn’t that great
  • VERA WANG Princess Eau de Toilette

    VERA WANG Princess Eau de Toilette
  • Bottled in a heart-shaped container, this fruity fragrance by Vera Wang would make a very romantic present for your sweetheart. Uniquely concocted with the top notes of apple and apricot, the fragrance opens with a sour, green whiff. Its fragrance intensifies with the middle notes of guava, chocolate, and tuberose that add a deep and musky nuance and keep your senses wanting more. These gourmand scents are balanced with the delicate, powdery notes of waterlily, which makes the perfume go easy on your olfactory receptors. 

    Key notes: Apple, waterlily, apricot, guava, chocolate, tuberose, vanilla, and amber

    • Sophisticated scent
    • Sweet base notes
    • Perfect for teens
    • Not too cloying
    • Soft, refreshing fragrance
    • Not for adults over 25
    • Less longevity
  • Best for Winters


  • The elusiveness of the rich, delicious vanilla notes infused in this body mist makes it an excellent aphrodisiac for your date night. It has a linear gourmand fragrance harmonized with the comforting notes of soft cashmere — a creamy blend that makes you feel warm and at ease. This product is perfect to be used as a signature fragrance for everyday use as it doesn’t overwhelm you. Plus, you get it at a dramatically affordable price compared to other similar vanilla sweet perfumes. 

    Key notes: Whipped vanilla and soft cashmere

    • Creamy blend
    • Great for bedtime/sleepovers
    • Light and refreshing
    • Good choice for winters
    • Very mild for some tastes
  • Best Candy-sweet Fragrance

    ARIANA GRANDE Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum

    ARIANA GRANDE Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum
  • A single spritz of this candy sweet parfum by Ariana Grande immediately arrests one’s attention with its invigorating fruity notes. Made with a sour, green, and gourmand blend of sparkling blackberry, pear, and Italian bergamot, the perfume diffuses freshness in the air. These opening notes transition into richer, creamier notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, marshmallow, and vanilla, which linger on for a long time. An added perk we love about this product is that it comes in a gorgeously sculpted bottle that makes it very giftable. 

    Key notes: Blackberry, Italian bergamot, jasmine, honeysuckle, marshmallow, and vanilla

    • Lasts on clothes for days
    • Great for a signature scent
    • Soft, calming notes
    • Suits all age groups
    • Not nauseating at all
    • Poor sillage
    • Expensive
  • Best Cruelty-free


  • Made with the choicest vegetarian ingredients and organic alcohol, this vanilla sweet perfume by The Body Shop will not nauseate your olfactory receptors. It has delicious, creamy, and balsamic notes of vanilla, which make it a good perfume pick for those confused about finding a signature fragrance. The indulgent gourmand fragrance makes you want to snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot cocoa or spend the day with your sweetheart. 

    Key note: Vanilla

    • Cruelty-free
    • Long-lasting
    • Perfect for everyday
    • Very affordable
    • Suits most preferences
    • Poor sillage
  • Best Pocket-friendly

    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum

    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum
  • As you can expect from a fruity-sweet perfume by Nicki Minaj, this Eau de parfum opens with a bright, citrusy scent that awakens your senses. The fresh scents of mandarin, star fruit, and boysenberry attenuate into the floral heart notes of jasmine and lotus that rejuvenate your mood. With deep, balsamic notes of caramelized pear, musk, and vanilla, the fragrance lingers for a long time and slowly transfuses your bubbly, feminine aura. 

    Key notes: Mandarin, star fruit, boysenberry, jasmine, lotus, caramelized pear, musk, and vanilla

    • Youthful fragrance
    • Efficient spray bottle
    • Long-lasting
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Slightly overwhelming
    • Unclassy bottle design
  • Best Hypoallergenic

    Zoha Jasmine Bloom Perfume Roll-on

    Zoha Jasmine Bloom Perfume Roll-on
  • The oil-based formula of this roll-on perfume by Zoha ensures the whiff lasts for a long time without tampering with its beautiful scent, unlike most alcohol-based products. The sweet-smelling perfume offers refreshing floral notes of jasmine — a delightful concoction that takes your imagination to Arabian Nights! It has a traditional and sophisticated fragrance that is great to wear every day, at work, or at family gatherings. 

    Key note: Jasmine

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Cruelty-free
    • A little goes a long way
    • Free from toxins
    • Smells exactly like jasmine
    • Old-fashioned smell
    • oo intense for some
  • Best for Summers

    NOLLIE BY PACSUN Eau De Parfum

    NOLLIE BY PACSUN Eau De Parfum
  • The gorgeous, serene container of this sweet floral perfume by PacSun gives you an appropriate idea of its revitalizing fragrance. Infused with sweet, powdery notes of pink rose and jasmine, the fragrance captures the true essence of a woman. Without being too overpowering, the everyday perfume has a decent sillage that makes your presence felt in a room. Besides, it also consists of some fruity scents that make you feel energized when starting your day. 

    Key notes: Pink rose and jasmine

    • Very refreshing
    • Suits most occasions
    • Perfect for summers
    • Great for all age groups
    • Less nuanced
  • Best Bottle

    bodycology sweet love fragrance mist

    bodycology sweet love fragrance mist
  • Among the most affordable sweet perfumes, this concoction by Bodycology gives a long-lasting fragrance that rejuvenates your senses. It has a delightful youthful scent that enhances your feminine aura and gets compliments flooding your way. You can smell a decadent blend of refreshing florals and delicious whipped cream in the fragrance that has a calming effect on the wearer. The perfume is a great choice to wear at work or at casual events.

    Key notes: Whipped cream and sweet rose

    • Great sillage
    • Attractive bottle
    • Great for romantic events
    • Not nauseating
    • Not long-lasting
  • Best for Fancy Occasions


  • This warm and sweet perfume by Avon makes you nostalgic with its delightful blend of fruity, floral, and balsamic ingredients. With opening notes of lemon and citrusy aldehydes, the luxurious fragrance stirs freshness into the air. Then, the fragrance intensifies with notes of hyacinth and rose, followed by honey, vanilla, and cedarwood — to add warmth and nuance to your signature scent. To top off, the perfume is a sublime choice for about all age groups. 

    Key notes: Lemon, citrusy aldehydes, hyacinth, rose, honey, vanilla, and cedarwood

    • Great sillage
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Soft, peachy notes
    • Very giftable
    • Good choice for fancy occasions
    • Bit old-fashioned
    • Too balsamic for some
  • Best Signature Scent


  • This delightful candy-sweet perfume by Prada opens with a citrusy note of bergamot, apple, and other tangy fruits to prep your olfactory receptors. With heart notes of white peach and exotic flowers, this floral, lactonic fragrance pulls you closer with its elusiveness. The base notes of caramel and vanilla go hand in hand to add a bit of mush to the fragrance so that it stays for long and doesn’t wear off immediately.

    Key notes: Bergamot, apple, white peach, exotic flowers, caramel and vanilla

    • Ideal for everyday use
    • Attractive container
    • Great quantity
    • Good choice for a signature scent
    • Inefficient spray pump
    • Less treacly than marketed
  • Foellie eau de bijou - Feminine Inner Beauty Perfume

    Foellie eau de bijou - Feminine Inner Beauty Perfume
  • Indulge in the addictive scent of Foellie's eau de bijou, infused with the sweet and bold essence of a blooming rose, accompanied by a sophisticated and soulful allure. Not only does this luxurious fragrance leave you feeling enchanting, but it also contains a blend of six natural vegetable oils that nourish and promote healthy skin. Unlike high-risk 8-grade fragrances, Foellie's eau de bijou is allergy-free and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Enjoy the benefits of evening primrose oil, camellia oleifera leaf oil, argan oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower seed oil, all in one magical bottle of perfume.

    • Prevents unpleasant body odour
    • Nourishing
    • Keeps skin healthy
    • Long-lasting
    • May have a faint scent
  • Geparlys Sweet Life Eau De Parfum Spray

    Geparlys Sweet Life Eau De Parfum Spray
  • Captivating the senses right from the first spritz, this feminine perfume by Geparlys embraces the power of nature with its enchanting top notes of green apple, mandarin, and black currant. As the citrusy scent of mandarin dances in the air, a refreshing wave of freshness sweeps through, leaving you invigorated and revitalized. Delving deeper into the heart of this mesmerizing perfume, a delightful blend of floral and woody undertones emerges. Like a symphony of delicate petals and majestic woods, these harmonious notes caress your skin, enveloping you in an aura of timeless beauty and grace. It's a scent that resonates with women of all ages, embracing the spirit of femininity in every spritz.

    • Long-lasting effects
    • Great sillage
    • Solid performance
    • Beautiful bottle
    • Scent may be overpowering for some
  • Police To Be Sweet Girl Fragrance

    Police To Be Sweet Girl Fragrance
  • This is a heavenly perfume by Police that tantalizes your senses with its floral fruity gourmand fragrance. Created exclusively for women, To Be Sweet Girl was unveiled in 2020 to become your perfect companion. It opens with an enchanting blend of black currant, orange blossom, and bergamot that uplifts your mood in an instant. Moving onto its heart, toffee, cyclamen, and jasmine interplay to give you a burst of delectable sweetness that you just can't get enough of. And, finally, the base notes of patchouli, cashmere wood, and ambroxan wrap you in a warm and sensual aura that leaves everyone spellbound.

    • Smells expensive
    • Budget-friendly
    • Great bottle
    • Good sillage
    • Indulgent scent
    • Might be too sweet for some
  • Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

    Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
  • Crafted exclusively for women, this sweet scent perfume by Bath & Body Works will transport you to an enchanting world of warmth and intrigue. As the fragrance develops, it reveals its heart notes of aromatic cinnamon, tantalizing ginger, and delicate jasmine. This combination adds a touch of sophistication and mystery to the fragrance, weaving an irresistible allure that captivates the senses. Finally, the base notes emerge, unveiling the true depth and sensuality of sweet cinnamon pumpkin. A seductive blend of creamy vanilla, velvety rum, and alluring amber envelopes the skin, leaving a lingering trail of pure indulgence.

    • Easy to wear
    • Great for late summer and fall
    • Not too overpowering
    • Refreshing notes
    • Budget-friendly
    • May not be sweet enough
  • GEPARLYS SWEET EMOTION Women Eau de Parfum

    GEPARLYS SWEET EMOTION Women Eau de Parfum
  • Released in 2006, Geparlys crafted Sweet Emotion — an enchanting sweet-smelling perfume for ladies. Delicately woven with top notes of apple, exotic fruits and honeysuckle, it lends an inviting aura. With the heart notes of freesia, jasmine and rose, it paints a subtle and floral elegance. And finally, leaving a lingering charm with musk and white woods as the base notes, this perfume has truly captured the essence of a woman's sweet emotion.

    • Charming woody scent
    • Long-lasting
    • Lingering sillage
    • Fresh fragrance
    • May be too pricey

    Now that you’ve seen our product recommendations for the best sweet-smelling perfumes, let us go through the following buying guide so you can make the best product choice for yourself.

    How to Choose the Best Sweet Perfume?

    Here are a few factors to consider when buying a sweet-smelling perfume:

    Scent Concentration: Based on the fragrance concentration in them, perfumes are categorized into the following types:

    Eau de Cologne: 5% scent concentration

    Eau de Toilette: 5% to 15% scent concentration

    Eau de Parfum: 10% to 20% scent concentration

    Parfum: 15% to 35% scent concentration

    Pick Your Favorite Accord: Many perfume ingredients have sweet notes that spruce up the way you smell. However, knowing that you like sweet-smelling perfumes may not be enough, because while some accords may appeal to you, others may not. There are a few sweet accords to consider before making a purchase:

    Fruit Accords: Notes of bergamot, grapefruit, apples, peaches, pears, apricots, raspberry, etc. 

    Lactonic Accords: Smooth notes of whipped cream, vanilla, coconut, shea butter, etc.

    Gourmand Accords: Rich, delicious-smelling notes of chocolate, caramel, sparkling wine, candy, tonka beans, etc. 

    Floral Accords: Notes of jasmine, waterlily, lavender, pink rose, etc. 

    If any of the above-mentioned accords seem appealing to you, then consider buying a perfume that contains it. This way, you will not regret your perfume choice after some time or find it too cloying. 

    Consider the Base Notes: With sweet-smelling perfumes, chances are that the fruity and balsamic notes of the fragrance will wear out soon, leaving only the base notes of the perfume. Hence, always consider the smell that sticks around at the end before making a purchase. If you like intense woody scents that add mystery to your personality, then look for end notes of cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, etc. If you want something to neutralize the “ick factor” in your perfume, then musk, amber, and leather can be incredible ingredients to look for. And if you’re one of those who just cannot get enough of the sweet goodness of your perfume, then notes of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate go a long way!

    Consider the Occasion to Wear: While sweet-smelling perfumes are best suited for romantic occasions such as date nights, honeymoons, luxury camping, etc., one can also wear them to other occasions depending on the ingredients infused in them. For instance, a linear vanilla fragrance can work well for casual, everyday settings. Oriental or spicy accords may be appropriate for traditional events and family get-togethers. And, mild floral or herbaceous accords would be ideal to last the work day. 

    Consider the Season: With a change in seasons, arises the need for changing your signature scent. Whether warm and seductive or fresh and fruity, every season has its iconic notes and scents, which when worn, do wonders for your mood and personality. Here is a breakdown of which notes are best for different seasons. 

    • Spring - Peonies, orchids, and cherry blossom
    • Summer - Citrus, bergamot, and lemon
    • Fall - Musk, sandalwood, and vanilla
    • Winter - Amber, cinnamon, musk, honey, and cotton candy

    Think About Longevity: When looking for the best sweet-smelling perfume, make sure to check for its longevity. EDPs last much longer than EDTs and mists, so choose accordingly. Also, as a thumb rule, perfumes last somewhere between 6 to 18 months. 

    Avoid Overwhelming Scents: For those who are sensitive to smell, it is important to check for the fragrances they are investing in. Also, perform patch tests for allergic reactions or irritation before purchasing the full-size bottle.

    How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer?

    To make your perfume last long, keep in mind the following tips - 

    - Spray perfume on your damp skin.

    - Keep your skin moisturized to make the perfume's scent last longer.

    - Apply petroleum jelly on your wrist before applying perfume.

    - Spritz perfume directly on your pulse points.

    - Apply perfume to your clothes.

    - Use EDP or eau de parfums.

    Contributor: Tabatha Farnel, Founder of Aroma Authority


    So there you have it. The above-mentioned products are some of the best sweet-smelling perfumes out there that will keep you wanting more. This list ranges from high-end and luxurious designer brands to more affordable and commercial options, consisting of unique floral, fresh, and fruity accords to suit different tastes. While the VERA WANG Princess Eau de Toilette is our top pick for its refreshing floral fragrance, the ARIANA GRANDE Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum isn’t much behind in uplifting our moods instantly and bringing a smile to our faces. So, whether you’re blind buying a perfume for yourself or wanting to gift someone with it, ensure you follow our buying guide before making a purchase. Happy shopping!


    Are sweet perfumes suitable for all occasions?
    Yes, sweet perfumes are suitable for all occasions as they exude a delightful aroma that can enhance any setting and leave a lasting impression on those around you.
    Does sweet perfume attract mosquitoes/bees?
    Yes, sweet perfume can attract mosquitoes and bees as they are attracted to sweet scents. It's best to use insect repellents or avoid wearing fragrances outdoors.
    Can you wear sweet perfume in summer?
    Yes, you can wear sweet perfume in summer, but opt for lighter and fresher scents that won't overpower the heat and humidity. Look for fragrances with floral or citrus notes to complement the season.
    How long do sweet perfumes last?
    The longevity of sweet perfumes depends on various factors such as the concentration of the fragrance, skin type, and environmental conditions. Typically, sweet perfumes can last anywhere from 4-8 hours.
    Are there any specific notes I should look for in sweet perfumes?
    In sweet perfumes, look for notes like vanilla, caramel, and fruity scents that create a delectable and enticing aroma. These notes will evoke a sense of sweetness and charm, making you feel like a delicious dessert.
    Do guys like sweet perfume?
    It ultimately depends on personal preference. Some guys may like sweet perfume, while others may prefer something more subtle or masculine. It's important to wear a scent that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
    Are sweet-smelling perfumes attractive?
    Sweet-smelling perfumes can be an incredible aphrodisiac to treat your olfactory senses. They can make you come across as more attractive if applied during romantic occasions, such as dates, honeymoons, etc.
    Can I wear a sweet-smelling perfume every day?
    That depends on the ingredients infused in the perfume. If it is a creamy, low-key vanilla perfume with linear notes, then it may be fit for everyday use. However, if your perfume consists of intense scents such as raspberry, ylang-ylang, caramelized fruit, chocolate, incense, tonka bean, etc. then it may not be a good idea to wear it every day.
    What is the sweetest perfume in the world?
    Vanilla is the sweetest scent in the world owing to its long-lasting balsamic and lactonic notes. Hence, it is a great ingredient choice to infuse into any sweet perfume.

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