9 Best Violet Perfumes to Sweeten Up the Mood — Tried And Tested

Written by Sayantani Deb, Makeup & Beauty Writer
Updated on Feb 26, 2024
Best Violet Perfume
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The soft, powdery, and candy-like fragrance of the best violet perfumes seems like a hug from nature — pleasant and comforting, but not too overpowering! While the fragrance may seem similar to iris flowers or (perhaps even) lavender, I have deduced from my experience and expertise working with different perfumes that violets bring a smoother transition between the middle and end notes of a scent — a feature that sets them apart!      

Amateurs believe that powdery-floral perfumes like violets have an old-fashioned smell, something that one’s grandma might wear. However, true fragrance enthusiasts understand the subtleties in the scent, the punch of sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm the nose, and the woody dry-down that leaves one wanting more! Violet perfumes add an air of sophistication to one’s persona, something that exudes radiance without “trying too hard”. Moreover, the scent gives you a boost of confidence and has its longevity game strong. 

Seriously, smelling like violets is like wearing an invisible crown. People notice, compliments flow, and suddenly you're the fragrance guru. It's a legit mood enhancer too. Got a crappy day? A whiff of violet, and suddenly you're walking on sunshine. Besides, it's a versatile fragrance choice – date night, work, or just Netflix and chill, violets got your back. So, in a nutshell, it's not just a perfume; it's a daily dose of floral fabulousness.

In this journey of scent exploration, I've sifted through the fragrance jungle to find the absolute gems — those violet-infused potions that make you go, "Wow, where have you been all my life?" From subtle to bold, these perfumes are like personality in a bottle. So buckle up, scent seekers, as we dive into the realm of the best perfumes that are about to become your signature violet scent, your olfactory sidekick in this fragrant adventure. Get ready to fall in love with violets like never before!

9 Best Violet Perfumes

Imagine a mix of elegance and a touch of edgy vibes — that's what you get with the delicate scent of this EDP by Paco Robanne. It’s packaging is sleek, like, Insta-worthy sleek. And the scent? Oh boy, it's a game-changer. It's got this blend of floral and oriental perfume notes that just hit differently. I'm talking about jasmine, rose, and a hint of something mysterious. It's not your typical sweet fragrance; it's got depth, you know? The lasting power is legit impressive. Spritz it in the morning, and you're still catching whiffs by happy hour. Plus, it's versatile — perfect for a brunch date or a night out. Trust me, if you're into fragrances that turn heads and leave a lasting impression, then this one is the real deal. 

Key Notes: Peppery spice, Japnese osmanthus, and ambered vanilla

  • Elegant floral scent
  • Great sillage
  • Long-lasting
  • Proper packaging
  • Cute bottle
  • Pricey
  • Best Packaging

    Ghost Daydream Eau de Parfum

    Ghost Daydream Eau de Parfum
  • Two words that describe this perfume perfectly would be sparkling and delicate, owing to the infused floral notes. It's like a bouquet of violet flowers, but not overpowering. And then there's this hint of Ambroxan that adds a touch of sensuality to the mix — it's that little something extra that makes the fragrance linger in the air and on your skin, leaving a trail of pure elegance wherever you go. The fragrance is like a bouquet of love, giving off those sweet, feminine vibes that make you feel like a queen. Whether you're heading to brunch or a night out, this scent is the perfect companion. It's like capturing the essence of joy and bottling it up. If you're into a fragrance that's fresh, floral, and subtly sexy, this one's a winner.

    Key Notes: Rose, violet, and Ambroxan

    • Excellent depth and balance
    • Elegant bottle
    • Great value
    • Perfect for gifting
    • Poor packaging
  • Best for Summer And Spring Wear

    Good Chemistry Magnolia Violet Eau de Parfum

    Good Chemistry Magnolia Violet Eau de Parfum
  • The fragrance of this EDP by Good Chemistry is like the notes of magnolia and violet, in a tango to uplift your mood! What I love the most about this fragrance is that it’s not in-your-face, but more like a subtle "Hey, I'm here to make your day better" kind of vibe, and though it leaves a strong impression, this scent isn’t overpowering — just a perfect balance of freshness and sweetness. It's like walking through a blooming garden without getting a pollen overdose and you can enjoy the long-lasting effect of it, ensuring that you stay enveloped in its alluring scent from morning to night. 

    Key Notes: Magnolia, peony, and ambe

    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Suitable for romantic occasions
    • Travel-friendly
    • Skin-friendly formula
    • Perfect for spring and summer wear
    • Perfect for spring and summer wear
  • Best Feminine Scent

    Yardley April Violets Eau de Toilette

    Yardley April Violets Eau de Toilette
  • This fragrance is a classic, and it's been around for a reason. Imagine strolling through a garden in full bloom, surrounded by fresh violets — that's the vibe you get. What sets it apart is the timeless floral elegance. The notes of violet are delicate and not too overpowering, giving off a subtle, sophisticated charm. It's like a breath of spring in a bottle, and the simplicity of the scent is its beauty. The lasting power is no joke — a few spritzes in the morning, and you're good to go all day. The bottle itself is elegant, keeping it classy with a touch of vintage charm. If you're into fragrances that transport you to a blooming garden and exude timeless grace, April Violets is a must-try. It's like a floral symphony that never goes out of style.

    Key Notes: Jasmine, pelargonium, and lily-of-the-valley

    • Great feminine scent
    • Attractive bottle
    • Suitable for work/casual occasions
    • Calming ozonic and aquatic notes
    • Great for gifting
    • Affordable
    • Does not last long
  • Best Travel-friendly Product

    L’Erbolario Lodi Accordo Viola Profumo

    L’Erbolario Lodi Accordo Viola Profumo
  • You know those perfect spring days when everything just feels right? That's what this scent brings to the table. The violet vibes are strong, but not overpowering. It's like a subtle floral dance that follows you around. The freshness is on point, giving you this clean and uplifting aura. It's like a mood booster in a bottle — perfect for those "I want to feel fabulous" days. What's cool is that it's not your run-of-the-mill perfume. L’Erbolario Lodi knows how to keep things interesting. The lasting power is solid, too. Spritz it on in the morning, and you're still catching hints of that violet magic come evening. 

    Key Notes: Bergamot, nectarine, and lemon

    • Cruelty-free
    • A unique blend of violet
    • Not overpowering scent
    • Travel-friendly
    • Small size
  • Best for All Ages

    RASASI Secret for Woman EDP

    RASASI Secret for Woman EDP
  • You gotta check out this perfume with violet notes my sister's obsessed with — Secret for Woman by RASASI. It's like her signature scent now. The tagline is "Expression of Love," and I guess it's pretty fitting because she wears it like it's a love potion or something. The combo of floral and fruity notes is no joke — violet leaf, camelia, rose, honeysuckle, and musk. I didn't even know what half of those things smelled like, but together, they made this amazing concoction. I asked her once why she's so hooked on it, and she said it just makes her feel confident and, I quote, "like a walking garden of love." Whatever that means, right? But hey, if it works for her, who am I to question it? So yeah, if you ever want to surprise someone with a killer gift, this Secret for Woman perfume might just be the magic touch.

    Key Notes: Violet leaf, camelia, rose, honeysuckle, and musk

    • Fresh scent
    • Nice packaging
    • Great for all ages
    • Perfect for parties
    • Fades fast
  • Best Budget-friendly Product

    Fragonard Violette Eau de Toilette

    Fragonard Violette Eau de Toilette
  • I recently stumbled upon the Fragonard Violette Eau De Toilette, and let me tell you, it's become an absolute favorite. The scent is this delicate dance of violets that's both classic and refreshing. It's not overpowering but leaves this subtle, lingering trail that's simply enchanting. I've never been a fan of overly strong perfumes, and this one strikes the perfect balance. Every spritz feels like a journey into a blooming violet garden. It's the kind of fragrance that becomes a signature, something uniquely you. What I love most is its versatility; whether it's a casual day out or a special evening, it adapts seamlessly. It's like wearing a touch of nature's beauty, bottled into a fragrance that whispers sophistication.

    Key Notes: Violet, blackberry, mandarin, rose, and amber

    • Nice subtle scent
    • Can be used at any time of the year
    • Beautiful packaging
    • Great for gifting
    • Affordable
    • Not long-lasting
  • Best for Daily Use

    Good Chemistry Magnolia Violet Eau De Parfum

    Good Chemistry Magnolia Violet Eau De Parfum
  • If you're into floral scents that don't scream "too much," this magnolia-violet magic might just be your new BFF. The combo of magnolia and violet is like a floral dream, but not in an overpowering way. It's more like a subtle, "Oh, what's that amazing smell?" kind of thing. The bottle is cute too, not gonna lie. Simple but stylish, you know? And the best part? It's not some crazy expensive fragrance that'll break the bank. I feel like I've found my go-to scent for everyday vibes. 

    Key Notes: Magnolia peony, and amber

    • Paraben-free
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Great for daily use
    • A bit strong smell
  • Best for Gifting

    Catherine Malandrino Violet Gem Eau de Parfum

    Catherine Malandrino Violet Gem Eau de Parfum
  • This violet-scented perfume from Catherine Malandrino is like my daily dose of confidence — just a couple of spritzes, and I'm ready to conquer the day. The scent? Pure floral heaven. It's like a fragrant adventure every time I wear it. The bottle's sleek too, giving off serious chic vibes. It's the kind of fragrance that turns heads without being too much in your face. Trust me, if you're into a blend of sophistication and floral goodness, it is a must-try. It's basically my not-so-secret weapon for smelling amazing, no matter what the day throws at me.

    Key Notes: Jasmine, violet, and coconut milk

    • Cruelty-free
    • Gorgeous violet scent
    • Excellent packaging
    • Perfect for gifting
    • Not great staying power

    Now that you have seen my product recommendations for the best violet perfumes, glance through my buying guide to make an informed purchase.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Violet Perfume:

    Alright, fellow scent seekers, choosing the right violet perfume is an art, not a science. Here are some down-to-earth factors to keep in mind before you make that fragrant commitment.

    Personal Vibes: Think about your vibe. Are you a free spirit, a go-getter, or a laid-back dreamer? Violets have personalities, and so should your perfume.

    Longevity: No one likes a disappearing act, especially not your fragrance. Check out reviews or give it a test run to make sure your violet perfume is in it for the long haul.

    Look for Chemistry: Our skin is picky. Sometimes it vibes with a scent, and other times, not so much. Draw insights from your past experiences to understand which fragrance notes smell the best on your skin, and which ones don’t to see if it's a match made in olfactory heaven.

    Consider Its Versatility: Is this scent an all-day affair, or is it more of a nighttime charmer? Find a violet perfume that suits your lifestyle and can handle the different chapters of your day.

    Budget-friendly: You don't need to drop serious cash for a fragrance that makes you feel like a million bucks. There are affordable perfume options too that smell divine.

    Remember, choosing a violet perfume is a personal journey. It's not just about smelling good; it's about finding a scent that vibes with your soul. Happy sniffing!

    Occasions And Seasons for Wearing Violet Perfumes:

    Everyday Sass (Your Daily Go-to): Violets are like the jeans of the perfume world — they go with everything. Spray on that violet goodness for everyday adventures, from hitting the grocery store to conquering your workday.

    Romantic Rendezvous (Date Night Magic): Got a hot date? Time to turn up the violet vibes. It's like a secret weapon for romance — subtle, alluring, and guaranteed to leave a memorable impression.

    Spring Fling (Blooms And Violets): Spring and violets are a match made in heaven. Embrace the blooming season with a perfume that complements the floral explosion happening around you.

    Summer Breezes (Light And Refreshing): When the heat is on, opt for a light and refreshing violet scent. It's like a cool breeze on a sweltering day, keeping you smelling fresh without overwhelming the sunscreen vibes.

    Autumn Elegance (Warm And Cozy): As the leaves change, switch up your scent game. Look for violet perfumes with warm, cozy undertones that blend seamlessly with the crisp autumn air.

    Winter Wonderland (Rich And Luxurious): Winter calls for something a bit more luxurious. Choose violet perfumes with rich, deep notes to complement the cozy layers you're rocking in the colder month


    And there you have it, scent enthusiasts! Our journey through the best violet perfumes has been nothing short of a fragrant rollercoaster. From the intoxicating floral symphonies to the subtle powdery violet notes that linger like a sweet memory, these perfumes are a game-changer. Choosing the right violet fragrance is like finding a soulmate for your olfactory senses. Whether you're into bold and daring or prefer a more understated elegance, there's a violet perfume waiting to become your signature scent. The longevity, the confidence boost, the mood-lifting vibes — it's like a daily dose of happiness in a bottle. So, the next time you're on the lookout for a fragrance that speaks volumes without saying a word, consider diving into the world of violet perfumes. Trust me, your nose will thank you, and those around you will wonder what magical garden you've stepped out of. Here's to smelling fabulous, feeling confident, and embracing the floral fabulousness of life!


    What makes violet perfumes unique compared to other floral fragrances?
    Violet perfumes bring this subtle, powdery sweetness that's both elegant and low-key. It's like a floral symphony, but with a chill vibe. They stand out by being effortlessly unique, not in-your-face flowery. Total game-changers in the fragrance scene!
    How would you describe the scent profile of violet perfumes?
    Violet perfumes are like a sweet, floral daydream. Picture a mix of soft florals with a hint of powdery goodness. It's not overpowering; it's this subtle, elegant dance on your skin. The kind of scent that makes you feel like you've stepped into a fragrant garden without going overboard.
    Are violet perfumes long-lasting, and do they have good sillage?
    Totally! Violet perfumes are like the marathon runners of scents. They stick around, making sure you smell fabulous for the long haul. And the sillage? Oh, it's on point. You'll leave a fragrant trail that's just enough — not too much, not too little. Perfect balance!
    Do violet perfumes work well with different skin types?
    Absolutely! Violet perfumes are the ultimate team players. They vibe well with all skin types, creating a unique scent experience for everyone. It's like they know how to adapt and make you smell fantastic, no matter your skin's personality. Team Violet for the win!

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