15 Best Yeti Cooler Alternatives That Deliver Superior Performance

Written by Nikita Wadi Updated on Feb 07, 2024  |  140.9K
Best yeti cooler alternative
Best yeti cooler alternative
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When it comes to outdoor adventures, having a high-quality cooler is essential. For many years, Yeti coolers have been the go-to choice for those who want durability, superior ice retention, and excellent insulation. But with a high price tag and increasing competition, it's time to consider some of the best Yeti cooler alternatives on the market.

Luckily, there are plenty of other cooler brands that are just as effective as Yeti but are more budget-friendly. From Coleman to Pelican and Engel to Igloo, these alternatives offer a range of sizes, features, and styles that are perfect for any outdoor activity.

In this article, we've tested and listed the top Yeti cooler knockoffs and the unique features that set them apart. Whether you're planning a weekend camping trip, a long road trip, or a day at the beach, there's a cooler out there. So, let's dive in and explore the options to see which one is the best for your outdoor needs.

15 Best Yeti Cooler Alternatives

This cooler by Arctic Zone boasts deep freeze insulation, a hardbody liner, and a SmartShelf, making it perfect for keeping ice for up to two days while ensuring beverages and food remain cold. It can hold up to 16 cans and utilizes deep-freeze high-performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier, along with a zipperless lid for quick access. The removable hardbody liner allows easy separation of soft and hard items to prevent crushing. Moreover, the smart shelf can be removed to create a single large compartment if needed. 


16 Cans

  • Zipperless lid for quick and easy access
  • Holds up to 16 cans
  • Adjustable back-saver shoulder strap for comfort
  • Rugged, water and stain-resistant exterior
  • Easy to clean
  • Top may not be secure
  • Best Heavy-duty Cooler

    Igloo BMX 52 Qt Cooler

     Igloo BMX 52 Qt Cooler
  • This Yeti alternative cooler has garnered rave reviews due to its sturdy construction and lightweight design. It's equipped with convenient flex-grip handles for effortless transportation. Robust T-latches ensure prolonged ice retention. What sets this Yeti substitute apart is its inclusion of UV inhibitors in the lid and walls, safeguarding it against sun damage and preserving the frosty temperatures of your beverages for up to 90°F. Additionally, its molded base elevates the cooler from hot surfaces, enhancing its cooling efficiency.


    82 Cans

    49 L

    • Sturdy construction
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Tie-down loops
    • Anti-skid
    • Stainless steel
    • Limited ice retention 
  • Best Air-tight Cooler

    Engel 19 Quart Drybox/Cooler

    Engel 19 Quart Drybox/Cooler
  • The Engel Cooler is a versatile companion for hunters, paddleboarders, beachgoers, and kayak fishermen. It serves as a reliable solution for keeping food and drinks cold and also doubles as a dry box, safeguarding valuable electronics, emergency kits, and cameras from moisture and dust. At the job site, it is the ideal industrial cooler lunchbox, known for its build and secure airtight seal with stainless steel latches. With a range of compact, lightweight, and colorful options in four different sizes, it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to add convenience to your adventures.


    32 Cans

    • High-grade insulation foam 
    • Leak-proof and airtight
    • Versatile for outdoor adventures
    • Doubles as a dry box for electronics and valuables
    • Secure with stainless steel latches
    • Multiple color options
    • Not durable
  • Best Portable Cooler

    Coleman 50-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Hard Cooler with Wheels

    Coleman 50-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Hard Cooler with Wheels
  • Equipped with two robust, recessed wheels and a telescoping handle, the Coleman Wheeled Cooler makes moving even when complete a breeze. With superior insulation, it keeps items cool for up to five days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This rolling cooler accommodates up to 84 cans, perfect for outdoor gatherings and sports events. Its leak-resistant drain simplifies water removal, and integrated cup holders keep beverages at arm's reach. 


    84 Cans

    • Efficient and reliable cooling
    • Easy transportation with built-in wheels 
    • Impressive insulation for up to 5 days of ice retention
    • Leak-resistant drain 
    • Integrated cup holders 
    • Drain plug isn’t effective 
  • Best Grip

    Igloo Marine Ultra 54 Qt Cooler

     Igloo Marine Ultra 54 Qt Cooler
  • This Yeti-like cooler incorporates UV inhibitors to shield against sun damage and features non-slip, comfort-grip swing-up handles for improved grip, especially in wet conditions. Its hybrid latch combines stainless steel in the hinge area for longevity and secure closures, along with plastic in the snap area for added durability. The hinges are crafted with marine-grade material known for its impact resistance, high flexibility, and resistance to temperature and chemicals. Furthermore, rust-resistant stainless steel lid straps and screws are integrated to withstand harsh marine conditions, making this cooler a durable choice for all your marine adventures.


    83 Cans

    51 L

    • UV inhibitors for sun protection
    • Non-slip, comfort-grip 
    • Hybrid latch for durability 
    • Secure closure
    • Hinges made from impact-resistant resin
    • Rust-resistant stainless steel lid straps 
    • Inferior handle quality 
  • Best Backpack Cooler

    ICEMULE Classic Large 20L Collapsible Backpack Cooler

    ICEMULE Classic Large 20L Collapsible Backpack Cooler
  • This rugged and versatile soft-sided cooler bag, constructed with durable MuleSkin fabric, features the revolutionary IM AirValve, sealed seams, and a backpack sling strap. With over 24 hours of cooling, it can maintain ice-cold temperatures for an extended period. Based on our tests, its hands-free design, thanks to a padded and ventilated sling strap, makes it perfect for both men and women on the go. When empty, it can be easily rolled up for convenient storage or used as a carry-on for travelers. The best part? This waterproof and buoyant cooler can float next to your kayak, even when fully loaded! 


    20 L

    • Durable MuleSkin fabrics
    • Sealed seams
    • Backpack sling strap for hands-free carrying
    • Over 24 hours of cooling
    • Compact and easy to store when not in use
    • Waterproof and buoyant
    • Not long-lasting
  • Best Lightweight Cooler

    RTIC 32 QT Ultra-Light Cooler

    RTIC 32 QT Ultra-Light Cooler
  • RTIC Coolers have raised eyebrows at Yeti’s headquarters since their inception, sparking a resolved legal dispute. Positioned as an affordable Yeti alternative, RTIC coolers often outperform their pricier counterparts in ice retention tests. Although Yeti excels in weight and build quality, RTIC offers similar rotomolded coolers at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the interchangeability of components like gaskets and lid seals blurs the lines between the two brands, leaving customers with a compelling choice.


    48 Cans(without ice)

    • Cost-effective
    • Marine-grade handles
    • 2 drainage holes
    • Simplified management
    • Integrated lock system
    • Does not stay cold for longer
  • Best Waterproof Surface

    TOURIT Voyager 30 Dark Gray

    TOURIT Voyager 30 Dark Gray
  • This soft cooler by TOURIT features advanced cooling performance with its high-quality insulation in three unique layers to keep food and drinks cool for up to three days. The outer layer features a waterproof surface to prevent sweat, while the middle layer is constructed from high-density foam, and the interior is fully lined with leak-proof material. It is 100% leakproof and impact-resistant, with a waterproof and rugged shell designed to resist punctures and UV rays. Made from BPA-free material, it is the perfect companion for lunches, beach picnics, park outings, tailgating, hiking, camping, or backyard use. 


    30 Cans

    17 Quarts

    • High-quality insulation 
    • Waterproof outer layer
    • Leak-proof interior lining
    • BPA-free material
    • Versatile carrying options
    • Suitable for various activities
    • Weak zipper 
  • Most Convenient Closure System

    Pelican 30QT Elite Cooler

    Pelican 30QT Elite Cooler
  • Among the best Yeti cooler alternatives, the Pelican Elite line stands out as one of the closest competitors, prioritizing premium quality over cost savings. Despite the cost, we’ve added Pelican Elite coolers to the list for their exceptional ice retention, with our testing showing that ice remains cold for up to nine days. Though they are a bit heavy and bulky, these coolers feature a high-quality freezer-grade gasket and have the added assurance of a lifetime warranty. This makes them an attractive Yeti alternative!


    23 Cans

    • Easy to carry
    • Tethered plug, sloped drain
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Molded-in hasp and opener
    • Convenient latch system
    • Limited ice retention 
  • Best Insulation

    EchoSmile Rotomolded Cooler

    EchoSmile Rotomolded Cooler
  • The EchoSmile Rotomolded cooler is a high-performance Yeti dupe with a polyurethane insulation layer, silicone sealing ring, and a 25-quart capacity accommodating up to 38 cans. Weighing 14.3 pounds, it's durable and robust, capable of supporting over 310 lbs. Its rotomolded construction is both environmentally friendly and UV-resistant. Its notable features include sturdy silicon latches, anti-slide rubber feet, ergonomic grips, and a convenient drain plug for easy water removal. Moreover, when we tested the product, we found that it ensures your drinks stay cold for up to 5 days with a 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.


    75 Quarts

    • Eco-friendly 
    • UV-resistant material
    • Effective silicone sealing ring
    • Stylish and food-safe design
    • Poor seal
  • Grizzly 15 Cooler

     Grizzly 15 Cooler
  • This Grizzly cooler is manufactured through a rotomolding process, utilizing rotationally-molded LLDPE plastic to achieve consistent wall thickness for optimal durability. In terms of thermal properties, it is pressure-injected with up to two inches of Ecomate polyurethane foam, providing efficient cooling without any global warming potential, ozone depletion potential, or VOCs. The lid is equipped with rubber gaskets to seal in cold air and extend the longevity of the ice. Additionally, it’s certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), meeting their bear-resistant standards with two lock holes to secure the cooler and its contents.


    14.2 L

    • Efficient cooling performance
    • Durable rotomolded LLDPE plastic construction
    • Secure rubber gasket-equipped lids
    • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) Certified for bear resistance
    • Available dry goods tray (sold separately)
    • Very large and heavy
  • Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler

     Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler
  • This 45-quart Pelican Elite Cooler boasts excellent ice retention, keeping contents cold for 10 days. It’s equipped with 2 inches of insulation and a freezer-grade gasket. Based on our research, it offers convenient features like molded handles, locking latches, and a stainless steel bottle opener. With a leakproof drain plug, measuring board, and non-skid feet, it's a versatile and reliable storage solution, measuring 19.00 x 12.00 x 12.00 inches inside.


    42.5 L

    • Impressive ice retention
    • Convenient molded handles and locking latches
    • Durable anti-shear hinge system
    • Integrated measuring board on the lid
    • Versatile with tie-down slots
    • Too bulky

  • Experience the ultimate in cooling with this 35-quart Yeti-style cooler. It boasts a 36-can capacity with 6-18 days of ice retention. Furthermore, you’ll get features like a 100% recessed cam latch, integrated bullet-proof hinge, no-lose drain plug, and a locking lid. With the best insulation-to-volume ratio on the market, a rugged PE RotoMolded shell, and IGBC Grizzly Resistant Bear Certification #3769, it's built for the most challenging conditions. Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. 


    33.12 L

    • Excellent ice retention
    • Secure 100% recessed cam latch
    • Convenient no-lose drain plug
    • Locking lid for added security
    • Spacious 
    • Backed by a lifetime warranty
    • None
  • Siberian Coolers Alpha Pro Series

    Siberian Coolers Alpha Pro Series
  • This Siberian Cooler stands out with its exceptional durability and convenient features. It is equipped with heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum latches and stainless steel hinges for secure sealing, while a reversible E/Z slide, non-slip rubber feet, and free shipping enhance their practicality. The cooler also incorporates tie-down strap slots, hidden padlock plates, and an IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) certification for bear resistance (#5139), offering security and peace of mind. To further elevate the user experience, this alternative Yeti cooler includes a heavy-duty wire basket, versatile divider cutting board, security lock bracket, and a handy beverage cup holder. 


    - 42.5 L

    • Durable materials
    • Reliable latches and hinges
    • Convenient design
    • Secure features
    • Bear-resistant certified
    • Useful accessories included
    • Not enough cooling
  • Bison Coolers Gray 50 Quart Cooler

     Bison Coolers Gray 50 Quart Cooler
  • This cooler is built to impress, featuring a silicone gasket for a reliable seal that ensures premium cooling performance. It also has a pressure-injected 2" thick lid and insulated walls, keeping your ice intact. Moreover, its heavy-duty roto-molded construction can even withstand the weight of a truck, equipped with two robust rubber latches and self-stopping hinges. The cooler's exceptional portability shines through ergonomic grab rails, making it easy to carry, tie-down, and secure, while oversized anti-skid rubber feet provide stability. 


    - 47.3 L

    • Efficient cooling performance
    • Sturdy roto-molded construction
    • Secure rubber latches 
    • Easy to carry and tie down
    • Stable anti-skid rubber feet
    • Versatile for various activities
    • None reported

    Let’s look at how to select the best Yeti cooler alternatives!

    How to Choose the Best Yeti Cooler Alternative?

    Choosing the best Yeti knockoff can be a daunting task, given the many brands and models available in the market. However, you can still find a quality alternative without breaking the bank. Below are the key factors you should consider when choosing a Yeti cooler option:

    1. Price:

    Yeti coolers are quite pricey, and the high cost may not be feasible for many. However, many quality Yeti alternatives in the market are reasonably priced. You don't have to sacrifice quality and durability to find a more affordable option.

    2. Size And Capacity:

    Another essential factor to consider when choosing a Yeti cooler alternative is size and capacity. You want a cooler that will accommodate your needs and your group's. Look for a large cooler to carry everything you need without taking up too much space.

    3. Insulation And Durability:

    The purpose of a cooler is to keep your items cool for an extended period. Therefore, it's vital to consider insulation and durability when choosing an alternative to a Yeti cooler. Look for a cooler that can maintain a consistent temperature and withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

    4. Ease of Use:

    Finally, it's crucial to choose a Yeti alternative that is easy to use. A good cooler should be user-friendly and easy to carry. Look for one with a comfortable handle and wheels for easy transportation.

    Why Buy a Yeti Alternative Cooler?

    When it comes to outdoor adventures and camping trips, having a reliable and sturdy cooler is an absolute must. For many people, Yeti coolers have become the go-to brand due to their impressive insulation, durability, and attractive design. However, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag that comes with a Yeti cooler. That’s where a Yeti alternative cooler comes in.

    There are many reasons to opt for an alternative to the beloved Yeti brand. First and foremost, alternative coolers can be significantly less expensive than their Yeti counterparts. This means that you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy your outdoor excursions with a reliable cooler by your side. 

    Additionally, Yeti alternatives often offer similar or even identical features to the famous brand. From rotomolded construction and bear-proof designs to easy-drain plugs and slip-resistant feet, these coolers have everything you need to keep your food and drinks cold for days. Plus, with plenty of size and color options, you can find a cooler that suits your needs and style preferences without sacrificing quality. 

    Ultimately, purchasing a Yeti alternative cooler depends on your budget and priorities. While a Yeti may be the top choice for many outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of alternatives out there that offer just as much quality and value at a fraction of the cost. So, whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-time adventurer, don’t overlook the benefits of an alternative cooler.


    From budget-friendly options to top-of-the-line performance coolers, there is something for every outdoor enthusiast. Some of the best Yeti cooler alternatives include the Pelican Elite, the Grizzly coolers, and the Siberian coolers. These options offer impressive durability, ice retention, and user-friendly features. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preferences and needs, but with so many quality alternatives available, there's no need to break the bank for a Yeti cooler. By exploring these alternative brands, you'll be sure to find a high-quality cooler that meets all of your needs and lasts for years to come.


    What brand of cooler is best?
    The best brand of cooler depends on your specific needs and budget. Popular options include Yeti, RTIC, and Coleman.
    Which cooler keeps ice the longest?
    Coolers that keep ice the longest typically have superior insulation, airtight seals, and thicker walls to minimize heat transfer and maintain low temperatures.
    What makes a great cooler?
    A great cooler is characterized by excellent insulation, durable construction, efficient sealing, and a size that suits your cooling needs.
    How do I choose a camping cooler?
    When choosing a camping cooler, consider size, insulation, durability, and portability to ensure it meets your camping requirements.
    Are Yeti cooler alternatives expensive?
    Yeti cooler alternatives can vary in price, with some being more affordable, but they might sacrifice certain features and quality compared to the higher-priced Yeti coolers.
    What makes YETI coolers better than other coolers?
    Yeti coolers are often considered superior due to their robust construction, exceptional insulation, and brand reputation for durability and performance.
    Is there a better cooler than a Yeti?
    While some coolers compete with Yeti in terms of performance, the
    Why do people like YETI coolers so much?
    People like YETI coolers because of their exceptional ice retention, durability, and the brand's status, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

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