5 Easy ways to remove hair dye from your skin

Here are 5 simple methods for removing hair dye off skin.

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Published on Oct 10, 2022 | 05:38 PM IST | 1.3M
Here are 5 simple methods for removing hair dye off skin.

A wonderful and relatively simple way to drastically change the way you look is by switching the colour of your hair, but for those of us who use hair colour, there is one major issue that arises towards the final moment: how to remove hair dye off skin. No matter how cautious we are with the stains, they inevitably get on the skin and cause us trouble later. And on occasion, it may even lead to severe skin allergies or irritants. Thankfully, there are simple ways to get rid of and avoid the stains! The sooner you can remove the hair colour from your skin, the better.

Check out these 5 easy ways to get rid of hair colour stains from your skin.


Olive oil

1. Use olive oil

Olive oil can assist in removing coloured stains from your skin by acting as an organic and natural cleanser. Olive oil is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin types who want to prevent adverse implications. It might even soften the skin as you scrub. Rub your stains with a cotton ball that has been dipped in olive oil. Rinse the oil with water after letting it sit for at least 8 hours.

2. Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol may be a harsh solution for those with dry, irritated and sensitive skin, but those who can handle the severity can use it on the stains. Simply put a little quantity of liquid soap and rubbing alcohol on a cotton bud, then apply the mixture to the spot carefully. After that, properly rinse the area with warm water and soap.



3. Use toothpaste

Toothpaste can assist in tough stains from teeth, but it might also possibly assist in washing away stains from hair colour on your skin. Because of its mild abrasiveness, toothpaste can help get rid without causing irritation to skin that is already delicate. To achieve the greatest results, we advise you to clean the stained regions with a non-gel toothpaste. Use a cotton ball or your fingers to apply toothpaste after taking a small amount onto each. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes after giving it a light massage and then rinse.


Makeup remover

4. Use makeup remover

Makeup remover is something cheap and really effective that you can purchase from your nearby store. Your waterproof makeup remover can be quite useful for removing face makeup as well as for eradicating tough hair colour stains from skin. It is gentler than nail polish remover and other alcohol-infused products because it is designed for your face which can be used on sensitive skin.


5. Use combination of dish soap and baking soda

Use baking soda, which penetrates deeper skin, and dish soap, which can aid in the dye's dissolution, as an additional option. To use, create a paste by combining baking soda and mild dish soap. Apply with your hands or a cotton wipe on soiled skin. Use circular strokes to gently massage the area. Use warm water to rinse the mixture from your hands.

These techniques have been shown to be successful in removing stains from skin, but we still advise performing a patch test before applying them to a bigger area of your skin.

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