Emily Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey: How the RHOC Star Shed 40 Lbs

Emily Simpson’s weight loss journey proves that sustainable weight loss requires patience, self-awareness, and a holistic approach.

Written by Sanchari Bhattacharya , Health & Fitness Expert
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Emily Simpson’s Weight Loss
Emily Simpson’s Weight Loss

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Emily Simpson, recently shared a powerful video documenting her journey to lose 40 pounds and reclaim her confidence. Emily Simpson's weight loss journey was nothing less than sensational as the mother of 3 reached her goal weight through hard work and sheer dedication. 

Simpson's video montage traces her path from the beginning, bottle of water in hand, to rigorously training in the gym and finally feeling body-positive in a white bikini. She stresses that she never felt ugly or insecure during the process; her only competition was herself. Now, 40 pounds lighter, she says she feels stronger than ever, mentally and physically. 

Stating the reasons behind the same, our contributor Dr. Allen Conrad, Doctor of Chiropractic at Montgomery County Chiropractic Center, says, “Weight loss can have a positive mental and physical factor on your health. Not only does your body work more efficiently and feel stronger, it helps with your mental well being. When you achieve something like weight loss, it improves your self esteem. It also helps improve your positive outlook because you feel better.”

However, this weight transformation story is not without its fair share of controversy and scrutiny from the public eye. Thrown into the mix of hard work and dieting is a controversial weight loss drug as well as a weight loss procedure. 


For all the details, dive in. 

Who Is Emily Simpson?

Emily Simpson is a star on the reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County and is also a lawyer, mother, and native of Ohio. Her journey from small-town Ohio to stardom on the small screen is a testament to her determination to create a better life — something she has had to fight for since her young years. 

Driven by childhood hardship, she became the first in her family to graduate college and pursue a law degree. Though she built a successful legal career in California, motherhood eventually took priority. Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom allowed Emily to be fully present for her three kids, a departure from her own latchkey childhood. 

Now 48 years old, she lives a fulfilling life with her three children with her husband Shane Simpson, a full-time lawyer, and continues inspiring women with her stance on body positivity and fitness. 

However, like everything else in her life, she has had to challenge herself to bounce back from her significant weight gain and find her way back to her strongest self.  

Emily Simpson's Weight Loss Journey

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After wrapping up filming for the season in November 2022, Emily Simpson of Real Housewives of Orange County said she barely recognized herself in photos. According to her, though she felt beautiful at every size during her five years on the show, she had gained 40 pounds unexpectedly around the time she was 42 years old.  She chalked it down to too much alcohol and food and too little sleep or exercise during 4 tiring months of shooting for the show. 

It is quite commonly known that more food and less exercise spells certain weight gain. However, according to research, lack of sleep and too much alcohol intake may also be serious contributors to increasing weight (1), (2). 

Speaking more about this, our contributor Dr. Allen Conrad, says, “Everything you eat contains calories including alcohol. Because alcohol and junk food and sodas don’t have vital vitamins and minerals, they are basically empty calories. When you take in excess calories, it will lead to extra weight gain. Thus, it is important to try to limit additional calories whenever possible to avoid unwanted weight gain.”

Her resolve to get back on track sprang from her feeling that she had neglected her health and well-being over those intense months. 

In the following 5 years, she went all out to regain her “old self” and lose those 40 pounds and found success with clean eating, regular exercise with her trainer, and a temporary stint with the controversial “weight loss drug” Ozempic. 

Let’s get into more details ahead. 

Emily Simpson's Experience with Ozempic

Emily Simpson recently shared that she got liposuction and took the diabetes drug Ozempic to kickstart her wellness journey. Ozempic use for weight loss is approved for treating obesity but it can have certain unwanted side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps (3). 


With guidance from her doctor, Simpson started using Ozempic injections to help kickstart healthier eating habits. Though controversial as a weight loss drug, Ozempic curbs appetite which supported Simpson's renewed commitment to diet and exercise (4).

However, Emily Simpson’s Ozempic usage was short-term — although she lost 5-7 lbs. on the drug, she stopped after a month because it made her feel lethargic. 

Simpson has also been candid about using liposuction to reduce her arms. She has also come out in response to social media critics who speculated that she would soon again regain the weight and appear flabby and stated that she is “ripped” because of the workouts she puts in daily. 

Essentially, while the RHOC star has given due credit to Ozempic for initially helping her lose weight, she wants recognition for putting in the hard work day in and day out ever since to transform her diet and lifestyle. 

Emily Simpson’s Diet Plan

Cutting down on alcohol and practicing mindful eating has helped Emily Simpson lose weight significantly, although neither of these changes has been easy for her. She had previously shared that she was of the notion that she could “eat anything” as long as she exercised but soon realized that that approach was not working out for her. 

Ozempic helped curb her appetite and she started making conscious meal choices so that she was eating clean and eating mindfully. This translates to meal planning for the week, picking more protein-dense ingredients, and eating less processed and more whole, nutrient-rich foods.

Research suggests that meal planning in advance has better weight loss outcomes in those who are trying to shed pounds (5). Similarly, consuming high-protein meals helps with weight loss as consuming protein increases satiety, lowers insulin resistance, and reduces hunger pangs or post-meal cravings (6). 


From Simpson’s Instagram posts, it can be derived that she avoids dairy, drinks plenty of water with electrolytes, and focuses on mostly protein-based meals. Her favorite proteins are ground Turkey, chicken, chicken sausages, and, steak. She has also drastically reduced her alcohol intake, although she claims to enjoy the occasional cocktail.

Besides transforming her eating habits, RHOC star Simpson has prioritized workouts and maintains a steady exercise regime. 

Emily Simpson’s Workout Routine

Emily Simpson did not just rely on Ozempic, liposuction, and diet to lose weight and get herself back to fitness. She worked out (still does, based on her Insta posts) 7 days a week. Her weight loss tips include: 

30 minutes of outdoor walking everyday 

30 minutes of cardio, 4-5 times a week

Weight lifting 4-5 times a week

In an Instagram story, Simpson shares, “For me, working out and focusing on my health is more than just physically challenging. It helps with my anxiety, it grounds me psychologically and it allows me to have my own space where I can feel both physically and mentally strong.”

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She seems to enjoy weight-lifting a lot and in another post, she says, “Lifting weights for me has been transformative, both physically and mentally. There’s something about lifting things that are heavy that heals your body and mind. It’s my own personal therapy.” 

She also likes to go on hikes, enjoys swimming, and goes on morning walks with or without her trainer to set herself up for the day. 

For those who wish to pursue healthy weight loss through exercise, Emily Simpson shares some words of wisdom, “If you’re new to working out the first month shouldn’t be about the scale or seeing a difference in your physique…it should be about creating long-term lifestyle habits. Remember consistency is key.”

Simpson is proud of her fitness journey. Though she initially used Ozempic to "jumpstart" her weight loss, she credits her continued success to daily gym sessions and healthy eating. 

Here’s a look at some before-after photos to showcase just how transformative her weight loss journey has been. 

Emily Simpson’s Before And After Weight Loss Photos

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 Social Media Reaction to Emily Simpson's Weight Loss

Emily Simpson has received as much love as hate as she has documented her weight loss journey on social media, most notably, her Instagram account. The hate has come especially since she has disclosed that she used Ozempic on her weight loss journey. 


In one post, she listed out some hateful comments she receives in response to haters. 


“Who worked out today and what did you do to make yourself feel like a million bucks?!


Also, I thought I’d be kind and just go ahead and write the comments for you all so you don’t have to bother!



“I liked you better before”

“You’re too skinny now”

“Your head is too big now”

“Why do you keep pretending like you work out”

“If I had money for surgery and the shot I could look like that too”

“Your form is wrong”

“You don’t really work out”

“You were prettier before”


Did I forget any?! let me know in the comments! I like to be accurate and thorough.”

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On the bright side, she has many supporters who cheer her on in her fabulous weight loss journey. 


Emily Simpson’s weight loss journey has been anything but a smooth ride. Taken aback by how much weight she had put on, Emily Simpson of RHOC decided to embark on a journey to better health and succeeded in losing 40 pounds — all of the extra weight that she was carrying. While documenting her weight loss journey on social media, Simpson credited this achievement to clean eating, regular exercise, using the diabetes medication Ozempic for a short period, and getting liposuction on her arms.

An ambassador of body-positivity and self-love, Simpson aims to uplift and inspire other women to feel empowered at any age through her honest, feel-good story. Her vibrant spirit shines through as she continues to make self-improvement a daily priority.

Contributor: Dr. Allen Conrad, BS, DC, CSCS, and Owner of Montgomery County Chiropractic Center

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