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Malayalee From India Movie Review



01 May 2024

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Malayalee from India REVIEW: Nivin Pauly shines in this Dijo Jose Antony-directed mediocre socio-political drama

Are you planning to watch Dijo Jose Antony’s Nivin Pauly starrer Malayalee from India? Read this Pinkvilla review and decide.

Updated on May 01, 2024   |  08:59 PM IST  |  552.7K
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Malayalee From India REVIEW

Malayalee From India (PC: Movie poster)

Name: Malayalee from India

Director: Dijo Jose Antony

Cast: Nivin Pauly

Rating: 2.5

Malayalee from India marks director Dijo Jose Antony's third venture after the success of Queen (2018) and Jana Gana Mana (2022). Dijo returns to the big screen with another socio-political drama delving into the divisive world of hatred politics. Loosely inspired by the 2015 Bollywood blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan starring Salman Khan, Malayalee from India aims to dissect societal prejudices and biases.

Dijo Jose Antony achieved significant acclaim with his previous movies, Queen and particularly Jana Gana Mana, which earned nationwide attention upon its Netflix release for its astute political commentary. When Dijo joined hands with Nivin Pauly, who is riding high on the success of the superhit Varshangalkku Shesham, released in April, the expectations were sky high.

But does Malayalee from India resonate as strongly as Prithviraj starrer Jana Gana Mana? Let's delve into it and see if it strikes a chord with the audience.

Plot of Malayalee from India

Malayalee from India narrates the story in the pre-COVID-19 era, where Nivin Pauly dons the lead role of Aalparambil Gopi, a carefree, pseudo-nationalist living in a village with a rich Theyyam tradition, Mullakkara, in Kannur district. Gopi's best buddy, Malghosh, played by Varshangalkku Shesham star Dhyan Sreenivasan, shares Gopi’s ideologies, and together, they often engage in communal politics, knowingly and unknowingly. Despite Gopi's reluctance to work, his mother, Suma (Manju Pillai), supports the family.

Due to Malghosh's reckless behavior, Gopi is forced to flee to the Gulf, specifically a farm reigned over by a Pakistani overseer, sparking Gopi's deep-seated animosity towards Pakistan. However, because of circumstances, Gopi had to work with the Pakistani, making Gopi perceive life differently.

As COVID-19 strikes, they find themselves stuck at the farm. Through their shared experiences, Gopi undergoes a transformation. Will he return home the same, or will he be a changed man? Malayalee from India holds the answers.

What works for Malayalee from India?

The first half of Malayalee from India is more like a political satire narrated with a humorous background. The film's use of humor worked quite well, as the audience enjoyed the one-liners and the comical situations. 

The chemistry between Nivin Pauly and Dhyan Sreenivasan was quite entertaining for the audience. They delivered enjoyable performances, and the on-screen chemistry between the two added to the fun factor of the film.

What doesn’t work for Malayalee from India?

Malayalee from India relied heavily on forced nationalism elements that failed to connect with the audiences. Many cringe-worthy scenes felt akin to certain amateur Instagram reels, displaying a sense of pseudo-secularism and pseudo-nationalism. 

The second half's attempt at a survival thriller falls flat and misses the mark. Moreover, the movie's climax, borrowing heavily from Bajrangi Bhaijaan without emotions, fails to make an impact. 

The songs are average and fail to leave a lasting impression, while the background score lacks the necessary punch. Dijo couldn't replicate the top-notch making of Jana Gana Mana with this film.

Performances in Malayalee from India 

Nivin Pauly gives a very good performance as Aalparambil Gopi, and he invests in his character with real emotion and sincerity. His characterization is reflected very well, especially in the comedic scenes, with his trademark brilliance. 

Manju Pillai played Suma, Gopi's mother, who is strong and energetic. She breathes life into her character through her struggle and vitality. Anaswara Rajan is very good in the limited screen time given to her, with decent performances in a few scenes. In the same light, Salim Kumar is also excellent and shines in his limited screen time.

Verdict of Malayalee from India 

Malayalee From India is Dijo Jose Antony's mediocre third outing. While it may offer a chance to catch up on Nivin Pauly's comic skills if you have been missing his humor roles, the film ultimately falls short due to Sharis Mohammed's average script and Dijo Jose Antony's uninspired direction. 

Since Malayalam cinema has seen a string of back-to-back blockbusters in 2024, Malayalee From India appears to be a misfired attempt that fails to meet the general industry standards.


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