6 Effective sleep hacks for the most peaceful night

Here are some tips for the most restful night's sleep.

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Published on Oct 13, 2022 | 02:53 PM IST | 333.3K
Sleeping at night

You're not alone if you frequently go to bed after a busy, tiring day and struggle to fall asleep, twisting and changing your sleep position till two in the morning. People who get adequate sleep feel revived, energised, and prepared to face the day. You can successfully fall asleep in a matter of minutes if you use the appropriate technique. Lack of quality sleep over the long term raises your risk for hypertension, heart problems, elevated blood pressure, being overweight, and perhaps an early death.

So, check out these practical sleep tricks for a restful night to get some shut-eye without turning to medication.


Switch off devices

1. Unplug your gadgets

In order to get the best sleep possible, research suggests turning off devices at least one hour before bed. The brain remains busy as a result of all those calls and messages, alerts, and emails, which makes it difficult to unwind and go to sleep at night. To avoid getting up to answer a phone call just as you are ready to fall asleep, keep your device away from your bed or set it on DND.


Alcohol intake

2. Limit your alcohol intake before bed

You should put an end to consuming your alcoholic drink at least four hours before going to bed in order to lessen the chance of sleep interruptions. After a long day, sometimes you just need a glass of beer to unwind. However, consuming one too prior to bedtime can have the opposite effect than putting you in the state of relaxation. Even though a couple of drinks can actually make it seem easier to drift off to sleep, you're more likely to wake up frequently when the high fades away late at night.


3. Purchase a quality mattress 

A quality mattress provides the ideal amount of cushion and comfort while maintaining the body's normal stance and spine posture, greatly improving the sleep experience. One should evaluate their stature, size, body shape, and preferred sleeping position when purchasing a new mattress. On any mattress you are strongly considering, stay at least 10 minutes in your usual resting position.

4. Snooze in a dark room

Our sleep can be disturbed and suffer as a result of any sight of minimum light in the room. Your sleep might be disturbed by even the most subtle glow, such as the one from a digital alarm clock. Consider wearing a comfortable eye mask if you can't completely block out all the light sources in your room. Additionally, ensure your bedroom is maintained to a satisfactory temperature and that you are dressed comfortably.


Avoid coffee

5. Avoid caffeine before sleep

Since caffeine is a stimulant and will make it harder for you to go asleep, avoiding it is a wise idea. It is preferable to wait at least six hours after drinking your final cup of coffee before going to bed. Instead, try a herbal tea like honey or ginger. Additionally, one should avoid consuming large meals and spicy meals right before bedtime.


6. Take a hot shower before bedtime

Another well-known sleep aid is a hot bath or wash before bed. Beyond just being very relaxing, a hot bath can change our body temperature in a way that gets us ready for sleep. You'll not only sleep better slept, but you might even look better when you wake up. Your bedding will remain clean for a longer time if you bathe before going to bed.

Whether you use one or more of these sleeping tips, you'll undoubtedly notice an improvement in your sleep quality.

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