Breakfast Recipes: 5 under 30 mins healthy dishes working professionals can whip up

Looking for healthy breakfast recipes that you can prepare in jiffy? Then read on as we have compiled some super easy dishes.
Breakfast Recipes: 5 under 30 mins healthy dishes working professionals can whip upBreakfast Recipes: 5 under 30 mins healthy dishes working professionals can whip up
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Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day as we all 'break' the long 8-9 hour 'fast' in the morning. Ideally, it should not only be filling but also healthy for both short- and long-term health benefits. Unfortunately, many people especially working professionals miss their breakfast on a daily basis and suffer from a host of health issues. Did you know skipping breakfast has been associated with several health issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia and hypertension among others? Also, skipping breakfast hampers many dieters as the same leads to over eating.

Many of us lead a hectic life and preparing healthy breakfast is what many are unable to manage. And that's why we either go for packaged foods or cereal premixes which are not always healthy alternatives. The shift from consuming traditional home-made breakfast to ready to eat is not healthy. If you want to know which are healthy breakfast dishes that you can whip up in a few minutes then read on further. Dietician Jinal Savla has carefully drafted some quick, easy and delicious recipes that can be made in a jiffy and give you an energy boost to kickstart your mornings.

Healthy breakfast recipes: Check out the recipes right below.

1. Ragi Dosa


Ragi flour (Finger millet) - 1 cup

Rice flour- ¼ cup

Sour curd- ¼ cup

Green chilly- 1 no

Onion, finely chopped (optional) – 1no

Water- 1 ½ cup

Salt- To taste


In a mixing bowl add ragi flour, rice flour, curd and mix well and add 1 ½ cups of water along with salt as per taste and set aside for 30 mins. The batter should be of pouring consistency add water to adjust the consistency if required. After 30mins add chopped onions to the batter. Next heat the dosa tava/griddle and pour the batter (like you spread to make a Rava dosa) over it once it’s heated up and then smear some oil over the dosa. Flip and cook on both sides till it becomes crisp and serve with sambhar or coconut chutney. Accompaniment- 1 cup of sprouts to make it a well-balanced meal.

2. Chilla with a twist 


Wheat flour – 1 cup

Besan – ½ cup

Methi leaves- 150g

Spinach leaves- 50g

Tomato - 20g

Green chilli – 1 number

Onion – 2 numbers

Garlic – 4 cloves


Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients to form a batter. Grease a pan with little oil and pour a ladle of batter on to the pan to form small pancakes. Cook the pancakes well on both the sides and serve warm with chutney or hung curd dip. Accompaniment- 1 bowl of curd/raita to make it a well-balanced meal.

3. Protein packed pancake


Rolled oats  1 ½ cup

Green peas, blanched – ¾  cup

Paneer (made from cow’s milk), grated – ½ cup

Salt, to taste

Oil- 1tsp


Blanch the green peas in hot water and keep aside to cool for 5 mins. Then add the oatmeal flour, blanched green peas and grated paneer in a blender and blend it to a coarse mix. Pour the ground pancake mix in a bowl and season it with salt and mix well. The mixture should be little thicker than the usual pancake batter. Heat a skillet on medium flame, grease it with little oil, pour a ladle full of the pancake mix and gently spread it. Let it cook for 3 minutes till it gets cooked at the bottom. Now gently flip over and cook the other side for another 2 minutes and remove it in a plate. Likewise, prepare the rest of the pancakes with the remaining batter. Serve it with minty coriander chutney, guacamole or Mexican beans.

Accompaniment- 1 Fruit of your choice to make it a well-balanced meal.

4. Pearl couscous khichadi


Pearl Couscous- 1 cup 

Sweet potato - 1/2 cup 

Green chillies: 2-3 finely chopped

Peanut (half crushed)- 2 tbsp 

Salt: to taste

Lime juice: 1 tsp

Jaggery powder: 1 tsp

Oil: 1 tsp

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Cumin seeds: 1 -1.5 tsp

Cumin powder: 3/4 tsp

Asafoetida (Hing): a pinch

Grated coconut: 1tbsp

Coriander to garnish.


Wash the pearl couscous thoroughly with water & boil in an open pan for 10mins or until cooked and keep aside. 

In a wok, add some oil, add mustard and cumin seeds and let them splutter. Further add hing, peanuts and chillies. Once the peanuts are cooked potatoes and sauté. Then add cumin powder, roasted peanuts, jaggery powder and salt and stir for a while

Then add cooked couscous and mix it well. Add grated coconut and lime juice. Cover the wok with a lid and let it cook for 2-3 mins. Garnish with some coriander and serve hot.

Accompaniment- 1 bowl of curd/greek yoghurt to make it a well-balanced meal.

5. Quinoa Patties


Cooked Quinoa- ½ cup

Sweet potato- 200g

Shredded Vegetables - 250g


Lemon juice- 1tbsp

Oats flour/Rice flakes- 1tbsp

Salt- 1tsp

Pepper- 1tsp

Mustard paste- 1tsp

Paprika- 1tsp

Oil- 2tsp

Arrowroot flour to roll


Peel and mash cooked sweet potato with a potato masher in a bowl. Add all the ingredients except arrowroot flour and oil. Shape into medium-sized patties and roast on a grilling pan with 1tsp oil till both sides are browned and serve with spicy tahini sauce. For the Spicy Tahini Sauce: Mix together 1/3rd cup Tahina sauce (roasted sesame seeds/ white til and olive oil paste,1 clove garlic, ½ tsp each of salt and sugar and ½ cup cold water, in a blender jar and process until smooth and creamy. ) Add water if required. Store and refrigerate in an airtight bottle.

Accompaniment- 1 cup of warm milk/smoothie to make it a well-balanced meal.

If you liked these recipes & want us to share any more recipes leave us a comment & we will be happy to share. 

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