Libra to Pisces: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Try to Amiably Parent Their Friend’s Kids

A few zodiac signs love to connect with the curious minds of little children. These gentle souls take great joy in babysitting or nurturing their buddies’ kids.

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Zodiac Signs Who Try to Amiably Parent Their Friend’s Kids
Zodiac Signs Who Try to Amiably Parent Their Friend’s Kids

In the intricate tapestry of most relationships, some star signs feel that the bonds they have with their pals transcend the conventional boundaries of friendship. For instance, they consider their buddies as a part of the family and would go above and beyond to assist them with anything that they must. Right from lending money, to cooking for them, or babysitting their kids, these zodiacs are eager to rush to their buddy’s aid.

In fact, even though parenthood traditionally falls within the domain of biological or adoptive parents, these dynamics of friendship that these folks enjoy, ensure that they willingly step into the role of surrogate caregivers for their bestie’s kids. Through kind words, unconditional love, and mentorship, they elevate the lives of their friends’ children. Take a sneak peek at who they are:


While Aquarians may take their own time to embrace parenthood, they are extremely supportive towards friends who have welcomed little ones in their life. They pay close attention to the small elements of everyday life and are willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to planning children’s birthday parties, chaperoning a school dance, or even offering practical advice.

These Aquarians are happy to be guardians who keep an eye out for their bestie’s offspring. They need no reminding of their responsibility, for they take their role as secondary caregivers quite seriously. Right from taking the kids to football games, or an occasional play at a local theater, they hope to contribute positively to the kids’ growth and development.


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These empathetic souls are famed for possessing strong maternal or paternal instincts, which is why many consider them the ‘parents’ of their friend group. So, naturally, when their besties have little ones of their own, Libras vow to be doting aunts and uncles show shower blessings and sweets on their friends’ kids. Intriguingly, these air signs enjoy spending time with tiny humans as much as they relish a fun night out on the town with their best buddies.

This is precisely why people rely on them to be excellent caregivers and babysitters when the need arises. They effortlessly parent their pal’s children and ensure that they toe the line even without any threat of punitive action. These Libras would probably bake cookies and create a warm and loving atmosphere for the kids under their care!

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Pisces have a natural affinity for kids and enjoy spending time with them. Whether it is engaging in creative activities, listening to their stories, or even resolving conflicts with diplomacy, Pisceans do it all. So, when their childhood friends have kids, these water signs are over the moon with joy. They vow to be wonderful companions for the kids by using their vivid imagination to step into the little ones’ fantasy world.

They never hesitate to connect with the tiny tots by calling them up, lending them books, or trying to foster creativity in them in any way they can. In fact, these Pisces also help their friends’ children regulate their moods better by aiding them in improving their emotional well-being. They would side with the kids when they have a tiff with their parents or are even throwing a silly tantrum. After all, no one dotes on kids quite like Pisces does.

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Sagittarius tend to hold their buddies close to their heart. This is mainly because they align themselves with people who have similar values as Sagittarius. Over time, they build a wonderful mutual trust and genuine affection for each other, which extends to children in their families.

Indeed, these Archers (the symbol of Sagittarius) rise to the occasion when their buddies entrust their child’s care and wellbeing to them. They ensure that the little one enjoys having them as a trusted guardian outside the immediate family as a source of comfort and stability in times of adversity. In doing so, they deepen their bond with their bestie, as well as the tiny tot in their care.


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When these star signs turn friendly guardian angels for their friends’ babies, they serve as role models who impart valuable life lessons and instill core values that shape the young ones’ character. These folks are never too busy to babysit or listen to their woes and ascertain that the kids are well looked after.

Disclaimer: These attributes are generic and may not necessarily hold true for you.

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