Nail art and care to nail it like a pro

Finding ways to make your nails hot and happening? Here are a few items that can aid you to enhance the beauty in the most beautiful way.

Ankita Kandade
Written by Ankita Kandade , Certified Fashion Expert
Updated on Jun 18, 2024 | 01:52 PM IST | 898.2K
Nail art and care to nail it like a pro
Nail art and care to nail it like a pro
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Nails are given equal importance by women as it helps them to showcase their personality better. Nail art and nail care are two important aspects for the majority of women in the contemporary era. Manicures make your nails smoother and healthier than before. And to keep them healthier, you can flaunt them with some classy nail art. 

Check out some nail art and care products to amp up your nail game. 

1. Manicure and Pedicure Kit

This Manicure and Pedicure Kit is a multi-functional care kit designed for the goodness of your finger and toe nails. This kit contains in total 18 pieces to fulfil your hand, face, and foot care needs. This premium package is all you need to take utmost care of your beauty at home. What’s more? This is a gender neutral manicure and pedicure kit. 

Manicure and Pedicure Kit

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2. Nail Gel Glitter Manicure

This nail gel glitter requires four steps to create the desiring look of your nails. Apply a base coat of your nail polish, apply a thicker coat on the top of it, cure it, brush the mirror powder and you are done. 

Nail Gel Glitter Manicure

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3. Nail Art Kit with Nail Extensions

Wish to have long nails? Fulfil your wish in a jiffy by buying this Nail Art Kit with Nail Extensions. It contains 1080 pieces. This power packed nail art kit has 48 nail art glitter, 5 dotting tools, 15 nail art brushes, palette, 5 adhesive nail striping tape, nail glue, 4 french strips, 1000 fake nails, toe extensions and a tip cutter. Now bring a nail salon home with the purchase of this kit!


Nail Art Kit with Nail Extensions

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4. Adhesive Nail Art Stencil Stickers

These stencil stickers can help you design your favourite nail art whenever you wish. This packet contains 24 sheets. Each sheet contains 6 small pieces with 3 different patterns. In addition, it has a total 144 pieces vinyls. 

Adhesive Nail Art Stencil Stickers

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5. Nail Care Cream

Nails also deserve equal amounts of pampering. In order to keep them healthier and smooth use this nail care cream. The usage of this cream can prevent dry nails. Let your nails breathe some fresh air with this nail cream. It is infused with the goodness of almond and flax seeds. 

Nail Care Cream

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Don't compromise your personality due to bad nails. Grab these nail art and care products and flaunt your nails in style. Bid adieu to unhealthy nails and show off your creativity with some artistic nail arts. 

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