5 Best skin care tips for combination skin

Here are the top five skin care tips for combination skin.

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Published on Oct 15, 2022 | 10:45 AM IST | 1.1M
Combination skin

Oily and dry at different times. Sometimes, these mood fluctuations crawl under our skin and become uncomfortable. However, the key issue is: how do you adapt to it? Finding the perfect skin care regimen for combination skin might often feel like going round in circles. Given that various areas of your face have varied needs, it can be challenging to determine how to properly take care of your skin. But by adhering to a skin care regimen for combination skin, you can aid your skin in finding the ideal balance.

Despite the fact that this skin type might be challenging, here are some tips for improving your combination skincare regimen. Check out these 5 skin care tips to establish a routine that is right for you.


Mild facial cleanser

1. Use a mild facial cleanser

Products that work on dry patches may not always work on oily areas, therefore it is better to use a cleanser that can nourish and level dry areas while also hydrating and retaining oily areas. Always begin your day by cleansing your face with a soft, light cleanser. The cleanser should have a gel texture and include vitamins and antioxidants. It is always preferable to cleanse after having to wake up and then before going to sleep.

2. Use a toner

Combination skin necessitates a considerable amount of moisture, and some areas of your face demand oil control. An excellent toner nourishes and soothes the skin, reducing inflammation, breakouts, oxidative stress, and dryness. Choose an alcohol-free toner appropriate for your skin type.



Exfoliate skin

3. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating aids in the removal of dead skin cells by disrupting the connections that hold them intact, enabling new cells to emerge and improving your everyday radiance. Exfoliating dead skin cells is essential for keeping combination skin in fine condition. Exfoliation, on the other hand, can aggravate dry skin, therefore people with combination skin should use the finest exfoliants available.

4. Blot away the oil

When grease and oil build-up on the skin combines with dirt, it clogs pores and causes pimples. The goal of cosmetic oil blotting paper is to soak up oil on the skin. These papers are small enough to put in your bag and can provide a quick solution to reduce excess oil during the day. To avoid upsetting your skin's normal lipid levels, choose blotting wipes with as few substances as possible.


Moisturize skin

5. Moisturize your skin

Combination skin tends to be oily in the t-zone but dried otherwise, so a mild, water-based moisturizer would be ideal for restoring balance to the skin. You can even use the same light and smooth moisturizer to treat dry and oily patches. Some specialists also advise using two different moisturizers to treat your individual skin issues.


Before beginning any of the practices, it is critical that you perform a patch test before applying any product to your face.

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