Why it is necessary for Indian women to be self-aware and do self-breast examination regularly?

SBI Life highlights the necessity for women to be self-aware and carry out a self-breast examination on regular intervals

Updated on May 18, 2023  |  03:40 PM IST |  426.9K
SBI Life's 'Thank a dot' self -breast examination kit
SBI Life's 'Thank a dot' self -breast examination kit

Women wear a multitude of hats. There is one that is called “cook”, one called “cleaner”, another one called “breadwinner” and one each for teaching, chauffeuring, caregiving and so on. But there is one dusty hat that is hardly ever acknowledged, let alone worn and is usually shoved away in a corner.

That is the hat of ‘Self Care’, one that always takes a backseat over other, important responsibilities and one that a woman even feels a little guilty to wear, as though it is selfish to do so. Because of it, any nagging discomforts in her body are hardly ever noticed. Even if they are, they are mostly attributed to either exhaustion or unhealthy eating habits or something that a good night’s sleep can erase off.

What they do not realise is this mentality that makes them become prone to any sort of critical illnesses prevailing around. Breast cancer is one such illness that may touch the life of any woman, regardless of who she is, how old she is and what her life is like.

Therefore, it is high time for women to don that hat of self-care and take charge of her health much like she has taken charge of her life.

The month of October is recognised as International Breast Cancer Awareness Month to create awareness around breast cancer, its implications on the life of the affected and their family members. According to reports, breast cancer is the most common form of malignancy for women around the world and every four minutes, a woman gets diagnosed with it in India. But because of trivializing their bodily discomforts, most of them do not consult doctors until the situation gets out of hand. Therefore, it is crucial to learn a life-saving skill that will help in detecting the lumps at an early stage and taking necessary steps to battle against it.

The self-breast examination is an essential life-saving skill that every woman should practice at least once in a month to stay safe. It is an easy way to understand your body and make out when something does not feel right. Practising this technique every month can help in detecting abnormalities or changes that may designate cancer. Knowing how to spot the signs and detect the changes play a crucial role in prevention and also early detection leading to a heightened chance of surviving breast cancer.

To promote self-breast checks, SBI Life Insurance launched ‘Thanks A Dot’ initiative, with the purpose of empowering the women of India to make their health a priority and to conduct self-checks at regular intervals for early detection of any abnormality.

The company launched a Thanks A Dot Whatsapp Chat Bot, that will help woman set reminders for self-breast checks, which is now just a click away. Message ‘Hi’ on 8860780000 and read through the implications of breast cancer on health along with some reading materials and tutorial videos that you will get in response.

Conducting self-examination of breasts on a regular basis is an extremely beneficial practice, some of which are:
1. You get to know your body, not just externally but from within too
2. It allows you to stay prepared and get rid of any irrational fears associated with it
3. The practice instills a sense of awareness within you and motivates you towards improving your lifestyle and make healthy choices
4. It encourages you to think about being financially prepared for any possible adversity by making smart financial choices like opting for a comprehensive insurance policy that helps you secure your family both mentally and financially in case of a diagnosis. 

The self-breast examination is a simple, no-cost technique that all women can practice on a regular basis and at any age. Adopting this life-saving skill will enable you to understand your body and keep deadly diseases at bay. Remember, the first step towards caring for loved ones begins with caring for self. These simple steps will give you enormous power that will ensure you to have absolute control over your health.

Disclaimer: This article is in a paid partnership. 

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