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Phillauri movie poster


  • Comedy
  • March, 24 2017
  • 2 Hours 18 Minutes
  • Hindi
  • Budget: ₹ 29 Crore

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Phillauri is a unique love story that revolves around two different love stories set in two different time periods. The main character, Kanan Gill (played by Suraj Sharma), travels from Canada to India to marry his girlfriend, Anu (Meherene Pirzada). However, due to his manglik horoscope, an astrologer advises Kanan to marry a tree first. After following the astrologer's advice and marrying a tree, a ghost named Shashi (played by Anushka Sharma) appears to Kanan and informs him that he married her too since she resided in the same tree. Kanan is afraid of the ghost and unable to tell anyone about it because Shashi's ghost is only visible to him. He becomes hesitant to marry Anu, causing her to feel like he doesn't want to marry her. However, Anu is unaware of the ghost's presence in Kanan's life. Shashi recalls her own love story as she watches the wedding preparations. Shashi was a poetess who lived in the town of Phillaur in Punjab around a century ago. Her poems were published in a local newspaper, but she kept her identity hidden as she was afraid to reveal it even to her brother, Kishanchand, who was a doctor. Roop Lal Phillauri, a drunkard with a beautiful voice, also lived in the same town. Despite his reputation, he was adored by the girls of Phillaur because of his love songs. One day, he fell in love with Shashi when he saw her at a music event. However, she rebuked him for singing meaningless love songs and urged him to use his talent for the betterment of society. Her words had a profound effect on Roop, who began to reform himself. As a result, he won Shashi's heart. Dr. Kishanchand was disappointed and angry when he caught Shashi and Phillauri getting cozy in Phillauri's house. He warned Phillauri to stay away from Shashi. However, Phillauri promised to change himself and become a better person for Shashi, whom he loved deeply. He left for Amritsar to sing songs written by Shashi for a music company. Dr. Kishanchand gradually had a change of heart and eventually gave his approval for the wedding, which made Shashi very happy. The wedding date was set, and Roop Lal Phillauri was supposed to come to Phillaur on the day of the wedding. However, he never showed up. Shashi was devastated and wondered if Phillauri had abandoned her. The film doesn't reveal what happened next, and the audience is left to wonder if Shashi and Phillauri got married or if there were obstacles that prevented their union. Meanwhile, Kanan is struggling with the presence of Shashi's ghost, which only he can see. Anu doesn't know about Shashi, and Kanan is afraid to tell her.

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Released Date :

24 March 2017

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Director :

Anshai Lal

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Runtime :

2 Hours 18 Minutes

Platform :

Disney+ Hotstar

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Budget :

29 Crore

Pinkvilla’s Review

The movie Phillauri fails to live up to the expectations generated by its widely-loved trailer. While the film is entertaining and captures the rustic feel it promises, it is also slow, exhausting, and at times too childish for the viewer's liking. However, it is not entirely unwatchable. The film has a certain honesty and intent, and the casting of Suraj Sharma, Anushka Sharma, and Diljit Dosanjh saves it even in its most stretched parts. The first half invests in tempering the story with the right tones, but the intertwined stories shift abruptly in random ways, holding back the viewer from putting their heart into either of them. The second half's plot wears thin, and the love stories never realize their full potential. The music is worth cherishing, but the film's writing and editing could have been better. While it's worth a watch if idle, the ghost bride lacks the menace, charm, or intention to haunt the viewer.