KPOP star IU swears by just three skincare ingredients for smooth and flawless skin

The superstar always seems to have phenomenal skin both with and without makeup. Find out her secret below!

Updated on Apr 28, 2020  |  11:16 AM IST |  3.6M
KPOP star IU swears by just three skincare ingredients for smooth and flawless skin
KPOP star IU swears by just three skincare ingredients for smooth and flawless skin

Everybody is already aware of the impact of the lengthy Korean skincare routine that ensures smooth, glassy and flawless skin. K Pop stars are all known for their phenomenal skin, even-toned complexion and how plump and glassy their skin looks. 
When it comes to ti IU or Lee Ji-eun, popular South Korean singer-songwriter and actress who is known for her enviable voice, acting skills and of course, skin, keeping her skin healthy is quite simple. She starlet who rose to fame at the tender age of 15 with her album Lost and Found, is known to stick to the basics for her skin! 

So what is it IU swears by?

Somehow, IU's skin always looks flawless, hydrated and glossy. This comes from the fact that the diva doesn't step foot outside without slathering on loads of moisturiser and sunscreen to protect her skin from the harsh sun and free radicals. She also ensures she is always hydrated by always sipping on water. 

Remember the three-step rule: cleansing, toning and moisturising? IU believes that toner does it all - evens the skin tone, soothes inflammation, closes up pores, hydrates skin and most importantly leaves it feeling and looking healthy. Her skincare routine is incomplete without toner in it. 

Facial Oil 
The latest beauty fad is sticking on for a reason - it works! All IU's skin needs is just two drops of facial oil to do the trick. 
Pro tip: to shorten her routine, the diva is known to mix up her moisturising and hydrating toner with facial oil on a cotton pad and patting this glorious mixture on her face for around five minutes so it can take in all the goodness from this concoction. 


And voila, her secret to smooth, clear and flawless skin is revealed! Are you going to add these to your skincare routine as well? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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