Dear Oppa: Indian fan reveals how Lee Min Ho walked into her life at her lowest and made it 'exciting'

Dear Oppa: A fan from India reveals she crossed paths (digitally) with Lee Min Ho during the COVID-19 induced lockdown.
Dear Oppa: Indian fan reveals how Lee Min Ho walked into her life at her lowest and made it 'exciting'
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If you have been following Pinkvilla, you would be aware of our Dear Oppa initiative. For the unversed, we've been featuring fan letters addressed to their Oppas. Fans from across the world have poured their hearts to their favourite K-pop group and Korean actor through our platform. Today, we feature a letter written by an Indian Minoz member addressing to Lee Min Ho. Pooja K writes that she crossed paths with The King: Eternal Monarch star during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. 

She revealed that Lee Min Ho walked into her life at her lowest point and now, he's like an invisible friend. Read her complete letter below: 

Dear Lee Min Ho,

Just when I am starting to write this letter, I have so many thoughts running and so many things to write down that my fingers are not in sync with my running mind. LOL!

I was an avid K-drama, K Movies watcher during my college days back in 2008. Out of college, I started chasing life and forgot my life in college.

During lockdown was when I discovered you when one of my friends suggested "Boys over Flowers" and thereafter there was no turning back.

I didn't know who you were and I feel so deceived not having known you all these years.

I googled you and listed out all your series and watched them one by one, not knowing your popularity and just growing fond of you after each series.

I became active on Insta and got a Netflix subscription too!

You have come into my life at a time when I have been the lowest in my life and I am still struggling. The fact that you exist gives me so much assurance because it makes me want to believe -"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting"

You have become an invisible friend of mine to whom I am literally speaking to throughout my day in my mind.

I love your simplicity, your laugh is so unique that it can bring a smile on anyone's face.

Needless to say, your eyes actually sparkle (panchak panchak), they have dreams and are filled with admiration towards life.

I never had any bucket list, but now I do. It just has one item -> Meet LMH. I have even started preparing myself for it.

I want to meet you like an even more established person and of course a person who has not aged! Hahahaha! Hence I have started taking good care of my skin too! LOL! No kidding!

I saw a few of your interviews and there are few things I could relate to -> Both being Cancerians, we love to have our private life. We are social, but we love our personal space.

I am also not much of an alcoholic person and I too tend to take a nap or doze off after 1-2 drinks. We both love places close to nature. Beaches are my favourite.

We differ in our choice of coffee though! You like it sweet, I like it bitter :)

Well, I could go on writing, but I think I should stop here else they won't post my letter. LOL!

In the end, I will only tell you " Thank You" for making my life exciting. No matter how my day goes, when I finally retire to my bed,  my last few mins are

spent in isolation with you. Either I watch your clips or your insta posts or whatever. You are the person I think of when I doze off. You give me a big smile and make me happy.

They say "When you want something desperately, the whole of the universe conspires to achieve it for you". I have just sent my wishes to the Universe!


Pooja K

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

I am a new fan of k-dramas and my first show was the Boys over Flowers which made me fall in love with k-dramas and especially Lee Min Hoo with this show. This guy made me, a 15 year old girl, in love him. he is soo cute. I had two dreams in my life and from that meeting or just to see Lee Min Hoo once in my life.......:):):):):):) Hope to see him in real.......:):):):)

Anonymous 1 month ago

Kentucky and Charlie seen the movie new and the girl I love that movie I’m glad you guys got to get in the movie I like movies that way so I hope you guys make lots of movies together and I hope you guys are safe and God bless you

Anonymous 1 month ago

I like your movies a lot I watch them 1000 times already especially the one when you’re in school and you meet the girl and she’s mothers daughter of the maid I’m English so I don’t know what name are you movie that’s a real good I love that movie

Anonymous 1 month ago

“The Heirs “.

Anonymous 1 month ago

"The inheritors" is the name of the series

Anonymous 2 months ago

I love lee min ho, I really do, hope to see him too ❤️

Anonymous 2 months ago

i sawed lee kin ho at inseon airport 5 9 month ago ,,,

Anonymous 2 months ago

will it if she thinks lee min hoo will fall in love with her? how bizarre

Anonymous 2 months ago

I don't think any of his fans seriously thinks that he would fall in love with her. It's just an instant of fans that they want to look the best when they meet their idol, and live fuller and achieve more because they have someone they care and admire deeply in their hearts. That's the power of idols in normal people's life.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Seemed like a love letter to LMH definitely!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'd love to write to Yang Yang and Liu Jasper.. And i really love Kim Soo-Hyun Oppa, Lee Seung-Gi, Oh Jung-Se, Gong-Yoo n Seo Yea-Ji to mention a few.... Can we also write to Indian stars.. I love all types of Indian movies Bollywood, Kollywood n Tollywood and d rest.. I love asian movies in general n I'd love to write to a few of my fav stars.. I'm from Nigeria

Anonymous 2 months ago

Lee Min Ho inspired me to learn korean language so I am enrolled to korean language class. I am fan of his acting but more on how he does humanitarian work. He literally bri is joy in my life.

Anonymous 2 months ago

He has inspired many.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Can we write letters to Chinese stars too ???. Desperately waiting to write to my idol!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

Hi, i just came across your wabsit and i really like it. Its interesting because am a lover of both Bollywood and Kdramas / movies. I have started learning how to speak a little of both languages through watching the movies,i have so many favourite actors and actresses that i wouldn't know who to pick first. Thank you so for this opportunity . Fatima M from Nigeria.