3 Ways Chia Seeds improves your skin and hair & why you should include this superfood in your diet

One of the superfoods, Chia seeds not only improve health but are extremely beneficial for the skin and hair as well.

Updated on Mar 23, 2022 01:00 PM IST  |  433.3K
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3 Ways Chia Seeds improves your skin and hair health & why you should include this superfood in your diet
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Chia seeds are the true unsung heroes. They are known as nutritional powerhouses and are high in magnesium, omega - 3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, vitamin E and calcium. They were consumed and a popular food choice during the Mayan Civilisation for the benefits they had not only on health but also skin and hair.

Here are some reasons to include these seeds in your diet.
Soothes inflammation
Chia seeds are known for not only their soothing but also cooling properties, making them perfect for the summer. Inflammation on the skin is a common occurrence during the hotter months and chia seeds help in soothing inflamed skin while also keeping the skin cool.


Hydrates skin
These seeds are also known for their fibre content which not only absorbs but also retains a lot of water. This makes them an excellent hydrator and a perfect ingredient to ensure the skin doesn't dry out during these sweltering months.

Prevents damage caused due to free radicals
With high levels of antioxidants, these seeds also help fight off the damage caused by free radicals, that occur when the skin is exposed to UV rays for a prolonged time. Chia seeds also help keep in check wrinkles and fine lines as one ages as they also have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids.


When it comes to hair, regular consumption of Chia seeds boosts hair growth and gives the hair a glossy shine.

One way to include Chia seeds in your routine is by adding them to your water and consuming it throughout the day.
Chia seeds can also be included in fruit bowls or smoothies, to boost energy in the morning.
You can also apply a Chia seed gel on your skin that will boost hydration and give it a natural glow, much like Aloe Vera gel.

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