Aries to Libra: 5 Zodiac Signs Who Tend to Cheat and Hide in Relationship

Learn about the zodiac signs who excel in cheating and hiding their forbidden relationship from their current partners so you can shield yourself from pain.

Updated on Dec 14, 2022   |  03:19 PM IST  |  1.6M
Zodiac Signs Who Tend to Cheat and Hide in Relationship
Zodiac Signs Who Tend to Cheat and Hide in Relationship

In the era of fast dating, cheating in relationships has become extremely prevalent. People cheat for various reasons, and the patterns are more nuanced than typical clichés would imply. While every sign of the zodiac has its fair share of cheats, there are some signs who not only cheat but also make sure they don't get caught so they can keep cheating. 

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Check out these 5 zodiac signs who are most likely to cheat and hide in their relationship.


Aries, the fire sign that rules competition and energy, makes snap decisions and is most likely to leave a committed relationship for a brief affair. They will sometimes go so far as to conceal their connection from their current partner when they are cheating. They may act in accordance with whatever feels correct at the time.


Gemini is most prone to cheat on its mate because it is a social sign. On the outside, they appear sincere, innocent, and pleasant, but on the inside, they may betray their partner and even conceal the truth in order to keep their relationship with their other partner going strong. This sign is likely to cheat since it gets bored fast in relationships and always seeks something exciting.



A libra frequently hunts for infidelity when things get out of hand in a relationship, cheats on their current partner, and covers their illicit relationship. A libra chooses to hide their affair rather than engage in arguments since they don't want to upset the harmony and calm of their ongoing relationship.

Zodiac Signs Who Tend to Cheat and Hide in Relationship


Even if there is never a sound reason to cheat, a typical loyal and devoted Scorpio will do so because of a major emotional distance from their partner. They would cheat and cover up their adultery since they wouldn't want to offend their partner. They have the capacity to hide their traces from being discovered because they are very secretive and can do it very efficiently without being caught.


Thinking long-term with someone goes against everything they believe in because this sign is all about embracing desires with regard to enjoying life and not taking it too seriously. A Sagittarius doesn't commit to people very quickly, and they tend to cheat on several partners, sometimes even managing to mask their infidelity from their partners. They want to keep everything and hence believe in controlling their own affairs since they are afraid to lose out on something

It's okay if you're dating someone who exhibits any of the aforementioned cheater zodiacs.  Although your partner has a history of infidelity, it does not guarantee that they will do so at some point. However, you are always the most important person, so put yourself first and make sure you make decisions while maintaining composure.

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