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  • Genre Icon Action • Thriller
  • Release Date Icon March, 30 2023
  • Movie Duration Icon 2 Hours 23 Minutes
  • Movie Language icon Hindi
  • Budget Icon Budget: ₹ 100 Crore

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The movie Bholaa is about a thrilling night full of drugs, gangsters, and a desperate father's quest to meet his daughter. ACP Diana, played by Tabu, leads a team to seize 900 kgs of drugs worth Rs. 1,000 crores from a group of thieves. She stores the confiscated drugs in the basement of Lalganj Police Station. Later that night, Diana attends the retirement party of I G Jayant Malik, played by Kiran Kumar, with all 50 cops present. Unfortunately, a spiked drink causes all of the cops to pass out except for Diana, who didn't consume any alcohol. She discovers from her undercover cop, Bhoora, played by Arpit Ranka, that Ashwathama, or Ashu, played by Deepak Dobriyal, the owner of the confiscated drugs, is determined to attack and eliminate the cops. The situation intensifies as Ashu tries to retrieve his drugs from the police station. The movie Bholaa revolves around a wild night involving drugs, gangsters, and a father's desperate attempt to meet his daughter. ACP Diana confiscates a massive amount of drugs from a gang of thieves and hides them in the basement of Lalganj Police Station. Later, at a party, all the police officers, except Diana, fall unconscious after drinking spiked drinks. With no one else to turn to, Diana enlists the help of Bholaa, who has just been released from jail after 10 years. Bholaa agrees to help when Diana promises to secure his daughter's future in return. However, the journey to the hospital is not easy as Ashu and his gang tries to stop them along the way. What happens next is the crux of the movie.

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Movie Name :


Released Date :

30 March 2023

Industry :


Director :

Ajay Devgn

Production House :

Ajay Devgn Ffilms, Reliance Entertainment

Music Label :


Runtime :

2 Hours 23 Minutes

Platform :

Amazon Prime Video

Genre :

Action, Thriller

Budget :

100 Crore

Pinkvilla’s Review

Bholaa, starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu, is a movie loaded with brilliantly choreographed action sequences that are sure to give you goosebumps. The Trishul combat scene and the pre-interval block act as the main highlights of the film. The prolonged 6-minute bike chase sequence keeps you on the edge of your seat and speaks volumes about Devgn's caliber as a director to pull off a sleek action scene with conviction. However, the pace in the second half dips, and the relatively weak screenplay is saved by some well-designed action sequences. The dialogues lack the punch that a mass-oriented film like Bholaa should ideally have. Ajay Devgn essays his role of Bholaa very well, and Tabu makes good use of her acting range and delivers a formidable performance. The supporting actors lend good support, but it's Sanjay Mishra who stands out from the ensemble. Overall, Bholaa makes for a big-screen watch for action lovers and Ajay Devgn fans.