5 romantic webtoons that you can read while you wait for your Kdramas; Feat Indian origin Swaha & She Hates Me

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Swaha is a webtoon based on Hindu Mythology
Swaha is a webtoon based on Hindu Mythology (Pic credit - Kross Komics)

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario! It is raining outside, you are tucked in your bed all set to do something you love - reading webtoons! However, you are stuck and have no idea what to read. Sounds familiar? Well, don't worry we have you covered.Having become increasingly popular in recent years, webtoons are now thriving in the entertainment market with more and more youngsters turning into avid webtoon readers as they are convenient to read on their smartphones! Romance is one of the most popular genres that webtoon fans prefer to read too. On that note, here are 5 romantic webtoon series to binge read on Kross Komics, a first-of-its-kind webtoon app that brings exciting, new webtoons for the youth.

1. Swaha 


 Based on ancient Hindu mythology, Swaha’s protagonist is based on the well-known Hindu goddess of Fire, Swaha. The story spins in different directions as the main character Swaha decides to stand up against her brother-in-law, Lord Indra, when the demon queen Raka, accuses him of causing tragedy in her world. Swaha is a story that is bound to make you burn the midnight oil as it combines romance, drama, and fantasy to create a compelling read for fans

2. She Hates Me 


 If you are a big-time comic fan who likes to indulge in romance and comedy, then look no further. She Hates Me is a love story between the two leads- Han Jagi & Jo Ayeon. Their love story begins when Jo Ayeon jokingly asks Han Jagi out. The story then takes several twists and turns as the couple suddenly starts dating each other while still being confused about their feelings for each other. The webtoon will put you through a rollercoaster of emotions and keep you engaged till the end. Also, the question 'Will they or will they not', will be answered only in the end, so be patient.

3. Airplanes 


 When two different people are destined to meet and fall in love it’s straight out of a fairy-tale, isn't it? Airplanes revolve around its two main characters - Sora and Taehyun. Sora is a young, well-renowned architect who is also seen as a mysterious and enigmatic person. However, Sora has an acute phobia of travelling in airplanes. On the other hand, Taehyun is a young pilot who is unable to live life as per his expectations. The story takes on a unique form as the two individuals hailing from starkly different professions and lives are brought together by fate.

4. Senior Girl in High School


It's no skeleton in the closet that we all go through a phase where we tend to harbour a little pseudo-crush on a teacher. We all know that a student-teacher relationship tends to be frowned upon but there are some instances in which two people truly fall in love, regardless of the age difference between them. High School teacher Yubin is mistaken for a high schooler by her student Nam Juhan. A comedy of errors ensues as Yubin has a completely different story that not all know about her. Senior Girl in High School is a story with several plot twists that is sure to tickle our funny bones.

5. Endless 


A contrasting story when compared to Airplanes, the protagonists in Endless are coincidentally alike. The lead characters share the same lifestyle, hair colour, school rank, and even their names! A twist of fate makes them cross each other's paths and what follows is something they never expected either! A must-read.

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