Amazon Deal of the day: Best Cooking oils for delicious lip-smacking recipes and healthy body

Cooking is super easy if you have hands on these cooking oils with Amazon deals of the day and special discounts. Try them out now at slashed prices.

Updated on Jul 30, 2022 06:58 PM IST  |  202.3K
Amazon Deal of the day is here with the best Cooking oils for delicious recipes and healthier body
Amazon Deal of the day is here with the best Cooking oils for delicious recipes and healthier body
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Amazon Deals are highly appealing as these are available only for a limited period of time. These deals are offered on a variety of categories and can be availed on the same day. Since, these deals are only for a limited period of time, one has to be quick at decision-making to get the best discounts. Here we are with a list of cooking oils that you can try to get at discounted prices for cooking delicious recipes. Moreover, these cooking oils are beneficial for the body and can greatly help in boosting health. Refer to this list of cooking oil brands and try them out.

1. Hathmic 100% Pure Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

Hathmic rice bran oil is a cholesterol lowering oil as it is enriched in Oryzanol. It has a well-balanced PUFA and MUFA ratio, which helps in better heart health. The oil has a very high smoke point and can be used for deep-frying. Use it to cook your meals and help your body feel better. 


2. Borges Extra Light Olive Oil, 2L

Borges is an international brand that is known for its world-famous olive oil brought to India. This oil is an extra light olive oil which is highly suitable for roasting, frying and sautéing. It has a light flavour along with a high smoking point that can take the place of your regular cooking oil. The olive oil can turn out to be really healthy for the human body and can help you keep the original flavour of the recipes. 


3. DiSano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a multipurpose cooking oil that is extracted from coconuts. It can be used for cooking, massage oil along with skin and hair care. Being totally natural, unrefined and cold-pressed, the oil is safe for the body. With no added mineral oils in this coconut oil, it is healthy for the body. The oil is pure, vegan, and preservative-free. You can use it to nourish your skin, hair, and manage your body weight.  


4. Hathmic Cold Pressed Sesame / Gingelly / Til Oil

Hathmic cold pressed sesame oil has a well-balanced PUFA and MUFA  ratio, which is considered good to keep the blood vessels clean. The oil helps in maintaining a healthier heart by keeping up with the HDL and LDL levels. With zero trans fat, and being naturally processed, the oil is highly suitable for the body. There are no added colours, but it keeps up with the nutty taste of the oil. 


5. Hathmic cold pressed Mustard oil 1L

Hathmic cold pressed mustard oil is extracted from mustards through cold-pressed technology. It serves as a rich source of omegas, which is considered super healthy for the body. The oil contains no trans fat and is cholesterol free. Being naturally processed, the oil can help you keep up with good health along with enhancing the food taste. 


6. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil PET, 1L

Del Monte Extra Virgin olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Created by extracting oil from olives, the oil is highly well-flavoured along with great aroma. The olive oil has a shelf life of 24 months and is suited for recipes like dips, pastas, hummus, chutneys, and salad dressings. It is packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants that can make your food more healthy. 


7. DiSano Canola Oil

DiSano canola oil is enriched with omegas and vitamins E and K. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol, which eventually helps in enhancing heart health. The oil tastes neutral, which does not affect the overall taste of the food. Use it for cooking all types of Indian recipes, or continental foods. There are no trans fats along with low absorbing consistency. 


8. Anveshan Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil

Anveshan wood-pressed yellow mustard oil is derived from farm fresh mustard seeds. The oil is vegan with no preservatives, chemicals, and gluten. It is extracted by using the cold-press technology that keeps the nutrients intact. The oil keeps up with the naturally occurring nutrients along with the powerful aroma and omegas. Enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids, the oil is ideal to keep your body healthy. It can be used for all types of cooking and even for skin and hair care. 


Amazon deals are ideal for getting products at slashed prices. These are the best cooking oils that you can buy at Amazon deals of the day. Try getting these cooking oils at these special prices and add taste to your food while ensuring good shape of your body. All these are pretty good options that you can use to make a change to your diet and body. 

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