The Makeup Queens Of Bollywood - DIYA MIRZA

The Makeup Queens Of Bollywood - DIYA MIRZA 0

So, the second segment of this series belongs to the doll like beauty that is Diya Mirza.

Diya is known for her simplistic approach to fashion and makeup. Although she is simple, she always impresses and stands out. Simplicity really is the best way to get attention for Diya Mirza.
She is an all out girly girl and can often be seen sporting floaty dresses, floral prints and pretty jewellery. Diyas makeup is also fresh and feminine, just like her.

Diya has gorgeous skin, she almost emits radiance from within. Her face never looks dull, always bright and fresh.

Diya has also mastered the "no makeup" look pretty well. To me, it looks like Diya uses a tinted moisturiser [Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder do great ones] which evens out her skin yet lets it glow. A light dusting of powder on the t-zone will help eliminate excess shine.

The key to Diyas makeup, is that her eyes are hardly ever made up. I have never seen Diya sporting false lashes or heavy eyes. The following two pictures show that Diya doesnt use a heavy eye pencil either. A brown would be sufficient to make Diyas eyes pop.

She is one of the lucky few who looks good with minimal makeup. Her features can overpower her face if they are "decorated" heavily.
Diya can also do the glam look very well. She never goes overboard and manages to capture her innocence and natural beauty throughout.

To make the looks more night-time appropriate, Diya just adds more kohl and a light wash of eyeshadow. Her lips are usually glossy, hardly matte. A good pigmented lipgloss can do the work of a lipstick and a lipgloss in one.

Diyas beauty mantra:
"I like to keep it simple. I use a light coverage of M.A.C Studio Fix foundation. I enhance my eyes with Bobbi Brown eyeliner, curl the lashes and then brush on mascara. I add a little shimmer from Make Up For Ever to highlight the cheekbones and finish with gloss from Bobbi Brown.
Unlike other actresses, I can’t use thick Kryolan panstick; instead I use a liquid base and translucent powder from M.A.C Pro"

One thing that Diya loves to incorporate into her makeup is a blusher. She is usually seen sporting a nice flush on her cheeks. Because Diya is quite pale, the blusher will make her look much more alive, and create some warmth in her face. Pretty pinks and peaches look fab on her skintone.


Simplicity is key, work with your natural beauty. A coat of mascara, a sweep of blusher and a nice lipgloss will do wonders to your face


Finally... thanks for the "no make up" looks, esp. the T-zone & eyes tips :)

Great post :)

Have to agree that she is one of the very few that still looks gorgeous with minimal makeup and what's really attractive about her is that it all seems effortless. She is a real beauty.

Love the pics you've selected for her namely the second one from bottom.

Yes, she is great in wearing minimal/natural make up!

couldnt AGREE better!!

Hands down, best dressed and make up... It's hard to find a bad picture of her. She has naturally beautiful skin, which helps her case.

All photos are lovely,especially the first photo. She just oozes class.

oh yeah critic is ya and diya too

Instead a dramatic and heavy eye make-up, with the winged-eyed look or smokey eyes she goes with the simple one or even leave it as it is. And that what makes it "seems effortless" as Naveed said

OMG Dia is so pretty, defo one of mine fav Bollywood beauties!

great post..

looking forward to the others..


She is just so gorgeous! Nice post!

Perhaps the only actress who is naturally blessed enough to get away without doing her eyes! And it totally suits her. Great article!

naaaah...i wont call her the make-up queen....Deepika and esha deol is the majeup queen...

my skin color is exactly like hers n i m pale too that's why i love to wear blush...

One of the most gorgeous woman in bollywood!!
sooooooo prettyyy


blush brings colour to ur face but u shud know how to use the right amount of it!

Her makeup, or lack thereof is alrite but I always thought she could do better as someone in a glamorous industry. Her makeup is just about OK for a professional like a teacher or an office worker.

I really love Diya! Her makeup and fashion sense is great. And I believe she is one of the most friendliest actors and innocent faces of Bollywood.

well, whatever it is, the beauty has to come from within. even with all the suggestions you made, i doubt someone like priyanka or aishwarya (maybe when she was in 20's) would look this natural and soft.

oh god what i would do to be half white like diya and katrina so i too could have beautiful skin..dont get me wrong i am a PROUD indian but our genes suck a**..

errr sorry Diya but where im from mac studio fix fluid is about as thick and cakey as it gets!!!!

pic 3 & 5 with the peachy makeup looks great on her!

@Kitty: not every one feels that wearing 10 inches of makeup would make them look glamarous like your beloved aish aunty..only insecure people need to pile up so much makeup..some one who is happy in their own skin and happy with in would shine without make up too..she looks every inch the glamorous diva without pancake..there is something called natural beauty! and we appreciate her for keeping it simple...its unanimous you hardly find any one hating on her or thinking otherwise..something to think about eh?

I have always loved the was she looks and dresses.she inspires me =)

her simplicity is what makes her attractive!! id love to see her glammed up once in a while, i thinks if she toned down a bit shes look rocking. why do most indian actresses look so auntyish?

that is what beauty is all about. I do not use too much make up because I do not need to hide anything, I think it is the same thing with dia!

she's half german and was bangin salman to enter movies

she always looks gd. but again she is half german. thats where she gets the flawless skin. well, i have acne and acne marks and I need makeup to cover them also i cant use blush as that brings attention to my acne marks on cheek.

her make up is mineral.....its natural make up.... lol, unlike aish.... shes the queen of botox !

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