3 WEIRD alternatives for blotting paper for those struggling with Oily Skin

Having oily skin comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While most of us take the help of blotting paper to get rid of the excess oil from our skin, here are three things that work just as well!

Updated on Nov 21, 2020  |  02:34 PM IST |  2M
3 WEIRD alternatives for blotting paper for those struggling with Oily Skin
3 WEIRD alternatives for blotting paper for those struggling with Oily Skin

Anybody with oily skin can attest that the shine shows in the worst of places - photographs, on date nights and in pirates. If you struggle with an oily t-zone, blotting paper is your best friend to get rid of the excess oil seamlessly. It is known to absorb the oil from the skin, giving it a matte effect and feel. But what if you run out of blotting paper? These three alternatives, as weird as they are, work just as well to get rid of the excess oil!

Coffee filter papers
If you're out of blotting sheets and want to make your own, coffee filters are your next best bet. They are made of similar materials and do the trick just as well as blotting paper. All you need to do is pick out unused ones, cut them out into squares and store them carefully.

Toilet seat covers 
Definitely ranking on top of the list, is this alternative that is available in some public washrooms. While many of us would question putting something like a toilet seat cover on your face, it is known to give the face the same results as when a blotting paper is used. Probably use this only in times of an emergency, we suggest!

Wrapping tissue 
Wrapping tissue usually used to cover gifts beneath the pretty wrapping paper, is also known to function in a similar way as blotting paper. One small sheet of wrapping tissue goes a long way if you cut it up neatly into squares to make your own blotting sheets. Now you know what to do with these wrapping tissues you've been saving for so long!

How do you manage the oil on your skin? Comment below and let us know. 

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