11 Mistakes Leo Women Tend to Make in Relationships

Eager to know the common mistakes a Leo woman commits in a relationship? Read on and take a look at the same to smoothen the flow of your romantic affair.

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Mistakes Leo women tend to make in relationships
Mistakes Leo women tend to make in relationships

While care, unending love, attention and good communication are the most important factors for a nourishing relationship, similarly, squabbles and mistakes have also been a part of the commitment and love affair. The journey of love is incomplete without those cute little fights but to prevent them from going to extremes, it is extremely vital to take a cosmic match or check the alienation of stars to take hints about your partner’s persona. If you are drooling over a Leo woman or you are yourself a Leo then you must be eager to know what common relationship mistakes a Leo woman can make that will put a halt to your love life on a bad note. Though Leo women are ultimately strong, loving, generous and bold, there are varied qualities they retain that can pose a problem in their love life. Here, take a look at the most common mistakes that this zodiac’s Lion commits when in love to smoothen the flow of your romantic affair.

1. Always Want the Centre stage

Governed by Sun, A Leo woman always want the limelight over them and feels like the world should revolve around them all the time. This can cause multiple problems in a relationship as the other partner will feel not being heard. Relationships need compromise and therefore a Leo partner needs to listen to their partner’s plans instead of just planning and emphasizing what they want.

2. Being Sensitive To Disapproval

A Leo woman is open-minded and gregarious and therefore she always appreciates bouncy talks that are filled with humour. However, when someone criticizes her thoughts and actions, she becomes overly sensitive and can go to any lengths to protect her image and ego.

3. Melodramatic

For Leos, drama is their life! They love being loud and flashy and have the ability to take the problem over the top. They keep on overthinking about a thing and make up fake scenarios in their head which creates actual drama within relationships and can only do harm rather than any good.

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Mistakes Leo women tend to make in relationships

4. Needing Plenty of Attention

Leos are self-absorbed people who just want to talk about their emotions and love being heard. Asking their partner about their day is something they never consider and even if their partner shares their sentiments, they get moody and impatient. A Leo woman should provide ample time to her partner and ensure listening about his life.

5. Being Possessive

Leos are incredibly generous and once they get into commitment, they do this with all their heart and their deep passion sometimes take the route of possessiveness and jealousy and they get so clingy at times that they don’t even allow their partner to talk to others. Leos need to understand that freedom and personal space are the vital elements of any relationship and they should grant this to their partners in order to make the relationship thrive.

Mistakes Leo women tend to make in relationships

6. Being Too Picky

Leos are born leaders and they never compromise on quality. Right from high-end gifts to expensive dates, Leos are way too much picky about everything. This quality sometimes makes their partners feel unwelcome as whatever they offer is not good enough for a Leo woman.


7. They want their love affair to look filmy

Because Leos are all about romance, pleasure and passionate lovers, they compare their love life with magical movie affairs which further puff up their expectations of love. Who doesn’t enjoy the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship where everything looks magical? But Leos becomes a little annoying when this early stage of a relationship ends. Keep filling your Leo with spark by doing small things for them like taking them out on a date or trying new techniques of making love.

8. They Let their Ego and Pride Interfere

Leos are filled with strength, courage, and pride and they never like asking for help and favour but this trait can actually pose a problem in relationships. Being humble and accepting help from the partner can never hurt pride instead it makes your partner feel wanted and special. Make sure that you express your vulnerable side every now and then.

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Mistakes Leo women tend to make in relationships

9. Take over the Focus

Stealing the spotlight sometimes is fine but when it happens each and every day in a relationship, it can bring a plethora of problems in your relationship while only taking you both close to misunderstanding. Outshining a partner makes them appear foolish and no one wants to stay with a person who just wants to hog the limelight.

10. Want to get their things done at any cost

Whatever a Leo woman wants, she wants to get it done on priority. She doesn’t want to hear anything and will annoy her partner until he gets her what she needs. Be it food or materialistic things, a Leo woman once said she needs it then she expects her partner to run on his toes to fulfil her desires.

11. Being Insecure

Leos are born lovers but due to this profound passion for love, they go a little off guard and jump the fences of emotions. Because of their never-ending fear of getting cheated, Leos remains emotionally insecure in their relationships and due to this, they go over-possessive and jealous. If you are dating a Leo, give them time to time reassurance and try to get involved in the solution of their problems to keep them happy and emotionally satisfied.


A relationship goes through a roller coaster ride and only that’s what makes it fun. But to avoid any extremes ends of emotional clutter, make sure to keep a tab on the aforementioned mistakes.

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