'No People Skills': Chris Paul Exposes Daryl Morey for Allegedly Deceiving Him About Trade to OKC

Chris Paul reveals how Daryl Morey allegedly misled him about trade to OKC. Read more to uncover the full story and its impact on their relationship.

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Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

In an unexpected twist, Chris Paul's two-season stint with the Houston Rockets abruptly ended when he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. This was disclosed in his recent participation in Dwyane Wade's podcast The Why with Dwyane Wade.

Chris Paul, the 38-year-old pro, revealed that Daryl Morey, the Rockets’ GM at the time, had promised him that he wouldn't trade him to the Thunder. Going to the gym, Morey in a phone call with Paul asked if he was interested in the OKC trade.

Paul, taken aback, expressed his lack of interest stating how inconvenient it would be since he had moved 15 people to Houston from Los Angeles - a choice he made.

Despite the assurance from Morey, Paul was shockingly traded to OKC. Paul recalls how his phone came alive with a call from Morey explaining how events overtook him. When confronted, Morey admitted promising not to trade Paul but still went ahead.

Paul was exchanged for Russell Westbrook in the Thunder trade, and his relocation did not end there. In November 2020, he moved yet again and got traded to the Phoenix Suns as part of a significant player trade.

This journey finally led him to his current team, the Golden State Warriors.

Paul's Reflections on Carmelo Anthony's Release in Houston

In the same podcast, Paul shared his perspective on an emotionally charged encounter with Carmelo Anthony during their stint in Houston. He particularly emphasized Morey's claimed lack of tact when he broke the news of Melo's imminent release.



"If you know Daryl Morey, no people skills, real talk, " Paul alluded, "he struggles with effective communication." He further recounted how he immediately left a gathering with Jada and his children when he heard about Melo's release.

He urgently went back to the hotel, sought Melo out, and spent several hours with him.

Revealing an emotional side to the moment, Paul said, "Melo was in tears, and it was heartbreaking considering how much he put into the game."

He communicated that throughout the entire process of Melo joining Houston, the two often discussed potential outcomes, but Paul never anticipated Morey's approach.

"I was taken aback when Melo recounted his conversation with Morey. He was informed nonchalantly that he'd be put on a plane back to New York. This was exceedingly disrespectful, and it was one of the worst behaviors I've ever witnessed," Paul disclosed.

Chris Paul Reflects on Morey's Treatment of Melo

Usually, a player's relationship with a team ends immediately after a trade. However, this was not the situation for Melo. After Morey had told him that he was no longer needed, he insisted that Melo travel back with the Rockets.

Reflecting on the incident, CP3 believes that Morey's behavior towards the 10-time All-Star was disrespectful. He claims that his response would have been different if he were in Melo's shoes.


When Anthony was traded to Chicago, he queried CP3 about his possible involvement. After Paul reassured him of his non-participation, Melo warned his ex-teammate that a similar thing could occur to him.

Indeed, CP3 went through the same ordeal significant when Morey sent him to OKC, despite convincing him earlier that such a trade would never happen. This surprising news left Chris in utter shock. However, for Melo, this development was not surprising at all.

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